By using a chemical wood stain, or trying a more natural stain like coffee or black tea, you can give the wood in your home the dark finish you’re looking for. Intarsia lumber is the lumber created for the intarsia enthusiast! We carry 2x2x12 and 1.5x1.5x12 Aspen blocks. I like wood, but it can be overwhelming. You'll find aspen a stable wood that wears without splintering. I would stain up the aspen first and then have a paint store match that aspen stain for pine. We think one lite coat of linseed oil covers the wood now. Good luck:). Stain on aspen looks horrible, other DIY’s say. Make sure you scroll down, to see them all. General Workability: Aspen is very easy to work with and cut. Contact us for prices. Exterior Semi-Transparent Wood Stain Colors, PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy, CA Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure, Oil based interior stain with advanced color penetration, Ultra-fine pigments provide brilliant clarity and rich stain color, Even penetration to highlight the wood grain. Caution: All excess stain must be removed or you will have adhesion problems when applying the clear coats. Project Ready? Aspen seems to vary according to type. You know where I am going with this, right? Our Project Ready Aspen boards are kiln dried and surfaced and sanded to 150 grit on two sides. That said, just because something is old and made of wood does not mean it is still beautiful. Hi Henfish, when you post a new comment you can click on Attach Images, I have a pine floor i want to have rustic look i have beat it up put worm holes in the floor now time to finish what I would like us to highlight all the mark i made with dark stain then put lighter stain on all of floor . Problems arise, however, under darker stains, for all three absorb stain unevenly, especially … It's a very soft wood, is notorious for end checking and splitting, and is very difficult to get an even finish on. You’ll probably need to sand it in between coats, and finish with clear poly. I don't know how much it helped, but people that know a lot more than me recommended that I use it. | Exterior Semi-Transparent Wood Stain Colors, PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy, CA Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure, Clean and stain your deck or wood on the same day, even after rain, Stain wood in temperatures from 35°F to 120°F. Aspen Tan is an interior wood stain color in our Beige Cream wood stain color family. terms and conditions. As an example, the last ceiling I did, required 4 coats of sanding sealer, before the any lacquer could be applied. Hi Pdk920. I have done some water based staining and it takes more effort and attention than oil based stains. 2.Since the desk will be used by a kindergartner, I want a easy cleanup.Will a poly finish give me a easy cleanup from all the crayons.Should I use water based or oil based poly.? You should bring in a drawer or door from the desk and some scraps of pine for them to use to make the match. That is what I use on all my carvings because I like the grain and true wood color to show through. How long would the staff of a composite bow be for a 28" draw? After applying the preconditioner, I always remove the raised grain before staining. Legal Notices & Privacy Policies | pine wife plans to either paint it white or, more likely, rip it out and replace with sheet rock. I’m thinking maybe maple, hickory, ash, or white oak. Due to the tendency for aspen's wood fibers to fuzz when worked, you need to use tools with sharp blades and cutters. We carry 3/4x3/4x5 inch Aspen blanks for pen turning. Pine hutch - my husband built it..... That is usually fine, but since I never use water based stain I cannot be sure. Any easier way to do this .as it stands i will put on dark stain the rent drum sander sand down to bare wood then put lighter stain on i am afraid I will sand out all my mark i made trying to sand off dark stain any help thanks. Just using a polyurethane type varnish will color the wood slightly but the grain remains visible. Aspen like its close relatives poplar,sycamore and others often contain mineral streaks that show up green or some shade of brown,in time these areas usually turn a darker brown. PPG Terms of Use | And when we get into distressing and certain finishing -- a lot of elbow grease, too. Aspen Tan is a wood stain color within the Semi-Solid wood stain color family. If you are very lucky you can find some with a nice grain. PPG Terms of Use | Your local Olympic® Stains retailer can match and/or order the exact color that you desire with the help of the Olympic Stain color name or number. People have been painting furniture for 100s of years. 13 years old and agree to the Since it's in New England and will be our retirement home, we really want to lighten up the place. Use our new ProjectPro online tool to visualize any of our exterior stain colors, How To Stain Wood & Staining Advice expand_more. I would stain up the aspen first and then have a paint store match that aspen stain for pine. We’ve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to do every type of wood with about 20 different stains each.But with limited resources (not to mention space), we settled on 5 popular species of wood commonly used by DIYers, with 6 different stains; 2 light, 2 medium and 2 dark. I just read that aspen … PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy | I’ve been reading up on it, and it seems stain is a very bad choice for aspen wood. Aren’t the pre-stain wood conditioners for softwoods to fill in the pores of the softwood so that the stain will not saturate the wood? And thanks again for your time. For effect, try top coating a couple of times and then tint the pore filler a contrasting colour, fill the pores, sand and then top coat again. Use color and texture to create a pleasing connection between your house and garden, The knotty look went from popular to pariah in years past, but today’s designers are finding new and stylish ways to embrace it, Get the look of an oil-based stain without all the bother, using this easy wash made with paint, Whether it's cedar, fir or pine, if a wood has a knot, it's hot, Get the Pros and Cons of Oak, Ash, Pine, Maple and Solid Bamboo, Cor-Ten cut with circles mimics the effect of a massive pine tree’s canopy, for a striking look inside and out, Gain privacy and separate areas with one of the most economical fencing choices: stained, painted or untreated wood, Deeper and richer than any stain, aniline dye gives wood stunningly deep color and a long-lasting finish, Houzz Tour: A River (Almost) Runs Through It in Aspen, How to Make Your Painted or Stained House Feel at Home in the Landscape, These Are Not Your Grandfather’s Pine Walls, Cool Tip: Mimic Stain With a DIY Color Wash, Knotty and Nice: Highly Textured Wood Has a Modern Revival, Your Floor: An Introduction to Solid-Plank Wood Floors, Houzz Tour: Dappled Light Inspires Artistic Wrapping, Pro Finishing Secret: Aniline Dye for Wood, Help with Trim and Cabinet color with Origami White Walls. I would appreciate it if you could suggest the correct stains that I should pick. Great when applied on interior wooden doors, indoor wooden trim, or steps & railings, it is sure to look wonderful in your home. You can use a synthetic pad to do that. A Product of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. ©2020 PPG Industries. So it appears that you’ll be able to use a dark stain with decent results on this wood. I must say that painting is NOT a trend. Staining may turn out blotchy if the wood is not sanded evenly, but takes a finish well. I used a wood conditioner (I think it was "pre-stain wood conditioner" made by Minwax, $4-5/quart) before staining. Established in 1995, our flooring store Aspen Wood Floors Ltd. located in Mississauga , Ontario is a leading distributor of quality hardwood floors to the Greater Toronto Areas (including Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Brampton ). It is applied before stain to minimize blotchy spots.I am not sure of it’s effectiveness,so I would try it on a piece of scrap wood first. This guesthouse on a family compound has rustic charm, modern touches and dramatic river views. Our high quality wood stains & deck stains look outstanding when used in Exterior Wood Stain jobs like staining a deck or other exterior wood projects. I brought a Millstores Aspen student desk and a Pine bookcase. I am not talking about the "perfect" Pottery Barn style painting. Aspen is a hardwood, and already not porous… I will definitely try out the thinned out paint! Isn’t the grain on aspen beautiful?! Minwax Pickled Oak. I am talking about hand painting -- and there are many different techniques. If you hope to achieve a near glass like appearance with the top coat, it is almost always necessary to use a pore filler. Note that while aspen is a hardwood, you’re better off playing it eliminating risk and applying a pre-stain wood conditioner (for more on this, see Carve Your Creation) before staining it. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. If you want something with a similar grain pattern, can you tell me which of these images (all aspen) looks closest to what you like? Here is the guide to Minwax stain colors. © 2020 PPG Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It does not split easily and takes nails and screws well. Attribution Statement | Since you love the grain, you’ll obviously want that to show through on your finished project. Oops. I chose aspen because I love the grain, but I want my project to be espresso colored. We want to whitewash, beginning with one wall. It has a very low-bending classification. I want to buy a Maple Minwax stain. Well staining and wood finishing is considered part of painting's the painters that do that stuff, so this is certainly the right forum to ask such a question. We purchased a camp that has Aspen wood covering the walls and ceiling in the great room/kitchen. Please try again. Wait…. This is my first staining project. Will applying the wood conditioner help in making these different woods in showing a similar stain.? Attribution Statement | Be thorough, wiping the stain into the wood and creating a thin, even layer of stain. It is fine grained, uniform in texture and generally lacks a distinctive pattern. How To Stain Wood & Staining Advice expand_more. It is a form of art that people take very seriously, whether or not YOU personally like it, so let's all try to be respectful of different ways of approaching design here on Houzz -- we will all have a lot more fun!