De eerste volledig elektrische auto van Audi, de Audi e-tron, werd in maart 2019 grootschalig in Nederland geïntroduceerd. As an experienced Audi dealer we can provide you with everything you need to know about the latest models, as well as a friendly service. The A4 models impress with their high-quality look, technical form and their stable sportiness. Compared to the coupe, on the other hand, it gains 2.4 inches in wheelbase and 1.1-inch of roofline. Only a 340-horsepower 3.0L turbocharged V6 has been confirmed for the initial few weeks of production. Here is its success story. Later on, the Germans will also add a hybrid e-tron version of the crossover, whereas the performance-oriented SQ8 and RS Q8 still haven’t been announced. What the Germans did confirm, is the fact the new A6 now sports a 48-volt mild hybrid system that should help save some fuel in the long run. While all other German premium brands have recorded a strong single-digit increase in global sales for 2017, the Volkswagen Group’s division recorded a marginal increase of 0.6 percent. Marc Lichte, head of Audi Design, talks about the key features of the exterior design on the Audi e-tron. The Audi Q3 family: the first SUV in the compact class. Additional equipment and accessories (e.g. Award-winning Amsterdam-based creative studio Formafantasma has a vision: future product design needs a radical rethink to be truly innovative and sustainable. Since the new Audi Q8 shares the same platform as the likes of the Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, and Porsche Cayenne, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of it borrowing the Cayenne’s 4.0L twin-turbo V8 and fitting it under one of the aforementioned performance badges. Furthermore, the famous Quattro all-wheel drive configuration is standard across the lineup. Thank you very much for your visit. The powertrain lineup will likely be carried over which basically means the U.S.-spec models will be limited to a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder with around 200 horsepower. This high-performance sports car combines pure aesthetics with a breathtaking performance. At least not for the U.S. market. Or would you rather make an elegant impression, poised and athletic? With the Germans being busy redesigning their lineup on all fronts, the relatively fresh A4 will have to wait. This renders its powertrain lineup pretty much complete at the moment. Being well prepared means mastering numerous disciplines. Terwijl jij weer in je werkplanningen duikt, deelt Audi hun werkplanning voor 2019 en 2020. The new Audi RS Q8 lets you choose. A 252-horsepower 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder is one, while a 333-horsepower 3.0L supercharged V6 is another. This is why a mid-cycle refresh might come early in Q5’s case, but still not early enough to affect the 2019 models. In the concept car Audi AI:TRAIL, Audi focused on futuristic design, autonomous driving, electric mobility — and close ties to nature. Audi presents the first fully electric production vehicle - the Audi e-tron. All rights reserved. Fuel consumption, combined*: 9.1 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 208 g/km. It’s similar with design as the new model only differs in minor exterior details compared to the less powerful S5 fastback. Yup. Fuel consumption, combined*: 8.0–7.9 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 181 g/km. More than a decade and two generations later, it’s still going strong. The setup, which should generate up to 429 horsepower, should also provide around 300 miles of range on a single charge. U.S. sales reflect the rising trend in Audi sales, just with a bit more vigor. More personal freedom for self-determined mobility. New and redesigned models have a clear advantage in our book, whereas it’s probably a smart move to skip their more outdated offerings. In 1980 Audi introduced the quattro − one of the first road vehicles with all-wheel drive. Our strategy, ‘Consistently Audi’, which was introduced in May 2019, is changing many things. Fuel consumption, combined*: 6.3 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 144 g/km. Cena od 102 700 PLN. Fuel consumption, combined*: 5–4.6 l/100km CO₂ emissions, combined*: 115–106 g/km Models, products and services – switch to your country / sales region website and discover the regional diversity of Audi. It has put sustainability at the heart of corporate activity. Not yet, at least. The Audi A1 family: the most compact of the Audi model series impresses with its dynamics and individuality. What’s Not In the New 2019 Audi Lineup 2019 A4. The quattro cutting-edge technology offers dynamism and safety. It’ll also discard the Q7’s third row of seats altogether, making it a dedicated luxury crossover with seating for four or five. The design of the Audi Q2 speaks a unique language, its equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Although speculations about a 500-horsepower twin-turbo V6 version of the Audi R8 have been circulating for months, an Audi spokesperson recently told R&T that such a model isn’t in the company’s plans. Ever since the second generation arrived and discarded the V8 version of the sports car, people have been demanding a corresponding replacement. A unique body concept, dynamic design and performance at sports car level - the Audi RS 5 impresses with both exterior and interior values. The new Q3 will instead be brought up to standards set by the latest Audi crossovers and SUVs. This will almost certainly remain the case throughout MY 2019, so there’s nothing enticing on that front neither. Even a mild-hybrid system found across the upcoming Audi range could be worth the wait. The Germans will fit it with nothing less than Level 3 autonomous capability which enables hands-free cruising at speeds up to 37 mph and self-parking. In the case of new vehicles which have been type-approved according to the WLTP, the NEDC figures are derived from the WLTP data. Fuel consumption, combined*: 6.1–4.5 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 144–118 g/km. Thank you very much! Experience our vision of mobility and let yourself be inspired. 2018 may representation the introduce associated with the all-new generation of 2019 Audi A6, an essential vehicle for that manufacturer which can make use of the engineering presently made for the remaining two. Other info will likely be revealed closer to the release date. Both are offered with a mandatory all-wheel drive system. Power consumption, combined*: 24.2–21.4 kWh/100km (NEDC); 26.2–21.7 kWh/100km (WLTP)CO₂ emissions, combined*: 0 g/km. New Audi A6 in 2019 Model – Audi introduced the Audi A8 flagship and also the Audi A7 four-door coupe inside important succession a year ago. Audi Cars: View the 2019 Audi Cars lineup, including detailed Audi prices, professional Audi car reviews, and complete 2019 Audi Car specifications. They are intended exclusively as a means of comparison between different vehicle types. Despite being built on the new MLB Evo architecture, the new A6 retains its predecessor’s dimensions, more or less. The A4 models impress with their high-quality look, technical form and their stable sportiness. Fuel consumption, combined*: 7.2–4 l/100km CO₂ emissions, combined*: 167–106 g/km New Audi Cars. As its flagship status mandates, the new A8 will stand out as the most technologically advanced Audi production vehicle yet. This goes only for the conventional Audi Q3, but the lineup might be expanded by the time 2019 arrives. Come to think of it, I'll stick with my Yugo. Both powerplants will also share the same 8-speed ZF automatic with paddle shifters. The Audi A4 is perhaps one of the most successful models to drive out of the manufacturer. Not only will the 2019 Audi lineup be bolstered by the all-new flagship Q8 crossover, but by another fully electric and slightly smaller e-tron Quattro. And, of course, an additional set of doors. You mentioned it’s roomy inside? This goes for the interior as well. The Q5 powertrain lineup is very simple at the moment. There’s still plenty of time before the new Audi Q3 reaches North American dealerships in late 2018 or early 2019. A Lola Digital Media Company. The next-gen Audi A8 is also 1.3 inches longer and 0.7 inches higher than its predecessor while shrinking marginally (0.1 inches) in width. That way the A4 will never be on-par with the A8 in terms of available features. It stands for a high performance potential paired with an emotional driving experience. rata od 910 PLN (w Audi Perfect Lease dla przedsiębiorców - rata netto) Your Audi Team. We don’t want to just arrive. The fourth generation Audi A8 is actually already in production, and readily available overseas. The Audi A4 family: a successful model. The Audi RS 4 Avant combines the practicality and functionality of an Avant with the powerful performance of a sports car. Of course, a compact will never experience the full extent of tech available in flagship models. That would make the upcoming Audi A4 the ultimate pre-facelift model and probably not the best of choices when it comes to compact executive cars. The RS5 Sportback might not be a run-of-the-mill hatchback, but it still puts even the hottest of them to shame by delivering 444 horsepower and  443 pound-feet of twist thanks to a Porsche Panamera-sourced 2.9L twin-turbo V6 engine. Fuel consumption, combined*: 10.8–6.5 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 247–170 g/km. * The specified fuel consumption and emission data have been determind according to the measurement procedures prescribed by law. may change the relevant vehicle parameters, such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics, and, in conjunction with weather and traffic conditions and individual driving style, may affect fuel consumption, electrical power consumption, CO2 emissions and the performance figures for the vehicle. The A5 models stand out with their sleek design and enhanced driving dynamics. This means the 533-horsepower R8 V10 and its 602-hp V10 Plus counterpart will remain the only two available models. This means that the base engine spot is likely reserved for a 252-horsepower 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder. We don’t want to follow trends, but do our own thing: the Audi RS Q3 and Audi RS Q3 Sportback. - Znajdź Audi Q7 - oferty pojazdów nowych i używanych dostępne w kategorii Osobowe. Much like their German colleagues and rivals at Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Audi is also heading into a busy year riddled with complete overhauls and mid-cycle facelifts across its entire range. The A1 shows true greatness on the road. Their global sales grew from 1,871,350 units in 2016 to 1,878,100 in 2017. However, we shouldn’t expect a groundbreaking turn in design development from what’ll essentially be a scaled-down version of the larger Q5 that was launched in 2017. As far as its powertrain goes – which is incidentally the e-tron Quattro’s main resource – the all-electric crossover will be powered by no fewer than three electric motors and a 95 kWh battery pack. Fuel consumption, combined*: 7.2–4 l/100kmCO₂ emissions, combined*: 167–106 g/km. We were able to discern that since the executive car’s presentation already took place. Apart from sharing a very similar interior, the new Q8 will also incorporate some of A8’s exterior bits like its sharper headlights, grille, and tail-lights. More than ten million cars with the quattro drive have been produced since then. It’s still too early for a revised model, and though the Q7 is a great crossover, the upcoming Q8 might still be a better choice.