Sep 18 2020 11:43 am Does anybody know the title music? Really cool movie, Koreans are the absolute kings of zombie movies \o/ i love all of them i want more!!!! The best part about this movie was the soundtrack and graphics. There was no chemistry between the 2 main characters imo. In 2019, ZIP Cinema and U.S producer, Perspective Pictures, joined the production with Lotte Entertainment distributing the film. Even tho they were only 2 casts,it was not noticeable,It was so interesting that I did not notice the mistakes. Why do I see many complaints here and people pointing out their mistakes.The movie was worth watching. sorry 2/10 not worth to watch. Nova Sep 12 2020 11:20 pm when? The thrill and the excitement. Kimberly Sep 09 2020 10:46 pm It an zombie movie I just finished right now I love it .. window.W4GRB = new Object(); I mean, it would be a good movie if it wasn't almost exactly the same to Dead Days on Webtoon with some little aspects from Sweet Home, also on Webtoon. There is literally no climax and it just went on a steady straight path. Honestly, I'm so disappointed in this movie. I mean zombies and so on. Go sit down and rewatch. Its a lady singing, I wish I had the song please. If this was a kdrama, its ratings would've probably skyrocketed since you don't usually see these type of kdramas, adeedea Aug 23 2020 12:58 am No internet? I really appreciate this movie what can a movie be a reality concept. And note a film is always short and always predictable in most cases not like the dramas. cailix Jul 20 2020 2:22 am It’s basically “Dead days” with out the good parts. will this be available on netflix? Very suspenseful, emotional at times. I have watched Season 1 & 2 in 4 days! An amazing, atmospheric movie. I don't think so kiss a matter it will ruined the movie romance is beautiful in good way .. aky Sep 02 2020 5:47 pm It was really awesome. Though some may be disappointed watching others are surely finding it great. Was it justa in Korea ? What a shame considering they got 3 of the high tier actors. As the movie also mentioned how to be appreciate and thankful with everything we have. Legendofrobin25 Sep 09 2020 6:16 pm A city is infected by a mysterious virus, which causes the city to spiral out of control. #Alive (2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Mary Jun 23 2020 10:45 am Jun Woo wakes up to find that a mysterious virus outbreak has occurred. } the legendary "TANGINA" word at the end. Shairli Jul 02 2020 6:57 am Nana Aug 11 2020 5:30 am Is this movie based on the Web toon Dead Days? Everything including internet, phone, and electricity has been disconnected around the apartment. a bit disappointed tbh but overall graphics were good, Brian Lee Jul 28 2020 6:54 am Many unanswered questions and plot holes. Jun Woo and Yu Bin struggle to survive in an isolated apartment complex from those infected with the virus. The directors of the movie didn't really put any effort into expanding the character's personality or anything about the movie, they basically got the bare minimum. I thought it was from Dead Days. Just saw the movie. With Ah-In Yoo, Shin-Hye Park, Bae-soo Jeon, Hyun-Wook Lee. Overall, i liked the cuteness of the two main leads from after they found each other. i did have fun watching it but i wouldnt compare it to amazing movies like TTB or Rampant. Luna Sep 09 2020 6:20 am i found it a very simple one. Mail (required but will not be published), Euju Nov 01 2020 2:27 am Dominic Dunkley Sep 15 2020 11:53 am I found the movie was short. Everyone needs to stfu the movie was perfect. I do like Yoo Ah-In he is a talented actor and I look forward to his future projects. Yessss! When I saw the poster of movie I thought it was some normal movie .. but after some days catch my attention. Alexey Sep 01 2020 1:19 am muzdhalifah Jun 27 2020 9:54 am The movie missed the opportunity to real in its viewers. Storyline was super draggy and most scenes were just Yoo Ah In in his apartment with no water, food or electricity, but apparently his phone had unlimited battery, Mrs. Kudo Aug 01 2020 5:03 pm Yoo Ah In is such a great actor!! Joon-Woo (Yoo Ah-In) and Yoo-Bin (Park Shin-Hye) struggle to survive in an isolated apartment complex from those infected with the virus. The unique approach to a zombie apocalypse live through the eyes of 2 people beginning in their apartments was like none other I've seen before, and the zombies being too smart that they can climb up a rope lmao. In contrast infection can be bitten while from the virus it is through contact and short range airborne. I didn't even know, I haven't watched anything he's in before other than DOTS, but honestly he portrayed the character so well that I couldn't even believe he was acting! Take it like his wireless earbuds >< internet.. when they reach to connection point they do receive it right? //]]>. However, I wish they could have given more character background.[1]=219821; Naho Sep 15 2020 12:08 am I think their filming was affected by the pandemic that's why they produced an underwhelming movie. You're setting your own self up for disappointment by firmly expecting something to the point where you actually get upset over it when something doesn't go your way. Director failed these good actors. aiko Sep 15 2020 2:01 am Sep 18 2020 2:47 pm This is not your usual walkthrough of multiple main characters which becomes messy and excessive having more of a overall view of the apocalypse rather than focusing only on two throughout. Right when the explosions where happening.... Alloha Aug 01 2020 1:48 pm The rating I give this movie would be 5/10 it wasn't that bad but also not that great. - Kingdom (Series) 10/10 one of the best Zombie series I have watched. Yuli Aug 03 2020 4:58 pm It was cool and awesome! I am Legend... Or something ...? Everyone is bond to have a taste in something. It doesn't deserve an 86 (at the time I'm writing this). Soompik Jul 30 2020 3:21 pm Hamza Sep 07 2020 4:57 pm The description should have added if this was an adaption. Actors did the job well. Sep 21 2020 11:41 pm The end song is called Inni - Sail. Hope it finally happens this time for Park Shin in the role...I hope it's unexpected -- the characterization that is. Sgrg May 18 2020 2:08 pm the trailer for this gives me the vibes i get from reading a webtoon called sweet home where this teenager must live alone because his parents died but at the same time, a monster epocalypse happens and he must ifnd a way to survive alone in the apartment... oxygen May 21 2020 8:19 am don't waste ur time, not interesting, the movie was draggy.. no strategic plans or any thinking involved... just the cast spending their days at home waiting for rescue.... dissapointed. The outbreak suddenly spread throughout Seoul and rapidly grows out of control, trapping survivors alone inside their apartments without access to cellular data, Wi-Fi, texting, or phone calls. huge disappoinment. This is.. okay? Looks like a remake of a french movie, the night eats the world. @oxygen woah, I came here exactly to comment that this film looks like it's inspired by Dead Days. The firefighter zombie damn look scary. Yo ah in and Park shin Hye did such an awesome job! Movie about Corona Lockdown is Here Jun 25 2020 1:28 pm I just finished watching #alive. The trailer really looks like from the webtoon entitled dead days, S Jul 22 2020 11:17 pm If you can't then try to go act one yourself. Why the trailer is so familiar to it like i already seen it in webtoon but i forgot the title, Jon Jul 22 2020 1:39 am Lion Sep 10 2020 12:02 am [CDATA[ Other than that, everything is the same. I just searched for the other movies of same direction but it seems this is the only movie he directed. low-key had high expectations for this drama cos of the two main roles but honestly, this movie didn't do it for me. If however you enjoy watching zombie type of movies/dramas I would recommend Mr. Y Sep 08 2020 12:49 pm When the credits roll, you’ll probably just think “that’s it???”. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=85; W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); It has to be , the script and setting are like just taken out of that webtoon. The film hit the box office and still making trends. finally i'm really waiting for this movie hope this movie not dissapointed but i think park shin hye can do it well . Any help appreciated. The plot is similar to sweet home from webtoon lmao and the drama if sweet home would be released soon as well im a bit confused. This is an exact rip-off of Dead Days besides the fact that the FL in Dead Days is disabled. Great one. Good ending - was really worried that I wont be able to sleep tonight if it ended badly, but it's kind of a good and hopeful ending. Done watching! query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Never bored me. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Monica K. May 31 2020 7:36 am LoneGunMan Sep 08 2020 9:28 am Totally worth the watching. Reii Jul 30 2020 10:42 pm I hate zombie movies so much and wasn't planning to watch this movie at all. I honestly thought situation is a lot worse, but the statistics at the end... it really isnt much (even comparing to real world pandemic). They didn't even tell where it all started. No climax . No electricity? Camden Sep 13 2020 9:31 am Sweet star Jul 30 2020 11:33 pm Very exciting and thrilling scenes. Yoo Ah in and Park shin hye did great job. This is Dead Days 100% dead days, especially the thing with the red string. Paul Edward M. Hipa Aug 21 2020 3:05 am and 4/5 W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); A boring rip-off with no authenticity or character development. Koreans are so good at making Zombie movie.A masterpeice like Kingdom is an example. Lee has been seen in many TV serials like Haechijianha (2020) as Min Chul-Hyun, Seom. will this be available on netflix?when? Its repeated during the movie Why is it not aired in Malaysian cinema? It would’ve been better if it was a series....i give it a 3 star... kinda of disappointed... Haru Jul 30 2020 12:25 am What is the tune that plays as an alarm in the opening scene? Not everybody is gonna run outside and destroy the zombies like a brave superhero so this at least felt comfortable for those who are more likely to stay sheltered for as long as they can. //