The good news is that not every malfunction is a disaster. Considering a portable air/heat system, any thoughts here?®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Footer. Visit our sizing page to learn how to properly size a portable AC, or visit our product library to learn how to maximize your portable AC's efficiency. Another reason your portable air conditioner may lack air flow is the presence of frost on the evaporator coils. DO IT AT YOU OWN RISK !! If temperature keeps rising, check for leaks and close the blinds. We welcome your comments and After cleaning, the air filter should be re-installed properly.  If yes, please keep distance with the wall and remove the air blockage. Also, if the ambient temperature in your room is lower than the set temperature, this may cause your portable air conditioner to shut off. 2. Sunlight can also heat a room faster than your portable air conditioner can cool it. The air intake is blocked by something (e.g. When purchasing a portable air conditioner, make sure you have the dimensions of the room you will be using it in. Portable air conditioners are sized according to their BTU ratings. But I saved it from the land fill .. It may be enough to swing things the other way. The air intake is blocked by something (e.g. If you spot any, remove them with your vacuum hose attachment. The portable air conditioner should be placed on level ground. Ensure no air blockage to the air intake. Lastly, you should check the temperature at which your portable air conditioner is set. Referencing the manual that came with your portable air conditioner, remove the filter and clean it. 2. If your portable air conditioner is the right size for your room, it's possible that the ambient temperature is too high. This constant venting can cause a pressure imbalance that will pull in warm air from other parts of the house. drapes etc.). Though some require professional help, a great many can be resolved on your own, without the need for a technician. The RESET button on the LCDI Power Cord should be pressed in order to have power on. Remove the grill in the back of the unit and clean any excess dust off the filter with a brush or a vacuum, then rinse if off with some running water. 1. When troubleshooting this portable air conditioner problem, first clean the filter to get rid of any dust or dirt that has been trapped inside it. The most common cause is a clogged filter. This prevents air flow. 4. Also check for clogs in the evaporator or condenser coils, which you can see in the top compartment of the AC unit after you remove the grill and filters. 4. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Too large of a BTU and the air conditioner will constantly cycle on and off. 10. Because they're small units, the two primary reasons for inadequate cooling are incorrect sizing and extreme ambient temperatures. If you see any frost, turn the unit off and let it defrost. home improvement and repair website. 4. You may freely link If the Red internal tank full warning light(  ) was on, please unscrew the bottom drain cover at the rear of unit and remove the soft rubber stopper to let the water draining out from the internal water tank; when the water stops draining out, reinsert the soft rubber stopper and tighten the drain cover, then restart the unit. 4. 11. There are numerous reasons for an air conditioner to either not start or cease to operate. If you follow the above steps and keep your portable air conditioner protected in the off season, it should run smoothly for years to come. Portable air conditioners work by pushing cool air into a room and venting hot air, through the units compressor, to the outside. View & download of more than 7 AeonAir PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. The temperature setting may be too high/warm. A musty smell coming from your air conditioner likely means you have a mold or mildew problem. The cooling time may be not long enough. The third reason may be the compressor has overheated. If you saw any amount of frost on the interior of your portable air conditioner when you removed the filter, you should keep your air conditioner off and let it defrost. 1. Check to see if cooling mode is set) I want to take a cargo trailer camping for four nights. View our Privacy Policy here. On the other hand, if the ambient temperature is too high, it can also cause insufficient cooling. submitted to our " Community Forums". Check to see if the two drain outlet’s rubber stopper at the rear of the portable air conditioner are plugged tight. Clean the air filter regularly. Unscrew the bottom drain cover at the rear of unit and remove the soft rubber stopper to let the water draining out from the water tank; when the water stops draining out, re-insert the soft rubber stopper and tighten the drain cover. (B) Why the room is not cooled enough? The portable air conditioner should be placed on level ground. The air outlet is blocked or no fully open.Â. Read on for more details. 2. The remote control batteries may need new battery. / Air Conditioners & Fans. Please use in any properly wired general purpose 15 amp household grounded receptacle. If you see mold or mildew, you'll want to give your air conditioner a thorough cleaning. Suggest setting the temperature to lower than your room temperature All rights reserved. Your Air Conditioner Does Not Cool the Room. (E) Why the RED warning light is on, and there is beeping? Copyright© Your Air Conditioner Has a Musty Smell. Download 2 AeonAir Air Conditioner PDF manuals. You should also check to make sure the power cord is not damaged in any way. A timer can cause the unit to stop working and may prevent it from starting all together. Calculate the area of a triangle my multiplying the base by the height and dividing in two. / Room Air Conditioners. If your room is oddly shaped, try breaking it up into smaller shapes like squares and triangles. If there are some heat sources, please try to remove them as they will expend cooling capacity.  Normally, if the room is properly sealed and all the doors and windows are closed, the air coming is never enough to overwhelm the portable AC unit. 3. Four Portable Air Conditioner Problems. From The Manufacturer. If the above steps don't work, it may be time to call in a professional or purchase a new portable air conditioner. Ensure no air blockage to the air intake. THIS IS NOT A HOW TO VIDEO . Let the unit cool for 15-30 minutes and then turn it back on. On a really warm day, it will take some time for an air conditioner to do its work and cool down a room. 4. During dehumidification mode, the drain hose should be installed properly. suggestions. Once the ice has melted, normal operation should resume. 13. Properly working heating and cooling systems are integral aspects of a comfortable home or workplace, especially during summer. / Portable Air Conditioners. Please try to straighten the exhaust hose, and avoid it from any kink.  Portable ACs are sized according to their BTU ratings, and if your portable AC has the wrong BTU rating for the size of the room you're trying to cool, its efficiency will be affected. Remove the grill in the back of the unit and clean any excess dust off the filter with a brush or a vacuum, then rinse if off with some running water. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Like above, you'll want to reference your manual and inspect the interior of your portable air conditioner. 8. If it doesn't, it's time to call a qualified professional. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, It is always a shock: the weather goes from a decent temperature to boiling in what seems like mere hours, causing you to scramble for Read More, primary reasons for inadequate cooling are, incorrect sizing and extreme ambient temperatures. User manuals, AeonAir Air Conditioner Operating guides and Service manuals. The problem may be a malfunctioning fan motor, a low refrigerant charge, a refrigerant leak, or a blown compressor. When water doesn't drain properly from a portable air conditioner, it builds up and can freeze around the coils. Wipe out any excess water with a rag. Connecting an Exhaust Hose to a Portable Air Conditioner. Incorrect setting. Please check whether the portable air conditioner is too close to the wall or the air intake and air outlet is blocked. If you don't have central air, portable air conditioners can be a great solution for those hot summer days. Too low of a BTU and your air conditioner will never be able to get the room as cool as you would like. This happens when the low temperatures around the coils cause water to condense. Check the hose and window unit to make sure they're still venting air properly. 2. Our heat pump that we had put in a large upstairs room, about 550 square fe... window vs. portable floor model air conditioner. 1. drapes etc.). Check the filter, evaporator coils, drain line, and drain pan. To find out whether your portable air conditioner is the right size for the room it's in, measure the length and width of the room. I will be buying a portable air conditioner early next month. If there's a leak, or if the outside temperature is extremely high, the air conditioner may not be able to generate enough cold air to cool the room.