Tambourine Man’; June 21, 1965, Lyricapsule: Nirvana Drop ‘Bleach’; June 15, 1989, Lyricapsule: Derek and the Dominos’ First Gig; June 14, 1970. Here's Honolulu, Hawaii's a joy, Jackson, Mississippi Tour the States… Practice spelling your fifty states with this quiz. Grab your favorite beverage and get cozy. But it’s missing a leg, so it limps. You will see locations and spellings. Let's memorize where all these places are! ... Animaniacs Jeopardy Episode. Just take your time drawing each image and saying the quote out loud over and over while you draw. And now, Wakko Warner With the 50 US states and their capitals Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Indianapolis, Indiana And Columbus is the capital of Drop some feedback in the comments below! “Limping washing machine” Looks like a washing machine with its door open into the Pacific Ocean. ( “Das mine!” “I wasn’t annoying Deanna!”). ", Draw a happy face and a triangle hat on Ohio with a speech bubble saying “Oh, hi!”, There are three annoying triplets whose names all begin with “I.”, The triplets have a little sister named Deanna, and if you asking them anything, they'll answer, “I wasn't annoying Deanna!” (Iowa-Illinois-Indiana). You got Richmond in Virginia, South Dakota has Pierre Embeddable Player Remove Ads. When our family is studying our own country, I never have to answer the question, "Why do I have to leeeearn this?" Iowa says: “Das Mine! Thank you! South Carolina with Columbia down the way And you can live in Frankfort This video sings the fifty states in an alphabetical order and rhyme. Hartford's in Connecticut, so pretty in the fall Social Sciences. Along the way, you'll meet a set of triplets whose names all begin with I. Fifty States that Rhyme. (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida). You’ll notice this floor is very tall. Then there's Denver, Colorado, under Boise, Idaho Once you're familiar with the names of the states … It was Mother's Day. And it's Raleigh out in North Carolina Draw a cross to remember this one is St Paul’s. (Also, everything’s so big in Texas, it’s easy to get lost in. Recommended Videos. Simply google "States and Capitals Song" and choose your favorite, or take a quick spin through the hilarious book, Yo Sacramento! Always peering everywhere. Poets don’t go mad; but chess-players do. Aug 15, 2011. Sacramento, California, Oklahoma and its city To Montpelier, which is up in Vermont Why is diet coke more addicting than regular coke? Each individual state contributes a quality that is great. What are some other techniques you have used to memorize lists? Paul’s soda” Looks like a stein of soda. In the Collaborative Model, struggling students are never left out or left behind. This is just a preview! “St. Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee Draw Santa’s sleigh sledding down the slope of the N. California drew their state line to call dibs on all the beach, then it laughed and said, “Take yo cars-and NEVA come back.”. You might also know that Miami is a place, and you might not know which is a capital, but at least you can pronounce the words. Remove Ads. And Annapolis in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay “Rich Mama Virginia” Looks like a mound of riches. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Of course, there are wonderful mnemonics for memorizing which states go with which capitals. Draw a flattened D, as if it dove out of a plane and went kersplat! 48726 views. You can see his nose sticking out of the north-east border. I like this one, and my kids like this rap, or there's this classic catchy tune by the Animaniacs! ), The day will come, if you adventure rightly, when, lost in the darkness…. And Kansas has Topeka, Minnesota has St. Paul Make sure your selection Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). A few years ago, when I first taught U.S. geography to my oldest, I scoured the internet in search of a memory technique that would help us remember all the states, their capitals, AND their locations. You can even sign up to track your best scores. Outline Kentucky (it looks like a race car) and draw a hot dog on it. Texas has Austin, then we go north And Springfield, Illinois Their color is brightest and the cores don't break easily, which make them last the longest. I have since used this with my oldest three kids, and several years' worth of 5th and 6th grade classes. Looks like an upside down bunch of Concord grapes, OR a lowercase “h” for Hampshire.