To know that my chart is your world for 3-4 days is a gift that I would pay what u ask. It is not the person’s fault, of course. Simpson was convicted of the crime he was I certainly need my alone time. So it’s a pile up YOD aspect between us. Moon squere Kaali Thank you so much Nahid. extravert? Could hug you to sleep hehe, I have Aura in the same position of Neptune RX in cap house 9 in square aa tolerance and mars in aries house 12 :S, I would need to do a reading for you, Sergio. Should I see/ expect really huge transformation in this relationship? Aura in the 5th house in Sagittarius Some are spiky and some are soft. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. (LOL). I want to add something and did I tell you today how much I love you? “Is that all there is?” I’m married to this?’ It’s my own mistake tho. Aura is the outer manifestation of Kaali. If Aura were to conjunct a volatile asteroid such as Pholus, one may appear “ready to explode”. Do they matter? rather than having a permanent unchanging aura think of this asteroid reflecting the changing energy patterns within our auras through out life. Thus I’m able to see it now, my own processes , the outer patterns ie the world and others around me . Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I have it conjunct my Mercury. Wow. I don’t think so. His Aura is Conjunct my MC by 5 degree orb. I would need the person to sit next to a white wall and let me meditate and then I could. For now, I hope you understand the basic workings of Kaali and Aura. Aura in aspect to sun helps us feel more comfortable in the lime-light and help us become more self actualised. Yes, and my kaali opposes my venus exact. What do you think of synastry have kaali conjunct kaali? The person cannot help it. Prey is named after Adelbert Prey astronomer and geophysicist – Prey gradient is also named after him (theoretical gravity gradient inside the earth’s crust). Or, is it their fear to claim their own freedom? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You have great intuition, Marija and Welcome! Its placement and aspects in one’s chart reveals this aspect of their power and abilities. Christian Psychic Readings & Astrology Charts for All Faiths. I look forward to your Comments, as always! I think I am the only one saying this but I am not sure. It is simply the outward placement of the energy. That is my undoing. ( Log Out /  I have aura connuncts my Venus. ANYTHING to make Casey’s life as misreable as possible. That is too much text lol, Hi, I have Aura conjunct my Descendent at 25degrees Sagittarius. Each aura has a different color. If Eros is conjunct Kaali, the person would have erotic vibes. These people feel very drained from being with others. If you want me to write a whole list of these,  I will. YES! Do you? Kaali is the energy body, as I said. Apollo gives a sense that the native is very special and should be honored and revered. his mouth. An unresolved childhood issue ONLY festers. I changed my prices. The Basic House Rulers–23 Simple Steps for Beginners. around. If you stare into a mirror at the top of your head and relax,  you can probably see your own aura. if G+C are placed on the street Casey will follow. You would seem as if you glowed with love! Thank you, Lesley. Except for Ireland & Scotland where Prey /Pray comes from the pictish Predhae chief magistrate. I say all of this to say that the aura is the outward manifestation of the energy body. It was an amazing experience. Ten Easy Asteroids to Use in the Natal Chart. My Moon happens to also be Conjunct his Chiron and both are inconjunct his Pluto and My Aura while Sextile my Kaali. A simple party or event may drain them for days. I have Aura conjunct my MC (3,13 degrees). We are each energy, at the core. Mars sextile Kaali, Your email address will not be published. from their sins. It was second nature. Asteroid Fatme conjuction my MC. Ami, Do you feel your conscience leaks out lol. There’s definitely a magical taint to this asteroid, linking her to to dark magic, or magic used for vengeful purposes. You may give yourself away to those with whom you fall in love, Lara. It’s because like you said, I’m a people pleaser. That is it EXACTLY. Aura in aspect to Saturn increases our responsible aura and gives us the air of responsible parent. I have a crystal colored as well. granddaughter’s death. Can you relate to feeling everyone is making you crazy by twisting your reality? You just have to devote some time to learning how, Lara. Christian Psychic Readings & Astrology Charts for All Faiths. I studied this asteroid. Would Destinn conjunct aura mean I project an aura of destiny somehow? I have been treated  with acupuncture, too. Is that true? Hi Ami, what if Kaali of person ‘A’ is exactly conjunct less than 1 degree orb from Aura of person ‘B?’ I guess all my life with my Capricorn moon I’ve tried not show my emotions to others. People take advantage of me easily, specially with money. Christ has enabled both Casey, her daughter and ALL humanity to be saved If Apollo is conjunct Aura, the person will be put on a pedestal by others. It was He was also born in the year of the Rat, Aura is conjunct my sun (in Leo, 7th house) along with the asteroids Celestia ("heavenly") and Sheba; the asteroid with my name in it is conjunct my Sun too. Hence, I have a feel for the energy body. They become boared and depressed. But that’s the rub isn’t it, the wound is there to be seen by others. I think people can have fun seeing Aura in their own charts. with Casey, and her family as well, who they believe knew all along about “different.” Casey Anthony, is a “Yellow” incidently. Bella (695) Conjunct/Opposite Anything: Yeah, because its Bella. Hmm Just discovered this Asteroid Aura. So, you have Moon conj Kaali, too, then? Sun conjunct Kaali Will he? Most of the posters are women aged 50 or over. How would you interpret this aspect? In synastry, if one’s Kaali conjuncts the personal planet or angle of another person, the Kaali person will have an energy leak into the other person. It is SUPER hard to go against these energy kind of placements. What do you think? Is that what a hyper-critical Virgo/Virgo would do? This asteroid seems to be prominent in people who love animals, in general, and who have a passion to protect animals. I never got the impession that people liked me very much, or wanted me This includes healing, seeing, etc. The only problem was, he took all that physical agression, and transfered it to People can undergo surgery with just acupuncture needles. ultimately sent away for THIRTEEN YEARS TO THE DAY that he was acquitted Hence, we are not talking about airy-fairy here. I am “Crystal.”. It is not spontaneous, most of the time.