Black Desert BDO Witch/Wizard Succession or Awakening Posted April 2, 2020 March 14, 2020 alext96 This is going to be a pretty short and informative guide to make a quick summary of what I think about Witch and Wizard regarding Succession and Awakening in both PvE and PvP. I am lvl 58 on my kunoichi and i didn't like awakening at first so i went with succession because the skills were more familiar. However, I can say that Kuno is very good at taking out cannons. You have enough sustain to relinquish the use of pots. Get used to its timing, get comfortable with using it from kunai throw and floor sweeping (smokescreen if you want as well). Generally, you will want to maintain a defensive playstyle against many classes in a 1v1 (i’ll list which ones are good to aggress on below, in section 3.6.2). Some people prefer to use evasion gems in their chest over the cob gems. Regardless, you should play the class that you think seems the most fun, whether that be from experience, or watching someone else’s gameplay. When using the end game hybrid gear it is recommended to use exquisite cron meal for your food buffs to stack as much evasion as possible (+15 vs special valencias +10). Always be careful of Protected Area and mana shield. They have very little super armor and rely on frontal guards. Depending on market prices, doing the scrolls from combined Manshaum Voodoo Dolls yourself can greatly increase your money/h. Ghost step without ninja evasion (let go of the direction key (s) after the ghost step or lock ninja evasion). If I was gonna play kuno succ id just reroll ninja, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blackdesertonline community, The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. Keep constant movement and play aggressively if the striker is camping his S block. Provides wp recovery on hit. Addons only apply if the skill hits an enemy. Up to you I will assume you know how the skill works and how to use it. If the valk is camping block, rush her and make her stop her block. A VERY good skill for disruption is delighted blast. block jump, invisibility, etc) and her own class-specific skills in awakening are high, and you will feel accomplished when you succeed. Well I like both but I've heard that awakening kuno is just the worst class at high end farming and succesion kuno is just better for pve overall but i am really not sure, I personally had lots more fun with kuno awakening than kuno succ. Farming before awakening is extremely fun and combo based as Kuno does not have much aoe in her pre awakening kit! Two instances where I use this skill is when the opponent is on the ground and I have no other dps cooldowns up, or if the opponent is medium range away and they have cc skills on cooldowns. However, JIN crystals are what you want to shoot for. Ankle cutter > floor sweep > shadow stomp > heart aiming + fatal blow and flow > fox claw > apply ankle cutter again > swap to awakening > danse to bound them if not already > spin/ wheel + indignation > discus > snatch and shackles and/or moonlight if pack is not dead yet. Ghost step with the first part of ninja evasion (hold the direction key for a moment after ghost step).