Because they can fit a lot of food in their cheeks at once, they don’t need to appear above ground very often, spending most of their time under the soil. I estimate that the number of gopher/moles killed per gasser deployed is about 10%. On the other hand, soils must be sufficiently deep to allow for tunneling and temperature control during hot and cold seasons. Yes! More Buying Choices $14.95 (12 new offers) Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb - Gopher, Mole and Rat Killer - Pack of 2 4packs (8 Total) 3.8 out of 5 stars 613. The Best Amdro Gopher Gasser of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed. AMDRO Gopher Gassers can be used to treat pest problems in lawns, golf courses and even gardens. So far: no more gopher digging. Husband WILDLY indignant. The toxic gases produced travel through unplugged burrow systems to kill pests. Feels this was gopher's last gasp. $7.99 Out of Stock. Lightly water the treated area immediately after application to aid in control. They like a thick covering of vegetation, which can anything from sod to an alfalfa field. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (Complies with OSHA CFR 1910.1200, ANSI Z 400.1-1993) SECTION 1: Chemical Product & Company Identification. The grey-furred Smokey Pocket Gopher of southern Mexico. Next morning: Gopher Gasser has been pushed out of gopher hole and is lying on ground. Amdro’s gas gopher killer comes in packs of six gassers, each one holding .75oz of the deadly formula. Gophers will chew on roots they encounter while tunneling. These gopher gassers are very easy to use. They can run, but they sure cannot hide. Rogue - This product is Reliable, Originates in the U.S.A., is 100% Guaranteed, has Uncompromising quality, and meets the Grange Co-op standard of Excellence. It might seem crazy, but there are in fact machines that will get rid of gophers for you. Was this review helpful to you? Using a simple hose, you stick the end of it into the gopher hole where it will blow a stream of carbon monoxide into the tunnels. $7.99 Sale. Kills gophers, ground squirrels, moles, skunks, woodchucks, and Norway rats. Their squat necks, sturdy, muscular legs, and impressively large claws are ideal equipment for a life of underground excavation. © 2020 Grange Co-op - All Rights Reserved. But how can you do it? That said, if you see one gopher on your property, you can expect to find more. They probably got in through gopher tunnels leading up to your home’s foundation. Gassers can be used to treat pest problems in lawns, golf courses and even gardens. Effectively repels moles and gophers. The careful selection of ingredients makes this gasser safe to use in gardens, around edible plants, and on lawns. No. Only by learning the general facts about gophers can you hope to successfully combat their invasion of your back yard or farm field. If you find any, you repeat. A gopher incinerator is a machine that ignites gas throughout the tunnel systems. AMDRO Gopher Gasser Safety Data Sheet Date of issue: 08/06/2014 Revision date: 08/15/2019 Supersedes: 12/06/2019 Version: 1.1 08/15/2019 EN (English US) Page 1 SECTION 1: Identification 1.1. Made in the USA. Gassers come in a cylinder form small enough to penetrate under-ground tunnels and burrow systems. Gophers are built for burrowing and tunneling, and they have the instinct for it as well. The AMDRO Gopher Gasser kills gophers and ground squirrels. MyLowes Sign In. Use THE GIANT DESTROYER Super Gassers to KILL Moles, Gophers Ground Squirrels, Woodchucks and Skunks. : 73342-8, UPC # 8-13576-00860-4 1.2. The soft bark of young trees being eaten away or “girdled” as it is called. Reclaim your lawn from destructive animal pests with the Amdro Gopher Gasser. The Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher of West Texas, which prefer rural, short-grass prairies. If the tunnel is pushed up and repaired the next day or the entry hole is re-plugged, active gophers and moles are at play. • For outdoor use only in underground gopher and ground squirrel burrows Plants that look very unhealthy because their roots have been gnawed on. They build networks of tunnels connecting to each other and like areas such as farmland and lawns because of the moist soil. How to Use Amdro Gopher Gasser: Read and follow the "Prior to Application" label directions for the specific pest involved. Once enough time has passed, you’ll stand back and press an ignition, setting the gas on a fire, incinerating anything inside the tunnels. Amdro Mole Vole and Gopher Blocker - Pack of 4 is uniquely designed to help protect your plants, shrubs, and trees against burrowing animals. These gopher gasser are great for getting rid of gophers. And fur color is usually a close match to soil color with gophers. Only about 5 weeks after birth, however, baby gophers are weaned from mama’s milk and ready to go dig a burrow of their own. Guaranteed to work or your money back. By Joe on 03/30/2012. You can share our article with your friends! Sonic Spike . $18.85 $ 18. What if you just can’t wait? Gassers can be used to treat pest problems in lawns, golf courses, and even gardens. Also I would keep them out of the reach of any children. Amdro Gopher Gasser Sticks -1 Package (6 Sticks Total) 3.3 out of 5 stars 10. An added benefit is that the tunnels will collapse with the blast, letting you then fill in the areas with dirt to make everything level and even again. And anything more than 10% rocks can deter gophers from burrowing in a locality. #1. Kills destructive … Gophers, like groundhogs, try to scare off “intruders” with their whistle. These blockers are constructed of durable stainless steel mesh that is flexible enough to surround the entire root zone of the plants to prevent small animals like moles, gophers, and voles from damaging them. bag treats up to 20,000 square feet. Amdro Gopher Gasser, kills destructive lawn pest: Pocket gophers Moles Ground squirrels Norway rats Skunks Woodchucks 5 cartridges ( 1 was used ) Price: $6 What You May Need: Gopher Wire (3' x 100' roll) $135.00. Next morning: Gopher Gasser pushed halfway out of gopher hole. We cannot fulfill In-Store Pickup if selected store does not display sufficient quantity. This product may only be used to control moles and pocket gophers in manual, below ground applications in lawns. Since 1934, Grange Co-op members have received millions of dollars in partner dividends. In your yard, a gopher is a medium-large, furry rodent normally weighing about half a pound and measuring 6 to 8 inches long with a short stubby tail. Gets another, tucks into gopher hole. Identification Product form : Mixture Trade name : AMDRO Gopher Gasser Synonyms : 100508233, 100525532, EPA Reg. They’re shaped like tiny balls that have poison mixed in that are deadly. Have you noticed tunnels, holes, chewed up tree roots, and devastated plants and flower beds on your property? Some types of gophers are endangered, which would mean you’d have to go to greater lengths to trap instead of kill, and they’re also areas where you aren’t allowed to release a trapped gopher on anyone else’s land but your own.