The key element is for the Driver/Operator to be trained in how to do all of them and your departments procedures on conducting them. You have to earn it and continually work to maintain it. It might be worth spec’ing. The interesting thing about a Brotherhood is that it is not a one-time commitment; it must be nurtured and continually worked on. You don’t often see “turret” on a pump panel!       Before I get all sorts of angry comments or emails, let me clarify that I believe a firefighter acting as a lone wolf on the fire ground is dangerous, unacceptable, and should not be allowed at any time. is a fire attack tactic used to reduce temperatures inside a building prior to entry by firefighting personnel for extinguishment or rescue. Photo 18 shows an approximately 40-year-old pump panel. Photo 6 is another KME with dual single-stacked lays showing one supplied by a driver-side panel discharge. unit and Squad are added to the Still Alarm assignment. Clear thought, clear purpose, clear action, are the lobes of that key. In 1974, he was among the first group of firefighters in the State of California to be certified as an emergency medical Technician (EMT). My father had a saying that has stuck with me , “FAMILY ALWAYS TAKES CARE OF FAMILY“. The entire bumper assembly on Ferrara’s MVP in Photo 15 is also black—seemingly with a more aggressive finish. Smooth or textured? Paul Christiansen, aerial sales manager at Ferrara explains it is not a paint but a seamless coating called F-Shield. Mistakes that are often made on the fire ground are Driver/Operators that lay their line down the middle of the street or block  intersections that other apparatus need to come through. Do you want black vinyl covered or painted black? Yeah guys showed up to check on us for a few days or picked up the phone to check on us but after a few nights of sleep from our “brothers” we all felt orphaned by our “family”. A Forward Lay, which goes from the water source to the fire. A Forward Lay, which goes from the water source to the fire. I just taught “Fires in occupied Vacant and Abandoned Buildings” this weekend and will next week and I used the Detroit incident focusing on exactly what you just wrote (and I reference this website for good information) We cant just write off everyone because the 679th fire in a Vacant has… The definition of S.L.I.C.E.R.S. Recently I have been promoted to captain, and now I have a higher level of accountability when it comes to our company. If purchasers don’t spec rollers, they’ll probably not get them. Your email address will not be published. The KME in Photo 3 has two speedlays piped to the driver-side pump panel. This episode discusses the importance of setting very specific goals and objectives. Understand that I can completely and utterly agree or disagree with the beliefs, political views, taste in food or music of my brother or sister; but they  are still my family. Yes, as a backstep firefighter, I am accountable for my actions, my behavior, and my preparedness to do my job. Sorry about getting on a soap box and thank you for reading this! Still Alarm is a fire department response to a report of a building fire. I found it interesting that Smeal coated the back sides of pump panels, affording equal corrosion protection on the inside of the pump house. The center lay is piped to the driver side and the rear to the passenger side. Brian Butler “Let it Burn!” Thanks for writing this. During my recovery my department had a tradgic fire killing several firefighters and injuring a few others with career ending injuries. I don’t know why the upper pump panels appear to be painted smooth black and the lower panels are black vinyl. Brotherhood is defined as a relationship between brothers; an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade; comradeship, kinship or fellowship. Note the large pull handles to facilitate removing the trays. Laying a supply line is a critical element to fire ground success. The frame, cross members, bumper backing reinforcement plate, radiator skid plate, spring hangers, cab lock mounts and required bolts shall all be in place prior to treatment to ensure complete coverage. It has to be constantly maintained if not it will falter in its stance and just be a word to be used by all. This is just my view on what the brotherhood means… I’d love to hear what you think. Image Courtesy of Fire Protection Publications/IFSTA. regularly. I promised myself after seeing what this new school “brotherhood” is, I would never let my guys down the way, my family and I were let down, ever. But guess what? Note the textured look of the pump panel. Because once you are part of the brotherhood it is an unbelievable and unexplainable but understandable phenomenon. He says, “We also use this coating everywhere inside our cabs and, as requested by customers, on many exterior components that normally have a bright finish.” When used for under-chassis protection, Ferrara’s specs read: “The chassis frame rails, cross members, fuel tank, and air reservoirs shall be completely encapsulated in a ruggedized, protective coating. The truck features a 2½-inch preconnect with a playpipe designed to be pulled from the passenger’s side. There can be drawbacks to low hosebeds—regardless of who builds the truck. I found it interesting that after delivery the fire department marked the reel controls “this side” and “the other side.” They also added “preconnects” above the factory-supplied labels with just numbers and small tags reading “1½ front” and “1½ rear.” Purchasers might want to consider specifying control labels’ size, color, and script to meet their individual requirements and not what a manufacturer may have as its standard. Laying a supply line is a critical element to fire ground success. Purchasers are cautioned to specify that telescoping lights, mounted tools, and grab handles are not to block hosebeds—or live with the consequences as long as they own the rig. It has corrosion-resistant properties that are popular among fire departments who have calcium chloride or other deicing agents sprayed on roads during the winter. Being part of the brotherhood is a privilege unlike any other. Red and blue preconnects pull off the driver’s side and yellow and green are on the passenger’s side. Succinct and clear: objectives and parameters. Your email address will not be published. FireEMS Blogs Network. Firefighter definition is - a person who fights fires : fireman. But have we asked ourselves what the word “BROTHERHOOD” really means? I can answer that first hand, “Nope they sure don’t!”, “Gone but not forgotten” is the term used for the one’s we lose in the line of duty…”not gone but forgotten” is the term that should be used for us that have been injured seriously…. It takes commitment. The word “Brotherhood” is such a misused term these days… From the sounds of it I have the same amount of time in as you. 7,099 Views. What is the difference? But understand that I have lots of friends, but very few are my brothers. CHICAGO FIRE DEPT. One foam-capable preconnect is plumbed on each side. REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference & Expo. Fire departments should be very definitive when writing specifications for “undercoating” and “protective finishes.” Spraying a piece of metal with a can of spray paint is not the same as fully encapsulating it within a membrane. If you want the inside of a pump house protected from corrosion, you should specify how you want it done. FireEMS Blogs Network. “Keep It Simple, Specialist!” applies especially to combat, and no combat is more vital than on the fire scene. Recent Examples on the Web Karns followed him to the end of an empty row of shooting bays, where his friend Jennifer Curran, a firefighter and avid gun owner, set down two black carrying cases and a green metal ammo box on the concrete floor. Laddering with Purpose Part 3: Engine Support. It is in no way meant to reflect or infer the rules, regulations, standard operating procedures or position of any employer I may serve. One of the tips that I will offer is when laying a line to one side of the street if there is firm ground and/or a sidewalk I will put my tires on the edge of it and lay it. This is what I truly believe it is. A common preconnect storage area is below the forward facing seats on rigs with custom cabs. 2nd Due comes to the firefighter’s station and helps them work with the tools and equipment they have. RADIO TERMS & LINGO. Your acceptance to be a part of a club or union doesn’t make you my brother. The Pierce in Photo 7 has similar lays with one being supplied off the passenger-side panel. A neat idea is the ground monitor mounted at the panel allowing for a quick changeover from a labor-intensive handline to a portable master stream. I have seen and heard many people use the term brotherhood in my time and most in a fashion that only suits them. Notice the definition I gave. Required fields are marked *, | Original design by, “It’s not what we see, it’s what we experience.” PTSD in the Fire Service, Making Fire Service Decisions (What is the rule and what is right are not always the same), NO EXCEPTIONS LEADERSHIP: The Leadership Handbook, PALM BEACH CO FIRE-RESCUE CAPTAIN SHOT AND KILLED OFF-DUTY, OKC FIREFIGHTER DOING MUCH BETTER AFTER BEING IN CRITICAL CONDITION, REDWOOD CITY’S DOWNTOWN FIRE STATION SPARED FROM CLOSURE, BUT POLICE MAY LOSE NINE VACANT POSITIONS, THREE FDNY FIREFIGHTERS HURT AT MASSIVE SHOP FIRE. When fighting fires that require more water than the booster tank holds; It is vitally important to get a continuous water supply established. Your graduation from the academy didn’t make you my brother.Your getting hired onto a department doesn’t make you my brother. Your email address will not be published. The dedicated firefighters of 2nd Due charge a minimal amount to help cover their cost of travel, lodging, meals, and expenses associated with building many props that have been used to simulate “close quarter environments”. Brotherhood has to be maintained…. When fighting fires that require more water than the booster tank holds; It is vitally important to get a continuous water supply established. I have found this practice to be very helpful when laying supply lines to other apparatus. I have been a firefighter for 39 and present and you stick together and you don’t leave any brother left alone you stay by their side and protect. The mindset of the Driver/Operator has to be on establishing water supply quickly and  other incoming apparatus and the roles they play in achieving fire ground success. Note the slide-in back board storage. We value your privacy. The movement against freelancing is killing the fire service. When you visit Clarion Events (and our family of websites), we use cookies to process your personal data in order to customize content and improve your site experience, provide social media features, analyze our traffic, and personalize advertising.  Being specific allows us to create a realistic and attainable plan to … Photos 1 and 2 show a Smeal pump house with four single-stacked crosslays with hose connections plumbed to the sides of the pump house. It’s a lifelong commitment. Why? Because wehave a common commitment to protect and be there for each other and for those we serve. Stay up to date on everything Fire Apparatus. Crosslay and Speedlay Configurations. On this rig, the roller helps to deploy the preconnect as well as keeping the tray “in place.” It aids in removing the empty tray and reloading a repacked tray. No one else should have to . We take care of our own. When laying a supply you first have to establish which type of lay is to be conducted. The air reservoirs, reservoir hanger straps and fuel tank shall all be treated separately prior to assembly. Kastros has a college degree in fire science and is a state certified chief officer and master instructor. The entire width and length of the hosebed above the top of these hosebed dividers does not appear usable. Why is brotherhood so hard to define; so hard to explain; so hard to understand? Which lay will you conduct? 3 Comments You understood that when you chose the profession. A novel idea is the sliding hosebed cover.