So true I walked around basically the whole planet in caves and above ground but couldn't find any my friend is a placid now and is searching and will hopefully bring back a full bag! It’s much better to set up a second base on Novus and get a long term source of iron. Nanocarbon alloy is a composite resource in Astroneer. Build outposts … Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. The image below will help to illustrate the locations of each part of the crafting line. It requires 3 ingredients, all of which require a good bit of resources and effort to craft in … I state that I produced in advance 200 containers of hydrazine (a 400 tank full of ammonium) for various uses (nanocarbon, jetpack, shuttle) so as not to have to do for a long time ... after which I produce 32-batch nanocarbon (a small tank) preparing the resources in order (and, second premise, for almost all of them I previously collected 400 full tanks). Thanks a lot! You can look around as you're landing and probably spot at least three deposits. Also is usually found with aluminum, quartz and lithium. The choice is yours. I spent hours looking on Novus with no luck (everyone's luck differs) and as soon as I went to Glacio I saw more Hematite than I knew what to do with! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. All rights reserved. third premise, of gas to produce steel, and nanocarbon I have a 24 pieces full silo ... 32 iron, combined with carbon and argon for 32 steel, 32 hydrazine and 32 graphite for 32 graphene, 32 titanium, 32 graphene and 32 nitrogen in 32 titanium alloy, and finally 32 steel, 32 titanium alloy and 32 helium in 32 nanocarbon alloy. I've been digging a lot and deep but no sign of what I seek. Nanocarbon Alloy is a composite resource in Astroneer. Peanut. Nanocarbon alloy is a composite resource in Astroneer. It is arguably the most expensive component in the game. Nanocarbon Alloy is a composite resource in Astroneer. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Oxygenator not working, can't connect tether. This one is the big daddy of crafting in this game. Thanks so much for this! The choice is yours. Press J to jump to the feed. Both of these composite resources require some work to obtain. I’m implementing this once I boot up Astroneer this morning. to come lol #3. blomberg189. I much prefer Glacio for hematite too. The choice is yours. Aluminum Alloy is used to craft the following items: [citationneeded] to come lol, Diamond has a third use as well but that's the core of the problem, i doubt anyone needs a thread for those uses anymore now that its in the catalog, totally pointless necro. to come lol #3. blomberg189. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Still disagree about this. On your journey you come across special artifacts that will provide you with science points, in order to unlock new technolohies. The table below will give you a list of all of the items you can craft using Nanocarbon alloy along with the recipes for them. Does the gateway engine teleport you to other planets? of specific planets, Astronium as a "wildcard" substance would be cool. The name doesn’t give you much of a clue as to what it does. If you need to get in touch for any reason, please use one of the links below. A portable oxygenator will allow you to travel without the need for a tether to give you oxygen…just make sure you don’t get lost. The subreddit for Astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventure/exploration game developed by System Era Softworks. This machine converts soil to scrap at a 2 soil canisters: 1 scrap ratio. But I don't find Hematite. I cant remember off the top of my head where to get hematite early but i believe it is Vesania. Thank you for this. It is essentially a power source that requires no fuel. ASTRONEER. Build outposts, shape landscapes to your liking or discover long lost relics. having the materials already collected, and alternating on the platform of the chemical laboratory silos and small containers, proceeding in steps does not require much effort to do everything and in addition I do not feel the need to automate everything ... when you have two tamper, two 400 tanks and two RTG for each planet you are sufficiently organized for any eventuality ... if you want to overdo it, bring 6 RTG per planet (2 for each tamper and one for the base and one for a possible rover so never move them) are 36 nanocarbon alloys for the planets outside Sylva, and if you really want to exaggerate put another 10 on your main base ... you don't need so many resources to make nanocarbon, after all you dont need too much nanocarbon.