My experience so far with the 17 Hornady Hornet is that powders faster than AA1680 are erratic performers. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.1Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Did chrono 9.7 grs of AA1680 with 25 grain bullet and right at 3000. Cartridge          : .17 Hornet (Hornady), Fotis - thanks for running this!! that I got excellent accuracy at around 3600fps in my Ruger 77/17. With the unleaded Hornet in Ruger rifles, chambers tend to be slightly generous and I didn't get good accuracy until I only neck sized my brass. I get 3400fps+ with a 25g vmax and .200" groups in my CZ. Know it's a while to varmit season but gotta play with the new 17 and get it all dialed in. Can't wait to try it on some coyotes or bobcats. Reduced loads for quieter target or hunting sessions. IMR Trail Boss reduced loads are worth a look in the 17 Hornet and most any other caliber out there. My savage is a true blue 1/2 moa gun.My buddy and I were shooting clay pigeon PIECES at 200 meters! Thanks for the heads-up... here's the link for Version 6.0: The velocity stated here for 2200 seems a bit conservative. (eyes, etc. Some are the old trusted performers for the 22 Hornet. My second thought does the 17 hornet (K type) have lots of room or is it a tight fit? Because the CCI500 SPP works perfect in the 22-hornet at its lower pressure. I'm thinking neck sizing and having the brass fit my chamber also can't hurt the accuracy but we shall see. Once you shoot that neck sized brass, you won't mess with the bolt shims. That load has splatted hundreds of Sagerats. Two year old post, any updates on loads for this cartridge? Then It's time to clean the barrel. don't worry about double charges, etc.). START LOADS Grains Vel. AA1680 is good 22-hornet powder and 300MP is another. HDY V-MAX    Hodgdon    H4198    .172"    1.715"    11.0    3226    32,200 PSI    11.8C    3463    39,300 PSI. aren't what they used to be. I've got a fair bit of experience with the 77/22 and that is my best trick. I'm going to start a new post on this. While I predominantly use a competition type seater die with a collar to seat the bullets straight on most of the cartridges I reload for anyway, I am convinced that it is critical on these small cartridges. I need a little cross reference here fro ADI to Hodgdon please. Been a spell since anybody put any info on here. These are 4227, 296, H110, Lil-Gun, etc. I haven't used one yet though. I've been reading and researching all the magazines, internet sites, etc. I really like Lil Gun in my 22 Hornet, I see it didn't make the chart but it is dang close to 4227, and I imagine like in the 22 Hornet, you can't go over pressure with it. On top of that, I only size the portion of the neck that actually holds the bullet. The Bergers are able to run through the magazine and still touch the lands...I loaded them at .025 off to start so we'll see where that goes. The last time I looked, it was not listed for the .17HH. Its worth checking out. What kind of seater die are you using? I used to have a ruger 77/22H in 22 hornet and when I was originally tricking it out I found that there is a shim washer that will tighten up the slop in the 77/22H two peice bolt. / Mfg. In particular loads using the 20 grain Varmageddon bullets? Hornet because it is already an Ackley version, but I do recommend you try only neck sizing or partial full length if you can't get neck dies and then give it a go. Here's what I've been playing with and nothing promising yet.