The Legend of Korra Because of this ability, he gained much respect in Zaofu, until he was discovered to be a mole for the Red Lotus after they failed to kidnap Avatar Korra. Jianzhu | Unalaq | "The Stakeout" (chronological & release order) He wondered what they believed could not be adding up and asserted Hong Li's guilt because of the evidence. Baatar Jr. | [1] Aiwei was also able to enter the Spirit World through meditation. At Varrick's suggestion, Mako surmised that the evidence must have been planted, and confirmed that Aiwei was the one who assisted the criminals. Ty Lee | Sheng, Spirits Conseiller de Suyin Beifong (anciennement) Traitorous Conspirator, Truth Seer and Emissary of Zaofu (formerly)Member of the Red Lotus, MetalbenderAbility to detect seismic changes in people's body when they lieIntelligenceManipulation. However, he did not call her out on that until after they met with Suyin, at which point Korra was forced to confess that they came with Republic City's Chief of Police, Lin Beifong. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Let's continue with the trivia. Cependant, il ne lui en dit rien jusqu'à ce qu'ils rencontrent Suyin, et Korra dû avouer qu'ils étaient venus en compagnie de la Chef de la Police de la Cité de la République, Lin Beifong. Aiwei later found Team Avatar in his home, calling them out for trespassing and demanding an explanation. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Green eyes and Gray hair that is To Ears length. Bien qu'elle ne soit pas un maître, elle a appris à se défendre au corps-à-corps. The most viewed series from that year on Anime Characters Database is My Little Monster ( 160 views ). Aiwei était la première et unique personne connue qui ne soit ni l'Avatar ni un membre de la Famille Beifong à utiliser le sens sismique. Aiwei avertit Korra sur ce qui lui arrivera bientôt, avant de fuir Zaofu par un tunnel secret sous sa maison. When his house was investigated and the evidence confirmed, Mako found it strange that a random guard who lived in Zaofu all his life would allow Zaheer inside. Download skin now! Zaofu, Royaume de la Terre 0. [1] These traits landed him the position of adviser and truth seer in the city of Zaofu, which enabled him as the sole person in the city to keep a secret. Weapon of choice Last appearance Though Team Avatar wanted to confront him, Aiwei declined, claiming that they should let the guard sweat. He was Suyin Beifong's advisor and truth seer of Zaofu, detecting when someone was lying with his seismic sense. She was freed by Zaheer several years later and the two fell in love, eventually joining the Red Lotus in their search of a life free from oppressive leaders and gov… There, they found evidence that Aiwei had planted to further incriminate the guard, including a message from Zaheer's gang for a rendezvous, and a logbook of guard movements and schedules. Gender Kuvira | Yuyan Archers | Release year: 2012. Yon Rha | When the gang failed in their mission to capture the Avatar, they fled, and Aiwei gave her an antidote to counter the poison darts to maintain the deception.