Students within Playwriting will be able to meet the following objectives: 2.13 Write plays based upon the 10-minute form, the one-act and the full-length models. What are the aims and objectives of teaching poetry? 2. These were the fact that there were two girls and three boys as actors in the group, the play had to be suitable for our budget and not too complex in terms of props, set, costume and technicalities. In this study, the main aim was to draw attention to the importance of the pre-school drama and drama-based education. Exploring and expressing emotions. Having examined the suggestions that are generally associated with aim, we will now identify some aims of … Speech an Drama N.I “aims are to awaken your child to the power of his/her own creativity, to develop skills and techniques to harness the vastness of language and experience, and enable every child to become empowered by fostering confidence development, clarity of … To ensure all safety procedures were met, we all wore appropriate shoes (flat comfortable practical shoes) and appropriate dress (no baggy clothing vulnerable to get caught on equipment, set or by props.Also we taped down securely the lights that were where the stage met the audience, to ensure no one tripped over and injured him or herself. When a child uses different objects to represent specific items -- a sheet as the sea or cotton balls as ice cream -- she is exercising her creativity. ” by Joan Littlewood, and the section we chose was the second half of the first act; starting from the musical number “I’ll make a man of you” through to the closing musical number of that act, “Goodbye-ee”. Staff expertise will be recognised as a resource and staff development will be encouraged. What a Lovely War! 2. develop a multifaceted physicality through training in dance techniques. Here is an example: Let's say that you are writing a lesson plan on nutrition. Objectives: reflect the most specific levels of educational outcomes 3. Knowledge. It was ultimately inevitable that procrastination would take place and valuable rehearsal time was wasted a few times as a result of this, causing minor tensions between the group members. The truth is that if you struggle to explain in simple terms what your research is on and why it matters, you may need to refine your aims and objectives to make them more concise. Below are some general aims that are widely applicable. Drama is particularly useful when working on cross-curricular themes as it naturally bridges subject areas. What a Lovely War! We did not want to insult the audience by having to spell out the purpose and idea behind each scene- we wanted them to question and think about the themes and issues presented.This was a highly Brechtian technique. A cknow ledgem ents ÔG randpa's ShoesÕ from R ich Lizard and O ther Poem s by D eborah C handra. In particular the opening dialogue between Kerry and Ben’s characters, French and Wilson, by vocally creating the sound of a car engine and physically bouncing about in time to the car’s movement Development as an actor and the pursuit of excellence and personal contribution to the dramatic intentions Personal strengths and weaknesses as well as of the group, the appropriateness of the piece One particular strength of mine is that I am naturally creative and enthusiastic, so this showed through during the rehearsal and development progress, when fresh and original ideas were needed.Also, having a keen interest in history and having previously studied World War One in great depth for my GCSEs, so this gave me great insight into the themes and issues of the play, and the way it portrayed conflict on both and international and personal level for the soldiers, generals, women in the war, political action and military strategies, and trench warfare, which proved a big part in the piece itself, as my character has an ongoing association with Kerry’s character throughout.Another strength is that I am very able to do physical acting and dance, as my small built body is easy to manoeuvre into shapes and bend and be carried more easily, than say a taller, bigger built person.