We used a second-hand mini oven to melt the plastic. . Learn from my mistakes. Did you have the lid off or something? Spirograph. Many more tests should be done, but making a safe process is a key aspect for us. I’m about to change your life. A setup using a rack of heat lamps would take care of the cooling. Do you think this plastic would hold up well for sandals?? Also, your article was amazing, and I have used your advice to great effect! . Interested to hear how this went for you! This makes about a week’s worth of smoothies. Your email address will not be published. If the pressing procedure goes wrong, you just need to melt the plastic panel again and repeat the process! Since making daily green smoothies, I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin coupled with my lotion and facemasks. So if you are lactose intolerant, that may be the problem- ... Would recommend colonoscopy if there are any family history of colon cancer and to check on your condition, just to make certain if this is a new prob ... Was eating& bit off a small piece from the teeth of a BLACK plastic fork.Swallowed that plastic piece by accident.Can that plastic piece damage my colon/intestine/stomache,harm my body,cause health problems/diseases,infect my blood/body,cause cancer? Remove the oven paper and we have a plastic panel! Asked for Female, 16 Years 442 Views v. Dr. POONAM ABHILESH DARADE Prosthodontist | Nashik. The plastic cap itself has lacerations but is holding together pretty well. I don't think that would be covered by warranty as there's no way with proper use that the cap should have fallen in while it was running. 2 years ago. If it does break in the freezer, it’s almost always a clean break. And when it only takes 60 seconds to blend up a smoothie or soup, I don't consider it much of a sacrifice to wait for it to finish blending. My go to summer recipe is below. Cut more rectangles the same size, but with pieces cut out using the laser cutter, custom for the type of flash drive. If its plastic, it will just just go through your system and it will come out the other end. If it were plastic, that wouldn't have happened. can i or my son get cyanide poisoning ? We used oven paper for most of our tests. So simple, but a total game changer!! Answered on Aug 22, 2013. We wanted to get 3mm thickness panels, and what we did was to put some small 3 mm thickness wood plaques on the sides of the hot panel before adding the weight during the pressing procedure. The starting point was the need to find an easy and affordable way to recycle plastic in a maker environment. Wait around 10 minutes until the panel cools down. Liquid expands when frozen. Less time doing dishes and more time drinking smoothies. There would be a great deal of damage in the container walls as well and there doesn't appear to be any damage to the actual container. Getting too much bowel gas after drinking smoothies. all google found was people trying to remove melted plastic from their pan after an accident :-)2) my understanding of one of the ways they make window glass is to pour the melten glass onto top of molten tin. Control the process and find the sweet spot after the moment where the plastic bits on the edges melt and before you see any bubbles. Our mini oven didn’t have one, and it’s more difficult to get perfectly flat plastic panels. 1 doctor answer. Plastic cap dropped down and I accidentally damaged the blades and drive socket- how bad is it? Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af9d292956e61b5545b2e6c43d6bdd4d" );document.getElementById("b70b5c1d12").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Large plastic bits and full 3D printed parts take longer to melt and there are higher chances of getting bubbles inside the plastic, which ruin the panel in some cases. This model requires a very consistent panel thickness of around 2.5-3mm. This is a friends blender they bought in July, will a warranty cover the damages? We decided to go with the blender as it allows us to shred bigger plastic parts, but depending on where you source the plastic waste, it may be a better choice to get a meat grinder or a machine with a high torque motor with some blades. I like to start my day off with a spinach salad in liquid form. Warranties dont usually cover user fault and honesty I dont see how you can spin this as anything else. Thank you!!! Wait around 10 minutes until the panel cools down. This is amazing. Yes, they’re just (super useful) circles. 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable, 8 Sustainable Denim Brands That Make the Best Jeans, 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Home Office, 12 Tips for All Natural, Zero Waste Curly Hair.