Then chocolate Labradors arrived on the scene. The good news is, almost all Mossberg 500 accessories and parts will fit the Maverick. Computer This is the least expensive semi-auto shotgun produced by Benelli. This simple design leads to an incredibly fast, smooth, and clean operation. The drawback of the KSG is KEL-TEC's history and reputation. The real slick part of the gun has a whole recoil reduction system, it's not heavy Springs, it's a lightweight polymer, it's sort interlocking teeth that press Lastly, I also tested standard Federal, Winchester and Wolf 1-ounce slugs with the M2 Tactical. The umbrella site for Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette, A secondhand Benelli M2 will handle big-shot magnum shells, making them great for fox control at short range as well other forms of pest control. Choose the SBE II model for 12-ga., 3.5" mag. The system has three basic moving parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring and the rotating bolt head. with it. A slug is one larger solid projectile. Oversized bolt handle and release aids for use with gloves If you're on a tight budget, the pump-action Maverick 88 is the best home defense shotgun for the money. Semi-auto shotguns are the fastest operating option by a fairly significant margin. Accepts 2-3/4" and 3" shells, this Turkey edition shotgun provid excellent handling characteristics and enhance performance. The M2 is also the most affordable and common of the Benelli shotguns. Per the Benelli website, since 1967. Most of my friends have more than one dog, they may have a spaniel or two for beating, a retriever for shooting at a peg…, Once upon a time everybody had a black Labrador. this has the steady grip that allows a confortable rock solid prefer a pump, this is the smoothest pumping slide action on the market even today. The Remington 870 does arguably gain durability points for its steel receiver, compared to Mossberg's alloy receiver. Benelli hits it on the head with the M2 certainly gives shooters that advantage. At £1,600 it sits in the middle range of semi-autos. With all the positives I have to offer about semi-auto Benelli shotguns, I do have one gripe with them. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Please check your entries and try again. Fortunately, there are also three-shot versions for shotgun certificate holders. The 18.5" barrel 590A1, comes with either a ghost ring rear sight/fiber optic front sight (shown top) or dot sights (shown bottom). Though they make some great pump-action shotguns at more affordable price tags, their semi-automatics are what they're known for. The Benelli M2 is our pick for the best home defense shotgun, rivaled only by the other semi-auto Benelli firearms on our list. Unlike most other tactical shotguns, the Mossberg 500 and 590 models have the safety located on top of the receiver. This necessitated switching from buckshot to a slug before engaging the final target. Mossberg's 500 Tactical and 590 Tactical series have long served as the shotguns of choice for U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement across the country. BGS: 713070600, Federal Vital Shok 20 Ga. 2 3/4 3/4 Oz, Lead Rifle Slug BGS: 15674, Remington Sp20rs Slugger Rifled Slugs 20 Ga 2.75 Slug Shot 5bx/ BGS: 66059, Remington 20 Ga. 2 3/4 1/2 Oz, Lead Slug BGS: 56233, Federal Power Shok 20 Ga. 2 3/4 3/4 Oz, Lead Rifle Slug BGS: 65643, Express 20 Gauge 2.75 Inch 1200 Fps 20 Pellets 3 Buck BGS: 711001873, Winchester 20 Ga. 2 3/4 20 Pellets #3 Buffered Lead Bucksho BGS: 65084, Winchester Ammo Super-x 20ga. The Benelli Performance Shop Turkey Edition shotguns are the ultimate turkey guns with Performance Shop enhancements by Rob Roberts, world renowned for shot pattern development. The steel receiver of the 870 also means that it's a bit heavier than the Mossberg 500, which is both a downside and an upside. Generally, buckshot loads have a velocity between 1,100 and 1,600 fps, giving over 2,000 foot-pounds of muzzle energy for each of its multiple projectiles. As the name suggests, birdshot is primarily intended for and used to hunt birds. Ideally, you'll want to get as close to these minimums as possible for maximum maneuverability. Every time you pull the trigger, a round is fired, the spent shell is ejected, and a new shell is loaded in the chamber for your next shot. With shims to adjust the stock and a large selection of multi-chokes, the M2 is a versatile gun. While being shot by birdshot would in no way be fun and quite possibly be lethal to a human attacker, it's not the best choice. Buckshot does run a greater risk of penetrating through walls, compared to birdshot, but it's also far more lethal than birdshot.