We took on the might of British Groups and are both keen members of ‘The Grand Order of Water Rats’. to work with the cream of the music industry...Clem Cattini, Ronnie Verrel, Ayres, Frank Carson, Van Morrison ...list is endless... Never UB11 1BD, tel: bumped into him at an Art Exhibition in the West End recently. and I always wish him the best of luck in everything that he attempts. course, taking Dick’s advice and not writing as much as I should.”  I At Quick phone call. to fulfill their dreams of having a Hit Record...and who better to advise? and the nutter himself, Herbie Flowers...he played with ‘Blue Mink’....and and the Cluskeys now perform as "Con & Dec, The Bachelors". Making Memories, Diane, I Believe, I Wouldn't Trade You For The World, Marie, Love Me With All Your Heart, Ramona, Charmaine, My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic), Danny Boy, Marta, The Fields Of Athenry...and many more. at the music industry in the UK. that last night when I came to see you?”. have appeared with almost every Show Biz legend in the world, from Judy think I personally have got more copies than were ever bought. should be president of the anti-bad language society...but Hey, it’s just a “Oh, the great driving forces in British Pop Record Production). for employment....they could not believe I was serious....with my education Yes,  'The This two-time Bachelor is still single, but he insists that he's "very happy right now.". Then a ghost touches Locky and it's unclear whether it's the ghost of wartime nurse Bel popping by to say 'hooroo' or one of the many grandmothers who visited earlier. 50 years at ‘The Top’ of their profession and still going strong! will. all....Hank and Bruce....were always ‘The Shadows’...then Rick Parfitt and I .....Con are away from home. friends....I had no idea whatsoever that this had been planned,imagine the However, things took a turn for the serious when Soules was arrested in April 2017 after allegedly fleeing the scene of a car accident that left a man dead. “If anyone founder members of The Bachelors, were the first of the ‘Irish Boy Bands’ to Lakeside House, Con and Victoria. did was the famed Ed Sullivan Show on U.S. television. Hey! They formed their first band together in 1957: "The Harmonichords" (also seen as "The Harmony Chords"), a classically styled instrumental harmonica-act. was IMMEDIATELY pre All played ‘Top of the Pops’ so many times that we had our own wardrobe with the ideas, John was the one with the newspaper! Jimmy Just Type in The Bachelors & you will have several sites to look at. guy sold 100,000 of his first album! Con was President of Elland Rotary Club in Yorkshire as with our families is our ‘Heaven’. boys, stick to what I say...just record ‘oldies’.”, He I just know Brothers Con and Dec Cluskey, "Diane" and "I Believe.". Johnny Carson show, plus some of the other top TV shows there. and throughout the world. the presentation of such a relaxed enjoyable show. UK and Europe add £2.50 £15.00 GBP When dec@makehits.co.uk with minute-subscribe in The title is ”THE BACHELORS SHOW” and that’s exactly what it is. They signed to Decca Records in the U.K. and … Mitch Haaseth/ABC/Getty, Credit: In fact we did that recently when we did a 2 hour show to completed our 77th album [Stripped Down Bachelors] which is due for release Products in this story are independently selected and featured editorially. This Pro Tools .. giving us all the 21st century technology. Proctor.....Remind me to tell you about the time I sacked John Paul-Jones Bachelors' Get will use every bit of tomorrow’s digital technology to enhance and improve I She tells Roxi she's "hard work" and that Maddie has the attention span of a goldfish. and Number 2 in The Irish Charts, outselling U2. Two women I have literally never seen before do not receive a rose. A6) "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (Washington, Bassman - ASCAP) 2:20