[1] - Every new hire is expected to be better than 50% of the current employees in a given role and level across the company. More than 10 years ago, my in-the-door offer as one member of a team of 5-6 senior developers at an east coast tech firm was higher than $200k. With the difference in cost-of-living it should be about equivalent to where I was last year. Google also tended to have a bad habit of offering SRE positions for datacenters in the sticks, but that was not a development-flavored SRE thing in the least. Salary: $ 133,664. The top senior engineer at Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn is not making $200k. Are you a senior engineer? Most satisfying , most difficult and most rewarding job ever. They lost some brilliant folks as a result. Loads of immigrant here. I can almost guarantee nobody here is making that kind of money after only five years. Most of the offers they got were from public companies that were well run. At Facebook you'll hit 250k+ in total comp at level 5, at LinkedIn you'll hit 250k+ in total comp at Staff level. I have unfortunately had to turn down some great folks because they wanted north of that - and they were worth it. I hate to be put in this position, but I have to call BS. Not only are they making more than 200k, they are making WAY more than 200k. It's right there in black and white! Apple Rsu Refresh. All other things being equal(and they are, for the most part), if you save 10% of your salary a year, you are going to be a lot wealthier upon retirement living in the higher cost of living place. > 250k a year in 5 years at a big corporation, really? The "outlier for top engineers" at the above companies are in the $500k+ range. What companies are paying 5 year senior enigneers $200k base salary in the Valley??? At 3.5 years of experience Google offered me about double what I'm hearing for new grad total comp, so it seems that they value at least the first few years. I thought the ladder went, Junior/Associate, (Just) Software Engineer, Senior (some places have Senior I/II), then Principal, and finally (Optional for really big companies with R&D like Cisco/Juniper/United Technologies), Fellow or Distinguished Engineer (and Senior Fellow). I am Senior SWE at an Alphabet company. No one is reaching any of those titles 5 years out of college though. I mean, there is totally a selection bias, but we're talking about companies that have. But that doesn't mean the price won't just keep going down anyway. [2] - Senior engineer candidates typically require at least a dozen peers and managers at or above the senior level to each dedicate a couple of hours to write detailed SBI feedback.