Zu diesem besonderen Jubiläum hat sich das Unternehmen, das hinter zahlreichen beliebten Saucen und Dips steckt, etwas ganz besonderes einfallen lassen. Her husband's running mate? There's not much evidence that wives affect voting behaviour – except perhaps Gingrich's, who was a constant reminder of his infidelities and serial marriages. Even in her most flip moments, Hillary Clinton was never like this. Telling everyone how she first went to a high school dance with him 47 years ago, she said, "He will take us to a better place, just as he took me home safely from that dance." Doric Docent Archives, Massachusetts State House. logged you out. [3] She has two brothers. ", Take her name. "I have to say that John Edwards is very beautiful," she says. Later, when she was studying Romance languages in South Africa, she marched against apartheid when it was a dangerous thing to do. [88] She was also puzzled by Republican front-runner Donald Trump's success despite touting his wealth whereas the Romneys had not, yet still were criticized for not relating to common voters because of theirs. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. She is far from a demure spouse. ", "Ann Romney's Résumé Includes More Than 'Stay-at-Home Mother, "From prankster to politician, Romney deemed a class act", "It's not president, but Mitt Romney seems satisfied settling in as a senator", "At Romney's Side, a Determined Running Mate", "The Making of Mitt Romney: Part 4: Raising sons, rising expectations bring unexpected turns", "Mitt Romney, as a student at a chaotic time for BYU, focused on family, church", "Mitt Romney Through the Years: March 21, 1969", "Ann Romney's sweetheart deal: She decided her love of 30 years should be senator", "Ann Romney on her choices, family, health and future", "Ann Romney's delicate balance wins her admirers", "Ann Romney: From the Saddle to the Campaign Trail", "Romney sees wife championing causes, not government policy", "Campaign Sends Romney to the Rescue. She is the one to introduce his campaign appearances. "[76], In April 2012, Ann Romney was spotlighted when Democratic commentator Hilary Rosen declared Romney to be unfit to address women's economic issues because as a stay-at-home mother, she had "never worked a day in her life". [44] Earlier, by 1996, she was a member of the Massachusetts Advisory Board of Stand for Children. [30] In 2006, The Boston Globe characterized her as "largely invisible" within the state (although by then she was becoming more visible outside the state, due to national appearances in connection with her husband's possible presidential campaign). But do you know who thinks Saint Ann is full of it? Her exotic appeal is for others something foreign and perhaps even un-American. [61] President-elect Barack Obama was among the well-wishers who called her. [15] She studied local issues and engaged in door-to-door campaigning, and won the election. [41] The Romneys helped fund Ebeling's aspirations for equestrian competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics,[38] and Ann was present in Gladstone, New Jersey, in June 2012 when Ebeling, riding on the horse Rafalca (co-owned by him and Ann) won a spot on the U.S. dressage team. She also struck the wrong note when she tried to suggest she understood the problems of financially strapped families by saying that when she and her husband were in college they had to sell some of their stocks to get by. [33] A commercial entitled "Mitt and Ann", highlighting their romance and marriage, began the campaign's television advertising. I think it's an opportunity for service and an opportunity to see people of all walks of life from across the Commonwealth...It's an enriching part of your life [and one will] treasure it forever. ... Heinz introduces ‘Mayochup’ ... Ann Romney to join Michelle Obama in TV … It's an easy pitch for the Democrats when Romney reveals he has paid tax on his multi-million dollar income at a rate far less then the average worker and responds to a question about whether he follows Nascar car racing by saying not really, but that he has some great friends who are team owners. [32][45], Romney joined in her husband's campaign in the 2002 Massachusetts gubernatorial election from the start, and nominated him at the state party convention. [16] Ann Davies and Mitt Romney were married in a civil ceremony on March 21, 1969, at her Bloomfield Hills home, with a reception afterward at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club. The stock came from Mitt's father. [15] While at BYU, she dated future business academic Kim S. Comment below or Send us a Tip. And sometimes life isn't easy for any of us," she said. [42] At the London games in August 2012, she watched the pair place 28th in the competition. says James Hilty, a presidential historian at Temple University in Philadelphia. Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images. And Ann Romney has also been left to defend a notorious incident during a family holiday long ago, when Mitt strapped their dog to the roof of the car for a 12-hour drive to Canada.