Subtle sitcom teaming Geoffrey Palmer with Dame Judi. Sitcom about a couple who find romance the second time around. Was this review helpful to you? From Sandy's evasive comments there is clearly a problem. The popular romantic sitcom about a middle-aged couple rekindling their love. By this point I just want to put my first through Jean's face. After Rocky injures himself while line dancing, Jean, Lionel and the gang gather at the hospital. Jean and Lionel have planned a few days in the country, in the house of Lionel's globe-trotting father. But Diana Trent and Tom Ballard are two residents prepared neither to give in nor grow old gracefully just yet. The consistently excellent romantic comedy starring Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. Buy As Time Goes By, Reunion Specials Part 1 & 2 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Lovely gentle comedy with Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench. Jean and Lionel used to dream of a romantic holiday together in Paris. Not scheduled. Feelings run high as Jean begins to wish for grandchildren, Harry aims for a more dangerous side of the police force, and Alistair struggles to prove himself. Will they make their feelings known? Judith decides to go away for the weekend, leaving her mother and Lionel alone together. Rocky is in the Emergency Room. Classic comedy. Lionel, haggard from too much book-signing, is offered a free holiday and asks Jean if she would like to join him. Comedy, Romance. By this point I just want to put my first through Jean's face. Meanwhile, Judith and Alistair seem a little closer to each other. Meanwhile, Penny and Stephen have some news of their own. Warm-hearted sitcom. Reunion Special: Part One. Episode Recap As Time Goes By on Jean is already imagining the pitter patter of tiny feet and, somewhat prematurely, arranges for cots to be delivered - much to Lionel’s distress. Reunion Special: Part One. Jean: Romantic sitcom with two of our finest actors, from one of the creators of 'The Good Life'. Jean suspects Lionel is going deaf, but how can she convince him? Geoffrey Palmer finally finds love with Judi Dench in the gentle sitcom. As Jean longs for a few surprises from Lionel, Alistair is planning something. Jean's sister-in-law Penny and her husband are due to visit, and their arrival is awaited with mixed feelings. Lionel admits to Jean that he has neglected to make any pension plans. This reunion special DVD is the perfect capper. Gentle comedy with the perfect pairing of Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. The TV series based on Jean and Lionel's early romance is now in production, but changes have been made. 60 min Return of the romantic sitcom about old flames who meet by chance 38 years later. A British series about former lovers reunited by chance after a 38-year separation chronicles their awkward courtship and eventual marriage. Jean pays Lionel a surprise visit on his lecture tour, but their friendship looks in danger when Lionel reveals a surprise of his own. Lionel has become exasperated with his secretary and so Jean devises a plan to get rid of her. This series is the ultimate manual on how not to go about sorting your love life! Title: Jean meets Lionel's father, a complete contrast to Lionel, who has some rather surprising news. Buy As Time Goes By, Reunion Specials Part 1 & 2 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Judith's ex-boyfriend asks her best friend Sandy out on a date. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Jean and Lionel have decided they want to live together. This reunion special DVD is the perfect capper. One-hour special of the romantic sitcom including clips from past episodes. Lionel gets an unexpected letter from his ex-wife, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Jean. Two-part Christmas edition of the romantic sitcom. Jean and Lionel take a trip to Paris, and Rocky and Madge get married. Gentle comedy with the classy coupling of Judi Dench and sitcom legend Geoffrey Palmer.