A run through York County’s municipal websites shows an uneven treatment of their histories. Gary Dutery, a former York County newspaperman who grew up here in the 1960s, puts this forth: "There were, at one time, two weathered stone abstract gargoyle-type objects that resembled toads or frogs located at the head of the trail. Several stories are out there, including this one: Once upon a time, seven gates surrounded an insane asylum. The story of historically black churches in York County begins with 17 members, Roman Catholics worshipped in the York County region since its earliest days, See additional York Town Square posts here. Pennsylvania Does York County have other urban legends? Linked in with neat York County history stuff, Dec. 17, 2011, Casper Glattfelder descendants faithfully gather for 75th consecutive year, Check out these archived York County history digital presentations. Some say that the gates were put up by the local search party to trap the remaining inmates. Hex Hollow is high on York County residents' fascination meter, but it's a half-click behind the leader: The Seven Gates of Hell. this is located in York County, PA according to Google. These are internationally known gates. The fact is that our Township’s name is a corruption of the name ‘Hallam’, named for Hallam, England.”. – Check out the township site to find the entry for the Seven Gates of Hell and other township sites. There is a mysterious history and a dark underside of York. Local historians agree,  dismissing the location with a Harumph! (1) Whats at the end of the 7 Gates, ive heard is a church or a asylum? And there's the sinkhole that swallowed a bulldozer or steam shovel years ago. He also served as state editor for Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland for Gannett’s USA TODAY Network. How could have such a story have started? There are two popular versions of the myth, with numerous variants of each. He is the author or coauthor of seven books on York County history and holds a master’s in American Studies from Penn State Harrisburg, where his research focus was on York County journalism history. A indie movie, "Toad Road," draws from this place of incredible horrors. The gates' role in the story is disputed. Trout Run Rd, What is special about Gate No. It is a story of death and despair. Haines Shoe House, historic barns, the “Codorus” steamboat,  Codorus Furnace are on there. A trail leading to the gates is known as Toad Road. More from Gary on the Seven Gates of Hell. Many patients died in the flames, while others escaped and were soon beaten to death. More: Seven Gates of Hell and Toad Road, Part III. It was said that other gates went up beyond that one, and something mysterious awaited travelers passing through those gates deep in the woods. From Hellam Township's website: “Just as there seems to be no truth to the rumors about the ‘Seven Gates of Hell’ (no asylum ever existed there, and the local doctor had only one gate and that was to keep out trespassers), there is also no truth to the story that Hellam Township was named for ‘hell’! These creatures inspired the locals to give the place the name 'Toad Road.' Others say that, completely unrelated to the asylum story, an eccentric physician who lived on the property built several gates along a path deep into the forest. More from Gary on the Seven Gates of Hell.