High areas to check are Lincoln's beard and hair. Even though they are somewhat rough around the edges, they are still highly collectible. Most critical of all was gasoline. In 1943 the penny was made out of zinc plated steel to save copper for the war effort which is why most 1943 pennies are silver colored. The following table lists the buy price (what you can expect to pay to a dealer to purchase the coin) and sell value (what you can expect a … Lincoln's portrait shows evidence of wear confined to just high points. Worn steel pennies with eye appeal are popular with beginning collectors and a fascination to younger collectors. Rarity impacts the value of a 1943 coin, and rarer coins include those that used bronze or copper due to production errors. The steel penny may seem like a random anomaly to some. Small zip lock bags are a good temporary solution. Darker tones of grey within the fields highlight lighter tones of the devices. Their steel counterparts are much more common. Deep grey blue fields are smooth and not pitted. Absence of dark surfaces is a coin above average in preservation. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Australian Coin Collecting Blog and receive emails about new posts. Identity of Date and Mint Mark begins the process. New Coloured $1 Coin -Green Donation Dollar Sent to Circulation. 1943 pennies were struck in Melbourne, Perth, and Bombay in India! Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Understanding this, the value of a 1943 Lincoln will vary based on its type. Because they are old, a majority of them have had at least some damage, and that is why collectors turn to graders. Desirable is a complete coating of zinc. Matching your coin to grading images gives a good indication of its condition. The next two columns list the buy price and the sell value for an average uncirculated. The war years of the 1940s was a time of rations. The manufacturing process for producing the planchets was also flawed. This may come as something of a surprise to the many who believe these coins are quite valuable. Prices Last Updated: 20:04 06 Nov 2020. Uncirculated Grade: A very distinctive blue-white luster shines from a mint state - uncirculated 1943 cent. Values climb with these upper grades. When it comes to evaluating 1943 Lincoln cents, the duo of a magnet and gram scale has broken many hearts and burst many bubbles over the years. No areas of wear form connections to each other. However, there are still millions of collectible 1943 pennies out there. Magnets in vending machines designed to weed out counterfeit coins filtered out authentic 1943 steel wheat pennies. Place higher grade coins in individual holders. This global conflict saw the United States military's involvement from 1941 through 1945. Coin Values Moving with Precious Metals: Up-Dated 11/2/2020: Gold $1885 | Silver $23.95, 1943 penny value reflects its unique status within the Wheat cent series. American citizens were asked to conserve food such as sugar, meat, cooking oil, and canned goods. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0136-investing-collectible-coins, Date by DateIn Depth Lincoln Penny ValueEarly Era 1909 to 1933, Date by DateIn Depth Lincoln Penny ValueSecond Era 1934 to 1958, Coin Value Guide | How to Value a Coin Collection. These coins are struck from a zinc coated steel alloy. Lightly circulated cents were cleaned and recoated to a brilliant shine by private firms. Surfaces of the coins lack the sparkle of luster only possible by the striking of a coin with dies. Typically, the imperfections on these coins are quite small and barely noticeable with the naked eye, but the fact that they exist is enough to prevent them from being of Uncirculated grade. Many coins removed from circulation have only touches of wear retaining a pleasing appearance. Date | Mintmarks | Condition are described and imaged with each series. Hence, these are relatively common coins and are worth relatively little in circulated grades. Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco all produced these ultra rare 1943 copper pennies. 1943 pennies were struck in Melbourne, Perth, and Bombay in India! As for the design of the coin, the obverse side is dominated by the central profile of Abraham Lincoln, for whom the coin was named. Type: Wheat Penny Year: 1943 Face Value: $0.01 Composition: 99% steel with a thin zinc coating Total Weight: 2.70 grams. Also important to collectors is condition of a coin. Ironically, the transition back to the normal bronze composition in 1944 reversed this situation! The United States Mint eventually acquiesced to the concerns of the public. From uncirculated coins collected by advances collectors to worn examples an affordable collection popular with young collectors. Here are just a few of the things that were happening when 1943 pennies were minted: I’m the Coin Editor here at TheFunTimesGuide. In 1944 the US Mint resumed using a copper-based composition for the Lincoln cent. Many people confused the silver-colored pennies for dimes. All 1943 pennies are worth more than their face value, but how much more is the question a lot of folks want to know the answer to. While there is no known mintage figure for the 1943-D/D Lincoln cent, it’s estimated that perhaps 3,000 to 5,000 examples may exist across all grades. Collectible Grade: Qualities of these unique 1943 pennies involve special considerations in condition less than Extremely Fine grade. Wear has removed enough design and metal from the two examples to grade lower than extremely fine on a technical basis. Finally, the phrase “In God We Trust” will be inscribed over the top of the obverse. Historic value is high. Both of these errors are extremely rare, but if you think you might have a 1943 copper penny or a 1944 steel penny, here's how to find out if your 1943 copper penny is genuine. Philadelphia's high mintage of 1943 pennies, (684,628,670) is the 5th highest of any year wheat cent. Don't be the last to know about the latest deals and new product arrivals. Good: A coin that is of Good grade is a piece that will be heavily damaged. For higher value coins, Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies expands on the grading process with video, descriptions, and images. Although they are uncommon, they are hardly rare. Critical goods were ration to American citizens using coupon books issued by the government. All things considered, these coins still appear to be in decent shape. I'm the Coin Editor here at TheFunTimesGuide. If you’ve come here thinking your 1943 penny is worth thousands then you’re getting confused with a very few United States of America Wheat Cents (also called pennies) that were dated 1943 that were struck in copper. Subscribe to the JM Bullion newsletter to receive timely market updates and information on product sales and giveaways. Eye appeal is an important consideration by collectors when choosing a coin to add to their collection. I’m also the editor at CDN Publishing (a trusted source for the price of U.S. rare coins), editor at the Florida United Numismatists Club (FUN Topics magazine), and author of Images of America: The United States Mint in Philadelphia (a book that explores the colorful history of the Philadelphia Mint). Here’s a rundown of the various types of 1943 wheat pennies and their values: 1943 steel penny – 684,628,670 minted; 10 cents to 50 cents; 1943-D steel penny – 217,660,000 minted; 10 cents to 50 cents; 1943-S steel penny – 191,550,000 minted; 15 cents to 60 cents; 1943-D boldly doubled mintmark – mintage unknown; $35 to $60 It means that if a coin collector is looking for a 1943 penny they are not going to have too much trouble finding one! Understanding this, the value of a 1943 Lincoln will vary based on its type. There is no right or wrong way to collect 1943 Lincoln cents. Zinc, the protective coating, when worn, exposed underlying steel. Found in a wide range of conditions, desirable examples are absent of both rust from the steel core and discoloration of the zinc.