However, do not kid yourself by assuming that the road to success is going to be smooth or easy. Here, you can purchase Private Tarot & Cardology Readings directly from Luckii Sevens; her authored books & other merchandise are also available. If you’re curious to know what it means when you get lots of Fives in your Tarot card reading, look no further because I have the answers! There is likely to be some legal matter that needs to be resolved. Two Sevens Two sevens show a balance of forces with mutual love and harmony. The centre column, three on either side. The question is: how is that equity built? What do we avoid acknowledging in ourselves because we see it as ‘the enemy’? Three sixes indicate completion of a project or cycle. With four Fives, you’re already in the thick of the drama, but with three Fives, the chaos has not happened yet. Because of the illusionary influences surrounding this mysterious number, pitfalls and disappointments are likely to occur. The Four Twos – Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles The Four Twos in The Minor Arcana, generally refer to decisions being made, need to be made, or have already been made. The in-between place, I’ve always called it. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Surprise developments are likely to occur when two eights appear in a spread. Three Kings Two Kings Given that the Sevens have made a regular appearance in my tarot articles over the recent weeks, it might not seem immediately obvious why we should devote another article to them. It is the exercising of the choice that determines the outcome. relate to business matters. This has proven to be a very interesting card. This situation is likely to involve two people and some spiritual ideals are likely to have been met. Why is there a skull on the cup that holds the laurel wreath, which is usually a symbol of victory? “things are not what they seem”, and 2. On the contrary, most decision-making processes are done individually, but… Seen in this context, the Seven of Wands feels like a hiccup along the path — a moment where the hero is unexpectedly waylaid by invisible forces. Two Eights Sevens in a Reading. Some can perhaps be eliminated more readily; others remain a bit of a mystery. It feels hot: the sky is clear — not a cloud in sight to offer any shade — and, apart from the vines, there is little sign of greenery around him. Sometimes there will be obstacles to overcome before success is finally achieved. Is that preventative action selfish or altruistic? Two Fives in a business or career Tarot reading, usually indicates that you will lose out to a competitor. If they appear in a general Tarot spread, two twos can mean that you will have partners in crime in different areas of your life. Two Cards in a Reading Is it perhaps an indication of what happens if we pursue winning at any cost? When I look at the Pentacle on the ground, I see it fallen there, rather than harvested, because the vine is not able to sustain it any longer. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is a time to tread carefully and make sure any decisions made “are not irrevocable. The only thing we can state with any certainty is that there is more than one possible motive, and there is also more than one possible outcome. Is there full consciousness after all? is the official website for Author, Entrepreneur, Psychic Tarot Reader, & Cardologer, Luckii Sevens. We have an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light, and we are only able to do this when we step back and inquire into the nature of who we are. The subterfuge does not just affect our thoughts, but also our environment. First, it is a good exercise in consolidation: pulling all of the various sources together in a single article affords an element of cohesion that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Two Aces in a reading indicate a union or partnership of some sort is likely to occur. Have you recently performed a Tarot spread for it to have multiple Fives show up? Any partnerships formed are likely to be unstable and ultimately unfulfilling. I’m not sure I’ve come as close to grasping its idea, or its tangible reality, as I have with this piece of writing. In short, it affects our experience of the world.” In this article, I also pointed out that I had “the feeling that he was unable to carry all seven, and it is only a matter of time before he returns for the other two.”. If you have just started a new career or business, you have to be realistic about what the future holds. Whatever the motive, the result is the same: in this situation, we do not give of ourselves fully …. Four kings in a spread denote very powerful gatherings of a professional nature. To him of course! It seems to represent us… the viewer (or the person for whom we might be doing the reading). “things are complex”. Or does he choose to do something different that is significant enough to bring the vine back to full health (green) again? This is our choice, and one we are empowered to make alone. Decisions do not always apply to two people deciding on a situation. These parties are likely to be more adult in nature than the occasions depicted by the pages. Two knights indicate a meeting of old friends. It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Four Nines Who is that figure who is shrouded, and yet glowing brightly? ( Log Out /  Four Sevens Because of the illusionary influences surrounding this mysterious number, pitfalls and disappointments are likely to occur. Three Fours This generally refers to two people getting together to form a union or partnership of some kind. Finally, when I look back at the card, it seems to me that the figure is acting with deliberation, but his eyes are closed.