At this time in history, United States coinage was shifting towards designs that depicted and honored previous U.S. Presidents. Pictured above is 1963 Silver Dime. I have a dime from the 1960s I don't know what year it's from because the last number is not legible the words in God we trust are not very legible there is a circle going around Roosevelts head and there is some kind of stamped mark on his cheek. Thanks guys. They're almost too common to be noticed! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Todos os direitos reservados. Is this worth be anything can't tell the date, I have this coin error 2011 D you can see Lincoln head stamped on the four head of Eisenhower. Insira um número menor ou igual a 1. Coins are normally struck inside something called a retaining collar — which securely corrals the coin when being struck by the dies. I have a 1862 penny that had extra metal poured on the front(top of the indians head) and on the reverse side there is a hole in the coin where it would be on the back.anyone know what the value of this might be? Have a 1970 dime that has a dark color to it that is not dirty I think it is the way it comes no idea if it's worth anything I'm trying to do research it has a charcoal brownish color does not have a rim like the other dimes at first I thought it was dirty if anyone knows if this dime is worth above face value would love to know approximately what is it worth, So the errors of no S how do you tell if its a no s error or a philidelfia mint. Press J to jump to the feed. Asking for my daughter, I have a 2017 P mint mark dime and it has a extra mint mark P o. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. Chris on February 03, 2020: I have a 1996 P dime and the left side is … They are worth face value. I have a 2016 gold looking dime, front and back. They often contain one of the following traits. Looks like it was done at the company as the letters fall thru the cut sum. They sound like novelty or gag gifts. )The quarter is just PMD, post mint damage. Year: 2020… These are typical of dimes struck at Philadelphia. Nothing to worry just the new mole design. Your dime appears to be a clip, but I'm not seeing much of the Blakesly effect. Its missing the word we. The 1943 Bronze cent is also one of the most counterfeited coins of all time. Troy Shultz on February 04, 2020: I have a 1968 d dime. It has been in circulation. There is no letter next to the date. I have a dime from 1965 with no mi t mark and the date is doubled . There is no other coin that have these exact same die chips. Early in its production (1946-1964), Roosevelt Dimes were minted with a composition containing 90% silver. This morning, a lady called because she had heard that a rare 1975 Roosevelt dime had sold for over $100,000. 2 juin 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Nos vins" de Domaine Hubert Metz sur Pinterest. Now the values for these nickels are all over the place, due to many variables in which a reputable collector or coin dealer will tell you all about the value. Seems like a big error. While most of the value contained in the Roosevelt Dime collection lies with the error varieties, it doesn't mean that they aren't still fun to collect. Act now to add this dime to your collection and make your Roosevelt dime collection up-to-date today! I have a 1972 d dime. I recently received a batch of errors back from NGC and most of them were severely misattributed or very poorly described. FREE shipping, $4.97 Mike Byers wrote the Worlds Greatest Mint Errors in ‘coffee table’ format, and brought the reader stories of Byers years of buying, selling, and discovering the most dramatic and amazing mint errors and die trials ever found in the U.S. and across the world. 50 Most Valuable Dimes (Updated 2020) Here is an accurate list of the 50 most valuable dimes minted in the USA from the late 1800's to the more recent 2000's (Updated 2020). So next enter a blank planchet to be struck into a coin, and now one has an upcoming clashed dies coin. I’ve been collecting over 50 years. The retaining collar helps form the coin’s edge and implants the thin vertical edge lines (known as reeds) on various coins such as dimes, quarters, and half dollars. I have a dime that appears to have the reverse struck clearly and the obverse struck on top of that reverse image. So, the next time you find a strange coin in circulation, keep in mind that you might not get rich, but you will have the chance to discover a fascinating corner of numismatics. what is it's value? The “Antiques Roadshow” aspect of what I do for a living makes every day potentially exciting! there is nothing on the back. I would like to know if the 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar with the BLOB where the mint mark should be is worth anything? These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. With billions upon billions produced, these small coins pass through thousands of hands each day. I will post a few examples to help here there too. There is a possibility of this being a broadstrike mint error which does carry a premium value. 1/8 inch has the R on liberty on embedded part. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Paul Nickel, of Quora three year writer, 6,500 answers to date on November 09, 2019: Two US dimes exist, these are almost identical, I own one, I would like to find the other fellow, the obverse on these is almost perfectly matched on my 2003 and his 2018, both of these have a mermaid shaped distortion on reverse 6mmx1.6mm it was thought that this was a post mint damage issue but this is no longer a possibility, at the image resolution possible at most sites, its kinda hard to get an appreciative look, we now see that the error actually can happen but is going to be pretty rare, as the event causing it is unlikely and we think will only ve seen on small thin planchet types. What’s a one of a kind coin like that value? A place for redditors to list their coins, paper money, and exunomia that they have for sale on eBay and other auction sites. Have a 1976D US Dime that has a Space between the A&M in America, could this be an error? I have a 1974 Dime with no mint mark and its in excellent shape. I have a 1966 SMS the dime is double stamp on the reverse in the one dime and also in the words in God we trust. Thanks. *You'll be able to distinguish Silver Roosevelt Dimes from Nickel Clad Dimes by their subtle color difference and a distinctive "clink" against other change. I have a 1972 Roosevelt Dime with No back on it. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. His initials can be found on the lower part of Roosevelt's neckline. Geralmente o envio é feito em 3 dias úteis depois da liberação do pagamento. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. It looks like it was a miss strike on front side and on the back side as well but it’s also got the Lincoln Memorial on it to. When seeking value in the Roosevelt Dime collection, one must pay close attention to error coins. People run across a news article, or something I have written about, and think they might have something of value. Welcome to the world's largest Coin Roll Hunting community! It's a 2015D. I cant read the rest of the date. FREE shipping, $6.88 I’ve got a 1975 dime error coin. If you're interested in investing in silver, but have a tight budget to work with, early Roosevelt Dimes could make for a great starting place. The values on these can be all over the place, depending on how much of the die used to strike the coin fell away during production. I know sounds weird but can send pics if needed. FREE shipping, Sale Price $3.15 My daily assortment of emails contains quite a few inquiries about rare coins and coin collecting. I have a 2002 Ohio State quarter with a reeding strikethrough on the front right in the center of Ohio but I can’t seem to find anything on it. I have a Roosevelt dime it it seems to be unusual to me.. the date you cannot make out only thing I can make out is 19-- I'm not sure what I have and need some opinions!! Good day i just want to find out if there were any variaties in the 1967 dimes cause i have these two dimes where u can see the ones writing in date and liberty was smaller. That’s because most have no idea how common minor mint errors are, and we find it hard to believe otherwise. Hello, I have a dime that appears to have a circular object printed into it right in front of Roosevelt's ear. Any info will be helpful. Featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt, these dimes became the official replacement for the previously minted Mercury Dimes. You won't find these in circulation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have sacagawea coin and i dont know if its worth much and if its rare or something like that, I have a dime that appears to have a extra ear. 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