This was a unique ruling that made Belial and Fierna equals in a system that otherwise mandated that every layer-ruling post had to be filled with only one person. This was due to Asmodeus' great management skills,[107] and a very dark touch. Melee Attack: +14 to hit, 4d4 piercing damage. Hmmm...666 health it is. Hanspur • Baalzebul later became a powerful devil[65] and one of Asmodeus's favorites. However, when they had to decide a center for the multiverse, they disagreed. The gate is two way and remains open for five rounds (suction only during first round). Asmodeus. He dresses in regal finery of unimaginable expense. Asmodeus explained that the only way to ensure obedience was to threaten mortals with a disincentive; hence, Asmodeus invented the concept of punishment. Frightful Presence. However, after conquering three AByssal layers, he could not advance further because of the resistance he faced from Demogorgon and Orcus. Knowledge, Torment, Tyranny, Civilization Dominion However, Asmodeus exempted himself from the duty of providing soldiers and other aid to fight the Blood War. The target must roll again every day. The Lord of the Nine Hells[2] Skills: Arcana +17, Perception +16, Religion +16, Persuasion +18, Deception +18. Thanks for this! For the sake of having more varied Saving Throws, maybe the Hell's Gate should be a Strength Saving Throw (to resist the physical pull)? Since he's had those, historically. Edit this Page | All pages needing grammatical help. So, occasionally, after Baalzebul's cultists destroyed a given community's power structure, Baalzebul and Asmodeus would exchange temples for Baalzebul's cultists were good at destroying power structures but bad at maintaining or creating them, whereas Asmodeus's cultists were good at it. The Dragon magazine article, "The Politics of Hell," in issue #28 mentions older kings of Hell such as Satan, who was deposed by Baalzebul, who was in turn deposed by Asmodeus. Nine Hells (Nessus)[2] If a creature’s saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to Asmodeus's Frightful Presence. The blood that his wounded body gave off turned into new cornugons and pit fiends,[41] usually the latter. He transformed Mammon into a humanoid/serpent hybrid, and cursed Baalzebul with the form of a gigantic slug with tiny, useless arms. Groetus • Speed 75 ft., fly 150 ft. Hell on Earth (Costs 1 action) Asmodeus can cause the surrounding area of 90 ft. to turn into that of Hell any creature that enters or is in the area makes a constitution saving throw of DC 25 on fail they take 5d8 fire dmg for each round they are inside the area on success they take half the damage. Manual of the Planes mentions a supposed legend that the form of Asmodeus seen by the other archdukes and visitors was merely a specter or aspect, and that his true form, that of a titanic, serpent-like devil, resided at the bottom of the canyon known as "Serpent's Coil," so named for the outline he made when he hit the surface of Nessus, still wounded from his fall out of the upper planes. It was impossible to harm him with spells below a certain level of complexity as well as poison, paralysis, petrification, magic dealing with death, illusions, and attempts to influence his mind. [65] Baalzebul was originally Asmodeus's favorite archdevil, until he was a leading figure in the Reckoning. [3] Asmodeus had a huge store of souls in the citadel, and these could be bought from him at an extremely high cost, rumored to be entire kingdoms for one soul. Greater deityFormerly: Archdevil [28], His position secured, Asmodeus ruled as overlord of Baator, with the goal of healing his wounds from his fall by receiving atheists' souls. The best specimen of this new species in every regard was Asmodeus. [131], Although many believed Asmodeus killed Azuth when he consumed his divine essence,[29] in fact Asmodeus had fused with Azuth, and both gods coexisted in the same body. But thank you for proving he isn't unkillable. Mephistopheles was Asmodeus's closest serious contender and he knew it, so he waited until Asmodeus made some catastrophic mistake he could exploit. So they created angels to fight the demons for them. The Lord of Lies annually summoned the Dark Eight to Nessus to issue orders on how to conduct the Blood War in the coming year. Pre-Stream 5th Edition. His form's sheer size made it impossible for him to meet and enter into conversations with others. A side effect of Asmodeus's corruption was that he began to hear the location of the shards of evil. [24] Asmodeus's avatars looked like a slim, charismatic, red-skinned humanoid over 13 feet (4 meters) tall, with horns on his head and glowing red eyes. The first was that it spurred increased loyalty in Geryon and he would work even harder for Asmodeus in the hope of being restored to power. 4e The gods agreed and the Pact Primeval was signed. Geryon took over the position of archdevil of Stygia. Asmodeus and his followers successfully sued for access to the Upper Planes and the honors to which they were entitled. [74], In the Pact Primeval version of Asmodeus's origin myth, Dispater was Asmodeus' companion since before they even went to Baator. C14 Besmara • Through all four editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Asmodeus is depicted as the strongest, most cunning, and most handsome of all devils. They state that the baatezu only supplanted the original natives of the plane, the Ancient Baatorians, and were themselves first created as the lawful spawn of the General of Gehenna's purification of the early yugoloths. Asmodeus managed to reign in his unruly daughter[128] by scolding her and instilling in her that she had to take on some responsibility in order to retain her privileges. Province Hit points: 2040 (120 D12 + 1200). [70] Asmodeus decreed that other archdevils must aid Bel with various resources in the Blood War,[71] but Bel's reputation as a traitor made it impossible for him to find allies. [28] The other archdevils were annually called to Malsheem. Souls that appeared outside of the proper divine realm could not enter any realm except the Nine Hells and a lot of souls made use of this unique aspect of the Nine Hells. Over the years, their numbers grew and if Asmodeus managed to heal his wounds and get out of Baator, this army of pit fiends and cornugons would follow. Zarongel • However, it was all a charade concocted by the Lord of Lies. Paladin casts Branding Smite at level 7 and uses attack action, attacks twice. Asmodeus regains 90 hit points at the start of his turn as long as he hasn't taken any radiant damage. Its majesty often leaves creatures staring helplessly at it, and its magic can save its wielder from even the most grievous harm or ailment. He then makes three attacks one with scepter, one with hand (punch) and one with tail. People were not sure whether he could kill an archdevil with a mere thought. Harkening back to 2nd edition, Manual of the Planes 3rd edition mentions "brutally repressed rumors" that the form of Asmodeus seen by the other archdukes and visitors was merely a specter or aspect, and that his true form, that of a titanic, serpent-like devil, hundreds of miles long, resided at the bottom of the canyon known as Serpent's Coil, so named for the outline he made when he hit the surface of Nessus, still wounded from his fall out of the upper planes. Lawful evil He was an entity that outranked both common and noble baatezu and fell in a category onto himself, but was still a devil like the others. [2], Of the evil deities, the Prince of Darkness is the most respected and trusted by his divine peers, though they realize his aid is not to be sought or accepted lightly. Physically, it was impossible to hurt him with even enchanted weapons that were not at least +4. He pretended to be one of their gods in order to stir up their desire for vengeance and tyranny. He once had a relationship with Glasya, but after the Reckoning, Asmodeus forbade Mammon to continue it. Asmodeus has many enemies even among the Betrayer Gods, many of whom only follow him out of fear. For example, because of the damage done by the Dawn War, the system of souls being transferred to the realms of their deities did not properly function. The chronology of the Blood War in Hellbound also states that Baator's Lords of the Nine only appeared in their positions around or slightly after the Blood War began, but also before the existence of deities. [30], Everyone within 120 feet (37 meters) of Asmodeus's avatar was under the effect of an awe effect that made it impossible for people to attack him when they were not attacked first by the avatar. [2], This origin story had Asmodeus fool the gods into signing the Pact Primeval, a contract between Asmodeus and gods that effectively allowed devils to legally take mortal souls to Baator by corrupting them and draw energy from them. The Lord of the Nine can cause a gate or portal to open, sucking in those within 60 feet into a location in the Nine Hells of Asmodeus' choosing if they fail a Wisdom Save DC 25. Asmodeus is named for the Judeo-Christian demon, Asmodai from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit and for a fallen angel of the same name who appears in John Milton's Paradise Lost. This control over form extended to the archdevils too, being able to change their forms any way he wanted. They tugged each other and bit each others' tail tips off. He relishes in corrupting mortal souls with his honeyed words. Bel gained the trust of Zariel and abused it to depose her, rising to the rank of archdevil. Avatar Hit Dice: 615 (30d20 + 300) Speed: 60 ft., fly 120 ft. AC: 26 (natural armor) STR 24 (+7) DEX 20 (+5) CON 30 (+10) WIS 26 (+8) INT 26 (+8) CHA 28 (+9) Saving Throws: Charisma +18, Dexterity +14, Wisdom +17, Strength +16. The Prince of Darkness expects flattery from his followers, appreciating it for what it is, and delights in deals and contracts that secretly favor one party over another. The forces at their disposal are listed, where appropriate: The following beings once served in Asmodeus's court: Asmodeus is devoted to oppression and might. He imposes strict rules and harsh punishments on his followers. Perhaps move the rest to resistances? He uses several symbols, including a clawed fist gripping a skull, a ruby-tipped rod, and an inverted pentagram. [91], The majority of cultists were dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and humans. Towards that goal, Asmodeus intended to strike a bargain, more precisely, a temporary cease-fire, with the demons. STR 24 (+7) DEX 20 (+5) CON 30 (+10) WIS 26 (+8) INT 26 (+8) CHA 28 (+9), Saving Throws: Charisma +18, Dexterity +14, Wisdom +17, Strength +16, Skills: Arcana +17, Perception +16, Religion +16, Persuasion +18, Deception +18, Damage Immunities: cold, fire, lightning, poison ; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons, Condition Immunities: charmed, deafened, frightened, poisoned, Senses: darkvision 240 ft., truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 36, Languages Common, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal (can understand all languages).