Archangel Ariel is known as the Angel of nature. Required fields are marked *, Contact I sensed that any of the pains and tragedies on earth to them is like a speck of dust in a moment of time or a small dark colored pebble that just needs to be lit up and illuminated again. It felt and looked like it melted away the pain of this older man and was healing his heart. In the Bible, Ariel's name is used to refer to the holy city of Jerusalem in Isaiah 29, but the passage itself doesn't refer to Archangel Ariel. If you pray for her help, she will bring you closer to them. May our lives be like incense pleasing to God. People or beings who harm God’s creation are punished by Angel Ariel. She is the author of the upcoming book "Waking Up to Wonder. I said the prayer to her for help but I didn’t feel anything. The Seraphim Angels told me that it is so easy for them to give anyone who calls upon them this light directly from God. I call upon Archangel Metatron, to purify my Spirit and my Life, and allow me to be a purer channel of God’s love and service to others.Bless my life in the highest and most appropriate ways. You can ask her to help you stop polluting the environment and harming the nature, as it is something we all do almost every day. Link to the original article and site can be found above this disclaimer. I miss you too. You are so welcome. It starts when we wake up in the morning and start brushing our teeth. Show me how to use essential oils as I pray or meditate, as well, since you also care for the wonderful plants God has made -- each of which contains chemical compounds that can benefit people in some way. 4 min read, 8 Aug 2020 – Need emotional healing? Get in-depth insight into YOUR Birthday number and its meaning in your life ». I call upon Archangel Gabriel and the legions of messenger angels to bring this person messages, guidance, hope and inspiration that is perfect for them right now, in the most perfect ways, so that they will have all the loving guidance that they need right now. I have already started to benefit from the rituals you have performed for me. I dunno. Ariel, angel of nature, I thank God for making you such a powerful protector of creation. In Catholic, Orthodox, and some other Christian traditions, the angel is an intercessor who will carry the prayer to God. Look to the clouds and see her face revealed in the mists as the spirits of the Lion and Ariel merge to confirm to you your path, it is a mystical and serendipitous event. A Powerful Prayer To Support You In Invoking The Healing Light And Presence of The Archangels, We Are Human Angels - Angel Prayers and Spiritual Books, An Angelic Prayer For Protection From All Evil.