The Federal Premium TruBall is the most consistent smoothbore slug on the market, capable of groups as tight as 1.4 inch at 50 yards. With muzzle energies that are literally double that of 20 Gauge, you can hunt anything in North America with a 12 Gauge shotgun slug. When you change the oil in your vehicle, you always reach for the correct wrench when getting that oil pan nut off (everybody is now thinking: Is mine a 15mm or 9/16”?). No other slug gun ammo can come close to the performance of the SST®. Although the sabot slug is used primarily in rifled barrels, some designs of sabot slugs can be fired in smooth-bore shotguns most notably the Brenneke Rubin Sabot, a sub-calibre slug utilizing the familiar Brenneke attached wad system. Since the Remington catalog is still open in front of me, I will use their sabot slugs as representative of the type. 12 Gauge Rifled Slug 7/8 OZ. The actual purpose of the fins is to allow the slug to be safely swaged down when fired through a choked shotgun barrel, although accuracy will suffer when such a slug is fired through chokes tighter than improved cylinder. The Hatton round is made specifically for police or military use and is designed for the breaching of doorways (Figure 2.13). A Family Company. These were common projectiles for muskets and shotguns--any sort of smooth bore long arm--for a long time. | Have harvested over 15 deer with it. Polygonal Rifling in Glocks: Why It Matters! These are Remington figures from their 2004 catalog. The ME is 2084 ft. Power•Shok Sabot Slug 12 Gauge Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth … Sometimes when you’re hunting big game, and I mean really big game, you need that blunt force trauma: “Horsepower! It is also the most recent innovation. Compared to lead balls, this was a big improvement in both accuracy and SD. I have killed plenty deer in both and both out of a smooth bore slug barrel with rifle sights. I suggest that, inside of a domicile, #4 buckshot is usually a more appropriate defensive shotgun load. . Five new offerings, including blended loads that combine No. And, like a shuttlecock, it is its weight forward balance that allows the Foster slug to fly through the air to its target with reasonable accuracy. More modern weapons can have rifling at the end of the barrel or along its full length. A high velocity rifle with a frangible bullet would be far safer in such an environment. cases! – Thoughts After Multiple Months & Range Days, Savage Arms 111 Long Range Hunter: The Deep Threat – Part 3 of 3. This is a short, blunt lead bullet that is solid in front and hollow in the rear, analogous to a badminton bird. What we have now with sabots is, in effect, rifle bullets the size of shotgun slugs (.72 caliber for 12 gauge and .61 for 20 gauge Accuracy is apparently not quite as good as the best muzzleloaders, as Remington claims consistent 2 1/2" 5-shot groups at 100 yards. Another early design was the Foster slug (see Figure 2.11). Remington says that the Buckhammer was designed for use in fully rifled barrels, or with rifled choke tubes. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Show your Shockwave like never before with a full new line of Federal branded apparel. Hitting the target is problematical and precise bullet placement is nearly impossible except at very close range. It dropped to no surprise and stopped kicking 8 seconds later. Go with Winchester Super-X hollow points. To learn more, check out our help center. The Hornady .45 caliber, 300 grain XTP-Mag sabot bullet used in their 12 gauge factory load has a BC of .200, which I suspect is not much different than the BC of the Remington sabot bullet. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Savage Arms 110 FCP HS Precision: The Practical, Tactical .338 Lapua MAG – Part 2 of 3, Savage Arms 110 BA: Rebirth of the .338 Lapua MAG – Part 1 of 3, Shotgun Slugs: 20 Gauge vs. 12 Gauge - Part 1. The Deer Season 12-gauge slug is created for those slug gun hunters who shoot through smooth-bore barrels and features a 1¼-ounce slug combined with a unique stabilizing wad that inserts through the slug to form a dome-shaped tip. The slugs contained in sabots can be anything up to 0.50" calibre and are usually hollow pointed. • Federal Power-Shok #4 buckshot (F127 4B) • Federal LE Tactical #1 buckshot … Yeah! Write For Us Introducing the latest products from the worldwide leader in ammunition. Rottweil offers several slug loads in 12, 20, and .410. Zeroed at 50 yards, the 1 1/4 ounce slug should hit 3.6" low at 100 yards, so it is still a short range load. © 2009 - 2018. This promotes clean separation of components after muzzle exit to ensure the best accuracy. The ME is given as 3086 ft. lbs. The common misconception is that the shotgun slug has an extremely short range as well as a very poor trajectory.