He is a member of the Syndicate. When Mulder asked Krycek why he was helping him, Krycek replied, "Because you can't do this alone." Taken and believed and appreciated and even perhaps, hoped for again. Gish guest-stars in the finale as Reyes. Rohrer chases down Mulder and in the ensuing scuffle Rohrer is electrocuted. He drives west. Mulder thought Gibson might be the key to understanding human potential and to everything in the X-Files. 'Alex Krycek is dead,' observes Doggett when he runs back into the garage after unsuccessfully managing to catch Rohrer. //Mulder - arranging to get to the heliport in Manassas, Virginia//currently uploading. I offer than in Season 8, Mulder stays dead. He doesn't wake again until morning. In Spender's first appearance, he oversaw Dana Scully's debriefing and disposed of her evidence in the show's pilot episode, and eventually developed into the series' primary antagonist. Alex pieces together the puzzle as he eats. The next morning the prisoners are herded out of their cells because he's still out there when Skinner goes to work the next [90] So-called "abductions" were actually careful military tests involving chemical and biological warfare, among other things. 'Alex Krycek is dead, dead as a doornail - dead, dead, dead. After a brief glance in Mulder's direction, Skinner shot Krycek one last time; this time, directly in the head. Who could he trust to do the tests anyway, let alone give him the real answers? His fingers bump into cool flesh as he reaches to reattach the arm. To tell the truth, he can't really imagine Scully doing that either. Initially lying about her identity to him, she revealed herself to be a scientist working for the Army Advanced Weapons facility and appealed to him for help in stopping one of her developments—a gas causing fear and paranoia—from being used by the military on innocent civilians. He finds Comrade Krycek waiting Finally, he sees their journey on the run, and his own return to life. It is unclear when Krycek was born bu… as he seemed to be, because he doesn't try to go back along the He was born in the eighth-season finale, "Existence". apartment in St. Petersburg. Rohrer lifts the body of Alex Krycek and hefts it across his shoulder. Conrad Strughold is a fictional character played by Armin Mueller-Stahl in the 1998 motion picture The X-Files: Fight the Future. At the end of the seventh season, Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias betray him and throw him down a flight of stairs, where they presumed him dead.[34]. She disappeared from the house, physically and emotionally, quite a bit over the Christmas holidays, and Bill became worried when she told him she believed Melissa rang from beyond the grave to get her to help Emily Sim, and that she believed Emily was Melissa's daughter. He cannot imagine Mulder and Scully living together in domestic bliss, Mulder changing diapers and babbling baby talk. [13] In this new form, Miles set his sights on killing all of those involved in monitoring Scully's abnormal pregnancy, eventually targeting Scully herself. Although Doggett seemed convinced that Kersh was involved in the conspiracy, Kersh insisted that he was actually protecting Mulder. scar, usually found on the left arm, for inventory purposes. I thank Sue Ashworth and Kashmir for the significant work on this story. No one comes at all. supervisor. Mulder first met Bill Jr. when he and his mother came to visit Scully. Section Chief Scott Blevins is portrayed by Charles Cioffi. Alex Krycek is ordered to abduct and possibly terminate Dana Scully to get her partners attention, so that Mulder will discontinue his search for the truth. anyone, since he lead Mulder to one of them, and apparently ordered Peskow to neutralize the other.) [43], Years later, Hosteen returned when he once again was called to translate alien writing from an artifact found in Côte d'Ivoire. Upon being questioned by Dana, Cardinal denied involvement in Melissa's death, implicating Krycek as her killer. Spoilers: Everything - post/The Truth If he is communicating with Mulder, Alex cannot trace the means. Specific information noted as unavailable due to National Security protection. [8] When Mulder returned, Kersh refused to assign him to the X-Files, keeping Doggett in that position. He is likely the most paranoid of the Gunmen, taping all incoming phone calls, including those from Fox Mulder. He meets up with the local peasants, all of whom are missing Dana received a strange phone call that lead to the house of a woman who had apparently committed suicide. The Second Elder made his first appearance in "The Red and the Black" in season 5. Scully, now a reluctant believer, is partnered with Special Agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick), a former NYPD detective and a strict skeptic who is still grief-stricken over the death of his son, Luke. Melissa believed in new age mysticism, whereas Dana was a firm believer in hard science. Krycek isn't the type to hold a grudge, it seems. He was a high-ranking member of the Syndicate. him where the rock came from - Tunguska, Siberia - and makes Returning from Oregon, Krycek met up with Covarrubias and personally contacted Mulder, at FBI Headquarters, to inform him that the Smoking Man was actually dying and that the conspiracy was therefore ending with the CSM. Alex doesn't try to monitor or disguise his thoughts. Reyes, however, recalled seeing Follmer accept a bribe from a mobster. At first she's very skeptical of him but soon their relationship grows stronger. Fearing for Mulder's life, Deep Throat helps Scully to gain access to a high-containment facility, where she manages to secretly remove an alien fetus for use as collateral in saving Mulder. Bill, Jr. was never impressed with Fox Mulder and got angry with Dana when she did not tell him about her cancer. Hosteen died after spending two weeks in a coma. He thinks about the baby. He is known for using the same instincts that served him as an aviator in the military to guide his career in the FBI. In the subsequent meeting between the operatives and Deep Throat, he is shot and killed. [50][51][52], The First Elder is portrayed by Don S. Williams. He had formerly operated as an assassin for the Syndicate, as a rogue agent and as a high ranking operative within the Russian Consortium. [25], In 1989 at a consumer electronics show in Baltimore, where his company had a trade stand, he met John Fitzgerald Byers and Richard Langly and they subsequently formed a group publishing The Lone Gunmen newsletter. (Curiously, they don't lay a finger on Mulder. Having ejected the alien influence into an alien craft, he is left locked in a missile bay, screaming and banging on the door. their left arms. (If he really is a Russian agent, it's unlikely that he shares the Before dying, Hosteen's spirit appeared to Scully several times in her apartment, imploring her to find and save her missing partner before Syndicate scientists could remove and study the immunity he had to the alien virus inside him and use it in their plans for surviving Colonization. they're there: he thinks the rock He leaves the phone booth quickly. Scully realized he was involved after observing the remarkable healing of the abductees and the fact that someone appeared to change their appearance on a security video. When Mulder sees it's Krycek, ), Mulder and Krycek find a labor camp where prisoners are being Soon after, he traveled to Washington, D.C. where he prayed over Melissa Scully in the hospital. [111], The Second Elder is portrayed by George Murdock. [16], The character of Marita Covarrubias was portrayed by Laurie Holden in all her appearances. Later in the same month, Teresa Nemman made an anonymous phone call to Mulder's motel room and informed him that Peggy O'Dell was dead. was in that pouch. astonished. arms, they are safe from being experimented on in the gulag. activated him. He had formerly operated as an assassin for the Syndicate, as a rogue agent and as a high ranking operative within the Russian Consortium. Margaret, or "Maggie" as she was called by her husband, Bill Scully, is the mother of Dana Scully and her three siblings: William "Bill" Scully, Jr., Melissa Scully and Charles Scully. As Mulder was dragged away, he looked back and his nemesis had disappeared. [97] Dales spent the rest of his career investigating X-Files before an early retirement. His request is approved, with a catch. Nevertheless, Krycek was apparently not as happy at the gulag Many of them are in the city for the similar reasons. As a member of the then-unseen Syndicate, he is in a position to know a great deal of information. She was later kidnapped by Billy Miles and nearly abducted by aliens, but was saved by Mulder and Scully. only teasing Krycek, and planned Dana revealed that Margaret's advance healthcare directive allowed life support to be applied, however she was unaware that Margaret had revoked it and replaced it with a DNR a year earlier. Langly was born circa 1968/69 in Saltville, Nebraska. [96], Arthur Dales, portrayed by Darren McGavin in present-day scenes and Fredric Lehne in flashbacks, is a retired FBI agent. Mulder makes good his escape, but finds that the truck's Smith was an alien member of the resistance against the Syndicate who exhibited healing and shape shifting abilities. A vision of Krycek appeared exclusively to Mulder inside the courtroom while Marita Covarrubias was giving her testimony. If not, well then, he'd tried to warn Mulder; the two of them would not be allowed to live. Interest rates have gone to hell on his certificates, but his investments have prospered. Krycek, who is apparently a Russian agent with a surprising amount of power, wants to keep it that way.