Disappointment ,Ascendant+Mars-Neptune ' * Insincerity ,Ascendant+Moon-Neptune ' * Arabian parts are used in horary astrology today, with some use in natal, medical, and predictive mundane astrology. ,Ascendant+Neptune-Jupiter ' * Ritual Ceremon.,C9+C3-Venus ' * same as Legalizing Arabic School Software for to mp4 v.4.39 Discover Arabic with our simple, yet fully interactive Arabic language software. Sudn Advncmnt 2,xAscendant+Part Fortune-Saturn ' * Deceit ,Ascendant+Venus-Neptune ' * The Arabic Parts (sometimes referred to as "Lots") have a pretty long and important history in astrology, stretching at least until ancient Greek times. Arabic Points are sensitive points of the horoscope based on location of planets and houses . Death Parents ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Saturn ' * Higher Educat. This count does not even include all of the lots of Paulus. Death (Medval) ,C8+Saturn-Moon ' * By the time of William Lilly, only the Lot of Fortune continued to be used by astrologers, although in a manner that would be considered strange by ancient practitioners. The lots are a very ancient astrological technique which can be traced back to pre-Hellenistic sources. Legalizing ,C9+C3-Venus ' * Simply Natural! Fraud ,Ascendant+Neptune-Mercury ' * The Lot of Fortune mainly appears today in horary practice. The Arabic Points are interpreted according to the house and sign where are located and the aspects they make with the planets (especially conjunctions). It is the spiritual heat and light of every Soul.by Clayten Tylor Hopes & Wishes ,Ascendant+C11-R11 Father ,Ascendant+Sun-Saturn Hellenistic astrologers called them lots, and some ancient astrologers used them extensively. Spiritual Love & Light corresponds to Peace and Silence within. Killing Planet ,Ascendant+Moon-R1 ' * The Arabic Parts (sometimes referred to as "Lots") have a pretty long and important history in astrology, stretching at least until ancient Greek times. © 1994-2020 Clayten Tylor, Certified Esoteric Astrologer. Speculation 1 ,xAscendant+C5-Jupiter ' * PA:Sudden Advancement, Sudden Luck ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Uranus ' * Uranus=Uranus, - Start you own Skin-Care Business, Conjugial Love: Our Path of Return Commerce ,Ascendant+Mercury-Sun Popularity ,Ascendant+Venus-Pluto ' * Luck ,Ascendant+Moon-Jupiter ' * Female Children,Ascendant+Venus-Moon Lawsuits ,Ascendant+Mercury-Mars ' * same as Disputes Powrful Friends,HA ' Honorable Aquaintances Tragedy ,Ascendant+Saturn-Sun ' * same as Fate Self-Undoing ,Ascendant+C12-Neptune ' * HA:Honorable Aquaintances, Accomplishment ,Ascendant+Sun-Jupiter ' * Part Fortune:Part Fortune, Advancement ,Ascendant+Sun-Saturn ' * same as Father Their origin is obscure; they could originally be Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, Magian, Persian or Hermetic, but by the time of Dorotheus of Sidon in the first century A.D. (and probably earlier) they had become an established tenet of Hellenistic astrological practice. Lilly's methods with what he called "Fortuna" have continued in modern astrology, although rarely used and usually misunderstood. Profession ,Ascendant+Moon-Saturn ' * same as Inheritance Imprisonment ,Ascendant+Part Fortune-Neptune ' Imprisonment & Sorrow Occultism ,Ascendant+Neptune-Uranus ' * Sex Drive ,Ascendant+Pluto-Venus ' * Libido PH:Honor, Individuality ,Ascendant+Sun-Uranus ' * Medieval astrologers, most notably the major 13th-century Italian, Guido Bonatti, a contemporary of Dante, assumed it was the Arabs who originated the concept of the lots, and hence they came eventually to be called the "Arabic parts".