These eerie ruins are housed in Hudson Highlands State Park, A gothic shell in a sea of post-industrial abandonment, A postcard-pretty window into the rustic past, Cleveland's underground wasn't just about bootlegging, Artists are reclaiming relics of the Salton Sea... but much of it is still very apocalyptic. 20 Eerie Abandoned Places to Explore (If You Dare) Zoinks! In this article, we'll take a look at some abandoned locations in Brisbane. By Rob Kachelriess, and Andy Kryza. Almost done #urbex #urbanexploring #exploring #urbanphotography #abandoned #neglected #nature #ruin #forgotten #explore #brisbane #australia #graffiti #demolishion #demolished #demolish #school #climbing #decay #framework #gambling #textilefactory #dreams #brisbaneabandoned, Moyras House - Kitchen Was this the kitchen of a lady who would cook Christmas dinners for her family and baked cakes for her grandchildren? The asylum, said to be the second-largest hand-cut sandstone building in the world behind the Kremlin, is a sprawling piece of spooky architecture with staggered wings to maximize natural sunlight for the inmates... eh, patients. Wacol Mental Asylum. Need a location for your next photo shoot or filming, have you considered Boggo Road Gaol? They "offer an escape from excessive order," said Tim Edensor, a professor of geography at Manchester Metropolitan University who studies the appeal of urban ruins to City Lab. The city is blessed with sunshine and beautiful weather throughout the year. You might find it beautiful that plants and animals have so easily invaded spaces once occupied by people. That's what you have with Santa Claus, Arizona (between Kingman and Las Vegas). Take notice of the notoriously dangerous Jungle Park Speedway, carved out of a forest near Turkey Run State Park in 1926. Lithia Springs, Georgia Just west of Atlanta, Sweetwater Creek State Park is a tranquil escape near a scenic reservoir. Published on 10/30/2020 at 9:00 PM. The site occasionally hosts special events. weirdest things you'll see when driving between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A striking example of early 20th-century gothic architecture, the facility was converted into a mental health facility in the '60s, where patients with dementia and other severe mental disabilities suffered from overcrowding and neglect. There are also the remains of opium dens, beds still intact. Then the industry crashed, and with it went the parishioners. Cold Springs, New Y ork You can drive north from New York City to Hudson Highlands State Park in about an hour-and-a-half. Ghost-themed visits can be arranged through Bulldog Tours, which invests heavily into the preservation of the building. Onstead, Michigan Michigan is overflowing with gnarly abandoned places, particularly in the lower middle part of the state, where urban decay has made it a magnet for intrusive Instagrammers’ obsessed with ruin porn. Weston, West Virginia Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum just sounds like a haunted house to begin with—which may explain why it was called the Weston State Hospital throughout most of its operation. Bannerman Castle looms in the waters of the Hudson, The Creepiest, Coolest Ghost Town in Every State, The Creepiest Place To Visit In Every State, How Dinosaurs Became Kings of the American Roadside, Not exactly what you expect to come across on a hike, Ghost pirates and spectral serial killers still call this place home, The healing actually began when this place closed. The remote nature of the mill ultimately led to Crystal’s current status as a ghost town, but it’s also what makes it such a spectacular sight: Perched precariously atop a cliffside and supported what looks like a frontier-style Jenga tower—which has somehow kept it from tumbling into the adjacent waterfall pool for nearly two centuries—the mill is flanked by dense pines and overshadowed by towering mountains.