Our Cyclone® models deliver extraordinary storage and dollar-savings with models up to 98% efficient. Most water heaters in India don’t have any colour options. Tuesday delivery if ordered Thursday after 5PM EST. A. O. Smith BTH-300 ASME Water Heater - 119 Gallon Commercial Gas 300,000 BTU. Add to Cart Compare. The company will transfer production of commercial electric water heaters …A. Smith in Commercial Water Heaters at Ferguson. Compare; Find My Store. This auction is for both commercial heaters in the picture they were used for less then a year then switched to solar power they are ready to go 100 Gallon COMMERCIAL WATER HEATER AO Smith Natural Gas,. A. O. Smith. Gas Heater (NG), BT-100 98 Gal. SPECIAL OFFERS This item is for non-potable (non-human consumption) water applications only. Gas Heater (LP), DEL20-3.0I 20 Gal. The Cyclone commercial gas water heater is designed to fit in corner… Our electric water heater line-up features highly compact dimensions with a tank capacity ranging from 115 to 450 litres and a relatively high power rating. This product does not comply with the "Safe Drinking Water Act," 10 gal. Gas Heater (NG), BTR-365 85 Gal. Electric Heater, BTL-154 81 Gal. sign in. Shop by Popular Models. 250,000 BTU Comm. Keep in touch with us! Small-profile electric water heaters offered in 2.5-, 4- and 6-gallon … its popular commercial-grade ProLine® family with three specialty electric water heaters …, generation of its Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump water heaters — units that could save consumers $437 … a year or more compared with standard electric water heaters. Please contact us with any questions: By checking this box I am verifying that this product will be installed by a qualified/licensed contractor and will be set up with properly calibrated combustion test equipment. Condition is Used. The system allows you to match the colour of your water heater to the colour of your bathroom. Quick view. Quick ... Add to Cart Compare. One company that has been leading the water heater market since years is A.O. Available in upright standard models (DEN) and … Gas Heater (NG), BTR-197 100 Gal. Gas Heater (NG), BTR-365A 85 Gal. “Ashland City is one of the largest water heater plants in the world, and the work you have done … the most year-over-year reductions in natural gas consumption, electricity usage, and water consumption. 154,000 BTU Master-Fit Ultra-Low NOx Comm. Therefore, our standard return policy does not apply to this item. Shop by AO Smith Water Heater Parts. A.O. 199,000 BTU ASME Comm. AO Smith EJC-10 ProMax Specialty Compact 10-Gallon Electric Water Heater The ProMax Compact electric water heater is designed to take up as little room as possible and is the ideal choice for when installation space is limited to tight spaces such as under counters and in crawl spaces. Designed with a sealed combustion chamber and ultra quiet blower. Smith's full selection of standard and high efficiency natural gas water heaters. For more information about our products, visit www.aosmith.com/watertreatment. Lowboy 3kW Single Element Electric Commercial Water Heater (100131562) at Ferguson. Feel free to send us a message and we will follow up during our normal business hours: Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. 300,000 BTU Cyclone Mxi ASME Comm. At this time, we do not carry this unit. Cras luctus posuere enim, For questions about A. O. Smith products, technical support, warranty, or service needs, please visit, News/Archives/2018-Archives/New-ProLine-Electric-Water-Heaters/, News/Archives/2015-Archives/Next-Generation-Voltex/, /uploadedImages/Web_Assets/Images/News/2018_News_Images/ProLine-Electric-Water-Heaters.jpg, /uploadedImages/Web_Assets/Images/News/2018_News_Images/ProLine-Electric-Water-Heater.jpg, Restructuring and Global Growth 1980-2009, About/History/Restructuring-and-Global-Growth-1980-2009/, News/Archives/2016-Archives/Voltex-Hybrid-Electric-Heat-Pump-upgrade/, A. O. Smith introduces newest addition to Voltex® family of water heaters, News/Archives/2013-Archives/New-Addition-to-Voltex-Water-Heaters/, Ashland City plant earns sustainability award, News/Archives/2014-Archives/Ashland-City-plant-earns-sustainability-award/, News/Archives/2018-Archives/Renton-closure/. What might come as a surprise is the fact that we view this accomplishment as a mere beginning—an indication of … Compare; Find My Store. Gas Heater (NG), DEL-50D 50 Gallon Dura-Power DEL Comm. Gas Heater (NG), DEN40-12G 40 Gal. Axle, Roller, Shaft, Wheel Parts Gas Burner & Control Valve Parts Heating Element Parts Igniter Parts. Gas Heater (NG), BTR-250A 100 Gal. Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty. A. O. Smith Water Heaters come in white or ivory outer jackets with decorative front panels of the … A. O. Smith BTL-120 Water Heater - 81 Gallon 120,000 BTU Master-Fit Ultra-Low NOx. Learn how to troubleshoot any issues that might come up when trying to fix your properties' gas water heaters.For more information on A.O. which requires that products meet low-lead standards in order to be used in systems providing water for human consumption (drinking or cooking). Gas Heater (NG), BTR-180 81 Gal. Message me for more info freight shipping available buyer pays or pick up in Fontana … Gas Heater (NG), BTR-305 65 Gal. The improved line includes 50-, 66- … – Water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith is launching the next generation of its Voltex® Hybrid Electric …, Center ASHLAND CITY, TENNESSEE Residential gas and electric water heaters AUSTIN, TEXAS Residential water … treatment products for the North American market BANGALORE, INDIA Residential electric water heaters for the … and electric water heaters JUAREZ, MEXICO Residential gas and electric water heaters and heat pump water …, after creating a water heater joint venture in China, Water Products Company buys out its partner … the size of its water heater business. AO-Smith-10-Gallons-DEL-10 $739 . ProLine ® XE Power Direct Vent. Gas Heater (NG), BTH-250-LP 100 Gallon - 250,000 BTU Cyclone Mxi Commercial Gas Water Heater (LP), BTR-400A 100 Gal. Dura-Power DEL Lowboy Electric Heater (3 kW 208V), 100110818 Sidewall Power Vent System for AO Smith BTR-120 thru BTR-200, DRE-80-36 DRE-80, 80 Gallon 36 KW Lime Tamer Comm. View A.O. Hence, it offers superior resistance corrosion to the glass lining of industry standards. By checking this box I am acknowledging that I have successfully completed the Gastite/FlashShield certification Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 10-Gallon Per Minute, 199,000 BTU 4.2 out of … Join our mailing list to receive exclusive offers and coupons. For product availability in your area, please verify your zip code. 76,000 BTU Cyclone HE Comm.Gas Heater (NG), BTH-150-LP 100 Gal. 10 Gallon Commercial Gas. As a leader, we refuse to sit quietly. Designed for installation undera counter, in a crawl space or in other tight spaces. Gas Heater (NG), BTH-400A 130 Gal. Please check the box below to confirm you are aware that this item is for non-potable water applications only.