I have since expanded my channel to not just one game but multiple games. Forget that mess. What you will NOT find is a community run by pre-teens/early teens/any teens full of drama and mayhem. Holy shit that's a bunch of toxic man-children. You owe us because we pressed the subscribe button! But I dont really know how he could get around this problem. I don't really think there is a long term way to fix this, and I feel the only reason DOJ will continue on is because of good older videos of DOJ, and also good old and new members will continue to attract other new good roleplayers, who eventually on average after a month or so leave DOJ as well for similar reasons, usually after their first few disciplinary actions unless they are bribed with a good position, have good friends in high places, or get media team, or similar, then priorities shift. I want to make a correction. This is ridiculous. He is a good uploader with great commentary. Buggs' personality hasn't changed, nor has his content changed that much, so can someone tell me what sewer these people crawled out of? The series is absolutely hilarious and there is no questioning that it grew the channel exponentially, but I can remember back in the GTA Online, Euro Truck, NASCAR, Spin Tires, The Long Dark and AFK videos, when the comment section was very chill and the viewers could actually type a coherent sentence. The more popular one gets, the more haters there are going to be. Any 'popular' figure needs to contend with that sort of crap and learn how to handle it in their own way. Watch Party. I now can commit my passion to my new and old friends alike here, and hopefully make a better environment for FiveM roleplayers. Now you can! Then he can get his name out there more and get more normal fans. I will continue to play more & more games and hopefully you will join me! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Brandon Turney (born: November 2, 1992 (1992-11-02) [age 27]),better known online as Bay Area Buggs, is an American gaming YouTuber from the Bay Area of California. Welcome to The Official Code Zero Gaming fan owned subreddit. VMenu DrivenLiveMap for BayCOMMCustom Map / Fictional Cities / Not like any other server (You won't find Blaine County or Los Santos around here)Custom vehicles and plenty of them. For those who want to talk to me further, feel free to message me on Discord, when I have time, I'll make sure to give you the entire timeline of DOJ since I joined, to the day I left, and some stuff that happened in post. Bay Area Civilians are a no-interview join. I just hope he doesn't quit youtube all together because I honestly enjoy his content. They are filled with entitled "play GTA asshole!" This would explain the massive view spikes some of his rp videos got when they reached 700,000- 1,000,000+ views. I'm unsure if Buggs is still playing. Buggs has never had numbers like this before because part of his appeal was/is that his channel wasn't mainstream. Don't let that stop you if you do not have IRL experience. Does anyone know if Bay Area Buggs still playing or Polecat? But I believe he got the most views when he played DOJ with Polecat and I would think that his overall YouTube income is down significantly by purposely avoiding playing DOJ. I think he quit because his other friends like Jeff, Martin, Adam, Rika, and others quit because of polecat324 being selfish and rude. 21K likes. 5 year old child comments, and it has got to be demoralizing to him. Now instead of all loyal fans and sensible people alike, its garbage that looks like it was written by someone who used his face to type on the keyboard (i shall now copy actual comments from this video) : "why don't you play Paul cat anymore bugs", "nice Forza Horizon 2 was in England  ", " Godzilla RS FULL TIME ALL FOURS EAT DISTANCE SPIT SPEED AWESOME .", " Yes Bay Area bugs play forza 4 lets go let do more videos ". Is there anything that can be done? polecat324 Bay Area Buggs Jeff favignan supporters and legit roleplay group. Code Zero Gaming is currently disbanded. He made 400 GTA RP videos in the span of a year, I think the guy's just burnt out. GTA 5 Online Bug Major GTA 5 Online DELETION Bug Has Been FIXED by Rockstar! So it couldn't simply be a DOJ/Polecat issue that halted the GTA content. I hope he can get the strength to carry on and upload because my theory is that most of the crybabies will unsubcribe and leave the normal fans. "there is no excuse whatsoever" - fuck off with that bullshit. Videos. Previously playing DOJ which … Now that being said, Buggs has only uploaded 7 OCRP videos, the last being in August. People would subscribe to any 1 of them, and eventually want to view the videos from other points of view and subscribe to the other YouTube channels to re-watch episodes from another persons view. BayAreaBuggs » Boeing 727-200 (Passenger & Cargo) Looks amazing! your attitude comes off as quite entitled. It seems to help me to rant about it to people who haven't seen things from the inside or only have a certain perspective on the issues at hand. Just remember, Polecat rarely kicks or bans people himself, his admins do so on his behalf, and then tell him a very different story to give him a sense of ease. I've been subbed to Buggs for a long time, way back in the GTA 4 days when he uploaded every single day, sometimes two videos a day. Files. Check out the the hang out sever community on Discord - hang out with 4 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. Unless Buggs has taken up a second job and not told us, there is no excuse what so ever for him not doing as many videos as he used to, especially if this is still his full time job. Nowadays, every other commenter is some 7 or 8-year-old kid, whose comment is full of misspelled profanity and they came to complain, where's GTA RP? His network is Machinima.