I play on 1.7 now and for me it’s spot on, quick enough to out build and for me the right speed for edits. Thanks man, yeah late game is like a slide show, playing customs was an actual joke with 60 people moving zones :/. Related: Xbox One vs Xbox 360 In the build-your-own tool on the SCUF website, you can make your Infinity 1 as garish or as understated as you like – or even pick an eSports team’s colours. When it comes to games like FPS titles at a competitive level, the speed of your triggers for aiming and getting that kill in really matter. Kleine Anmerkung noch die sagen zwar dass das Design abweichen kann aber das hat nichts mehr mit abweichen zutun die ändern ja nur das vordere case (Bzw bemalen die) aber das hintere müsste rot sein und nicht schwarz meiner Meinung nach einfach nur lächerlich!!! Then came the Xbox one, I hated using a standard controller again. The Impact is very very different to the Aim. I find myself unable to comfortably and consistently have my bearings with the button placement. In case that name means nothing to you, Scuf Gaming produces controllers aimed at professional players that come with a wide degree of customisation option as well as features which make them more responsive and comfortable to use. This is an unofficial place to discuss both PS4 and Xbox One AIM controllers. Very pleased with it. It features more customisation options out of the box for a lower price, is easier to customise, and has full button remapping. Bilder folgen !!! We’ll always tell you what we find. Hallo, ich möchte mir einen modifizierten Kontroller kaufen. Kenne mich da nicht so aus. Scuf Vantage 2 White Custom Controller for PS4 & PC Out of Stock Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Pinata Pre-Configured Controller for PS4 & PC . People think I cheat because of how fast I fire the ee3. Da mir bei King Controller zu wenig Auswahl Möglichkeiten gibt bin ich auf diese 3 weiteren Seiten gestoßen. The Xbox One Elite Controller features new Hair Lock Triggers, which allow you to restrict the travel of both triggers independently. That means if you want to upgrade both of your sticks you’re going to have to buy two packs to get matching. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They’re not permanent though, as you can remove them from the rear of the controller, meaning they’re not going to dangle there if you don’t want them to. If morals and personal pride aren't enough to deter you, then the only other point I can give is that it won't help you at all having that against a good player. I’ve been debating between the Impact/Aim for ages now (comfortable 4 paddle setup with stock PS4 sticks) and as I’ve managed to get a steal on the Impact I think I can justify getting an aim and selling which ever I don’t use. Ich habe mir bei King Controller einen bestellt!!! There is the option to purchase additional options from the SCUF store. Als nächstes ist das Touchpad bei mir total zerkratzt und der Controller generell sehr schmutzig... die Paddles lassen sich unterschiedlich drücken und im inneren des Controllers sind irgendwelche teile die Geräusche machen(als wäre was abgebrochen) dann hab ich noch eine Kante gefunden die beschädigt wurde! Related: Best Xbox Live Games 2015. For £10.99 you get a set of three analogue sticks – either three domed or three concave (regular, medium or long). But if you’re willing to spend some serious dosh, the design of your professional controller will really swing your decision. Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Magma Pre-Configured Controller … The SCUF Infinity 1 is also finished with a soft-touch matte plastic, which comes in a variety of colours. Ist das echt oder ist das nur eine Fake Seite die einem Geld abziehen? Customisation options aside, there are some basic differences in the overall design. Your one source for all things Xbox on Reddit! The SCUF Infinity 1’s analogue stick and rings are also made out of a hard plastic rather than the metal on the Elite. Er will sich einen bei King Controller bestellen. That's more of a moral relativity discussion though. As for the Razer, I've seen stuff all over the map for that one, too. So the questions is which one would be the best choice for PS4? I've read that people like to roll their middle fingers to hit the paddles, so it might depend on the size or your hands and whatever feels more comfortable. Did you get it on release originally? Dann kann ich das Geld gleich verbrennen. In the future I would look at ordering at a different time of year to avoid the wait from Christmas orders, perhaps I'll look at sending a standard DS4 to cut costs. The difference between Xbox elite and scuf elite is paddle placement. :). Fortnite is what I play they most so I'll be discussing using the controller with this game. Should be around £100 more I reckon, I'm excited for it regardless. The Elite has a choice of Elite Paddles or Scuf Paddles. All round I was generally happy with it, it helped me become a decent player and I gained a more competitive attitude because of the skills I quickly gained. it's the better choice. It's a shame because I feel like they got away with it, a lot of people like me would have just given up and accepted the wasted money. Vielleicht hat jemand Erfahrungen mit den einzelnen Firmen (Scuf, King, Aim,...) und kann mir damit bei meiner Entscheidung helfen. The SCUF Infinity 1 only allows you to remap the paddles, which must be enabled in the build your controller menu before you buy – it’s known as Electro Magnetic Remapping. I no longer feel at a disadvantage against PC players, I barely get out built in the cross-platform modes and if I die it's usually from my own fault or I die in hectic late games. The soft touch shell and the texture grip feels superb. So, I have a £200 paper weight. The Elite just has that extra comfort. Just because XBOX gives that crutch out to people doesn't mean its alright to try that on a ps4, doesn't even mean its okay on XBOX really. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links. Whether it’s the triggers, rear paddles, button mapping or the analogue sticks that are really important to you, there’s a ton of difference between the SCUF and Microsoft pads. The rings around the analogue sticks themselves are reinforced with metal for enhanced durability. I fire the gun nearly twice as fast as most players. Ended up giving up on the elite and used the full refund to go towards my 4k TV. I know about the XBox's problems with reliability, yet I've also read the SCUF suffers from the same issues. But yeah because you got the Impact so cheap you may as well get an Aim, make sure to get the smart triggers though, they're so much better than Scuf's. All round I was generally happy with it, it helped me become a decent player and I gained a more competitive attitude because of the skills I quickly gained. The Xbox One Elite Controller paddles on the other hand are all removable. This is the combination that works best for me however that stuff is personal preference. They’re stiff, responsive, but sometimes feel a little out of reach. Until the internal parts aren't just plastic, I'd say skip the elite. Ähnliche Seiten wie scufgaming,Kingcontroller und burncontroller? Highly recommend! Scuf Gaming, the company that first created the ergonomically-minded rear paddles popularized by the Xbox Elite controller, wants you to know that there’s more than one way to make a … Moreover, surely you have more pride in yourself than to use something like this, instead of just getting better at the game? Mich würde interessieren warum Ihr das empfehlt und ob Ihr schon Erfahrungen mit diesen Seiten und Controller gemacht habt. In case you check this, I'll use my free time here to answer this honestly. So on to the controller itself. 0 Comment Report abuse Colby D. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Controller… I play a lot and I am heavy on the controllers, I do treat them like my babies though and keep care of them. Nun bin ich mir aber nicht sicher wo ich mir diesen Controller kaufen soll.