[17] The film earned AU$1.2 million during its opening weekend,[31] entering the Australian box office at number one. The film magazines Empire and Total Film gave the film 4/5 stars, with Empire calling it "a grimy gut-chiller that unsettles as much as it thrills, violently shunting you to the edge of your seat before clamping onto your memory like a rusty mantrap". U.S. box office rankings accurate as of April 2018. Three backpackers travel into the Australian Outback only to find themselves stranded at Wolf Creek crater. They spend the night there, wake up the next morning and this is when they realise that he is not the friendly bushman they thought. On July 14, 2001, British tourists Peter Falconio (then 28) and Joanne Lees (who in October 2006 finally launched her book, the only true story!) Initially hesitant, the group allows Mick to take them to his place, an abandoned mining site several hours south of Wolf Creek. After dark, a man named Mick Taylor comes across them and offers to tow them to his camp to repair the car. David LightfootGreg McLean Roughly half way between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, just outside Barrow Creek, a mechanic called Bradley John Murdoch managed to make them pull over, and told them that sparks were coming out of the exhaust of their van. The film was shot digitally on the HDCAM format and was mostly handheld (aside from a few static composite shots). [37], Upon the film's premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2005, Dennis Harvey of Variety praised the film's "richly atmospheric" photography and McLean's direction, comparing it to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, though noting: "Ending on a rather bleak note, and lacking the kind of false scares or other devices that normally give horror auds an occasional breather, [Wolf Creek] is scary cinema pushed to the brink of punishment. I always thought that's exactly what Wolf Creek was based on in the first place... placed an injunction on the film's release. Writer-director Greg McLean wrote the screenplay for Wolf Creek in 1997. Later, a local friendly man, the hillbilly Mick Taylor, stops his truck, offers to help the trio, finds that they need to replace the coil and proposes to tow them to his camp, where he could fix the car. Since the film had a relatively low budget, many of the action scenes involved the real actors; for example, after running through the outback when her character escapes, star Kestie Morassi ended up with hundreds of thorns and nettles in her feet. Budget On Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator Wolf Creek has a "rotten" score of 53% based on 110 reviews with an average rating of 5.6 out of 10. [68], 2005 independent Australian horror film directed by Greg McLean. Peter went to the back of the van with Murdoch to have a look, and Joanne was asked to rev the engine. Then he disappeared for a while. Liz sets the now-dismantled car on fire to distract him, and goes to help Kristy. Runtime He is tracked down by another surviving victim of Mick, Eve Thorogood, who is planning revenge of Mick for murdering her family. She called watching the film "punishment" and wondered how someone's real death inspired this "entertainment". In Broome, Western Australia, 1999, two British tourists, Liz Hunter and Kristy Earl, are backpacking across the country with Ben Mitchell, an Australian friend. Produced on a $1.1 million budget, filming of Wolf Creek took place in South Australia; the film was shot almost exclusively on high-definition video. He is discovered by two shocked Swedish travellers who take him to Kalbarri, where he is airlifted to a hospital. Murdoch was caught in the largest Northern Territory police investigation ever. Written By She watches the playback on one of them and is horrified to see Mick "rescuing" other travellers stranded at Wolf Creek in almost identical circumstances to her own. After dark, a rural man named Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) comes across them and offers to tow them to his camp to repair the car. Meshel Laurie speaks with crime author Emily Webb about Australia's most notorious murders, on Nitty Gritty Committee. Many are misled into thinking that the entire movie is based on a true story, when it only had many influences from other murders around Australia, such as the Ivan Milat Backpacker Murders and the Peter Falconio murder case. The girls evade Mick by rolling his truck off a cliff and hiding behind a bush, before returning to the mining site to get another car. Early investigations into the case were disorganised, hampered by confusion over the location of the crimes, a lack of physical evidence and the alleged unreliability of the only witness. She hid in the bush as Murdoch was searching for her with his dog. Cinematography One particular location that was used during the shooting of the travellers' drive to Wolf Creek had not seen rainfall in over six years; however, once the crew arrived and shooting proceeded, it rained for three continuous days, forcing the writer, director and actors to incorporate the highly unexpected rainfall into the shooting script. When they accept the proposal, their dreamy vacation turns into a scary nightmare. Although, when examined this is a somewhat dubious claim. An orange VW Kombi appears in the background of the scene, a clear reference to the one bought by Falconio. There are no obnoxious teenagers in Wolf Creek, nor are there ghosts, possessed children, haunted web sites or supernaturally produced videotapes. Falconio exited the Kombi, and went around to the rear to examine the apparently faulty exhaust. They admitted, however, that the film was not for everyone. His lawyers couldn't explain how his DNA had ended up on the makeshift handcuffs that Joanne was tied up with, if he'd been nowhere near her. There sure are many parallels, enough for Murdoch's lawyers to prevent the movie from being released in the Northern Territory during the trial. But after watching the film, I noticed something else: The plot of Wolf Creek bares an eerie resemblance not only to the murders carried out by Ivan Milat - but also to the most recent episode of Casefile true crime podcast - Case 44: Peter Falconio. [55], The film was released on Blu-ray in Australia by Roadshow Entertainment on 19 February 2014. And, with some digging, I found this connection to be a path far less explored than the one with Milat. [14], Wolf Creek was a considerably low-budget production, made for around A$1.4 million, with a minimal crew. Distributed By Upon visiting the site, they return to find that the car they used for the voyage will not start. She watches the playback on one of them and is horrified to see Mick "helping" other travellers stranded at Wolf Creek. The sign on the front gate of Mick's mining site reads "Navithalim Mining Co."; Navithalim spelt backwards reads: Milaht Ivan, evidently referencing Ivan Milat. Images of Wolf Creek. [51], In A Companion to the Horror Film (2017), film scholar Harry Benshoff cites Wolf Creek as a "distinguished" example of the "torture porn" subgenera, noting its "detailed character development... compelling performances... and sustained use of dread" as key features. In the opening scenes of Wolf Creek, backpacker Ben Mitchell (Nathan Phillips) buys a dilapidated Ford Falcon in preparation for a road trip with two girlfriends. In Australia in 1999, two British tourists, Liz Hunter (Cassandra Magrath) and Kristy Earl (Kestie Morassi), are backpacking across the country with Ben Mitchell (Nathan Phillips), an Australian friend from Sydney. So similar, in fact, that the Northern Territory placed an injunction on the film's release during Murdoch's trial for the murder of Peter Falconio. It's actually something of a Spanish Inquisition–level trial by overacting—the three leads are low-budget dull, but as the anti–Crocodile Dundee, Jarratt is a leering, jeering, winking, colloquialism-belching horror". The trouble begins when they get back only to find that their car won't start. He tows their car to his camp, an abandoned old mine site. According to the Anonymous host of Casefile true crime podcast, Murdoch pulled up alongside the couple. The story revolves around three backpackers who find themselves held captive and subsequently hunted by a serial killer in the Australian outback. According to Box Office Mojo, the film earned US$16,188,180 in the United States between 25 December 2005 and 9 March 2006. ", "Australian Box Office, November 3–6, 2005", "Wolf Creek (2005) - International Box Office Results - United Kingdom", "18 of the Most Loved or Hated Movies: Films That Got A+ or F CinemaScores (Photos)", "Is an "F" from CinemaScore Actually a Good Thing? [67], Principal photography for Wolf Creek 3 is expected to begin in October 2020. Chilling but Millat's real life nephew went to prison for becoming a copycat killer. Plot Keywords Watch (or re-watch) Wolf Creek. [14] Producer David Lightfoot stated that the filmmakers wanted to "mak[e] a 5 million dollar film on a 1 million dollar budget". Once he has his prey captured, Taylor's sadistic tendencies take over: he tortures; he kills; he mutilates. 99 minutes 16 September 2005 (UK)5 October 2005 (Australia)25 December 2005 (US)