The fiend Grendel has been defeated, his arm and claw hang in the rafters of Heorot as … cried Hrothgar. Beowulf has helped Hrothgar out yet again, killing another monster and freeing Heorot from the curse it has been under for the past twelve years. The Story of Beowulf, by Strafford Riggs [1933], at Light fills her cave, and Beowulf sees the corpse of Grendel, lying where he fell. Their trappings and harness glinted with gold and silver and precious jewels, and behind them rode the Danish lords and the earls of Geatsland, their armor gleaming in the sun as they rode after their leaders. Huge dogs flung their enormous bodies along the way, having quickly picked up the powerful scent of Grendel and his monster-mother. He took the cup from her and drank deep from its golden depths, and then Wealhtheow went from one to another of the Geatish earls, and each drank in his turn to the glory of Hrothgar and his queen, and to the destruction of Grendel. "I bid you welcome, O Strangers," was his greeting, "for I can see at once that you come upon a friendly errand into this unhappy kingdom. The Scylding coastguard, spotting warriors with shields, rides up to them to ask where they are coming from. Previous Next . Until finally I was cast ashore in some place far from home and I was forced to make my way back on foot, and alone. Dori has taught college and high school English courses, and has Masters degrees in both literature and education. Beowulf Summary . The lake was small, but strange and evil vapors rose from its surface and the water moved as though things of monstrous shape and size swam just below the water, waiting for whatever prey might fall to them. And so distraught was this wild-eyed man that Hrothgar and Wealhtheow and Beowulf and all those who were then in Heorot clustered about him. He was clothed in scarlet and gold, with gold bracelets upon his mighty arms, a golden wire necklet of his king's giving about his throat. "It is true," he began, "that I was called Sluggard when I was a boy, but I have killed my dragons with the best of my companions, and no one has ever called me coward. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. He felt things brushing against his legs and body, soft things that slipped and glided. Beowulf agrees and the warriors follow the blood trail to the lake where Grendel's mother lives. These my fellows have joined me in coming to the land of the Danes, that we may deliver you from this arch-fiend Grendel of whom we have heard dread things.". succeed. Then Unferth, the son of Ecglaf, rose in his place, and his look was blacker than the night which hung over the land of the Danes. Then at the dawning, as day was breaking. Beowulf dies, Wiglaf admonishes the troops who deserted their leader when he was fighting Then Hrothgar the king rose in his place and said: "Beowulf, my adopted son, you have accomplished great things for me and my countrymen. Then the company assembled to partake of the meat and wine of Hrothgar, although the ranks of the king's earls had been sadly diminished through the evil deeds of Grendel. Her hair was a growth of long hissing snakes that twisted and writhed about her head. He looked up, trying to pierce the blue gloom through which he had come, but as he looked something seized him about the waist fiercely, and before he could recover from this new attack he found himself swiftly dragged into a glowing cave, brilliantly lighted from a great fire on a hearth, and clinging to his body the most loathsome hag he had ever beheld. Men could be seen fleeing the hall for safety, running Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. But another monster stalks the thanes of Denmark, and Beowulf's skills are about to be tested again. "Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow," he cried, "you came amongst us a stranger, and I am filled with shame in that I doubted you. On and on they rode, but the sun at last was clouded over and the heavens lowered upon them, while distant thunder sounded and forked lightning streaked blue the inclosing gloom. Hrothgar’s weakness appears again as he begs the hero to help him out again. Sweat poured from him, his legs melted under him like wax, there was a spell upon him that drained him of all strength. There was great rejoicing when at last they arrived at the great hall, and a banquet was prepared, such a banquet as had never before been seen in all the land of the Danes or throughout the North. The floor was covered with black sand, dry underfoot. Beside him was his queen, Wealhtheow the Beautiful, dressed in garments of snowy whiteness, embroidered with bands of silver, a silver circlet on her fair brow, silver bracelets on her slim wrists. And loudest of all praise came from the lips of Black Unferth, and all the earls marveled at his shining words. study Would you like to get a custom essay? Grendel and Grendel's mother, Beowulf tells King Hygelac about the feud between Denmark | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} And in a far corner Beowulf saw a massive shape which he knew to be Grendel. This is truly an end to Grendel. Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Biological and Biomedical Since Beowulf has disposed of the fiend Grendel, there is nothing to worry about… or so they think as they drift into slumber. Unferth surprises everyone by giving Beowulf his sword, Hrunting. O Beowulf, your work is not yet done. Grendel's arm was missing from the roof-tree and the body of Aescher lay mangled before their horrified gaze. Once more on his feet, he staggered to the wall of the cave, and found, suddenly, in his grasp, the hilt of an old sword which was driven deep into the wall. The rest of the story, he told them, they would hear in Hrothgar's presence, and he urged them to make ready and post quickly thither with their glad news. At the end of this swampy place stood the vast hall of Heorot, the greatest mead-hall in all the wide Northland. Above the mere two great vultures with blood-red wings hovered in the foul-rising vapors, crying hungrily to each other, circling and circling. fain of his fell spoil, faring homeward, laden with slaughter, his lair to seek. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you So she grabs the claw and one of King Hrothgar’s closest friends, and heads back to her lake. Beowulf uses the battle with Grendel’s mother to achieve yet more glory and to win more treasure. Then, Beowulf and his men return to Geatland. Beowulf and his men proceed back to Heorot, happily carrying Grendel’s head between them. Unferth made no answer, and sulked shamefully in his seat, his face averted from the gleaming Beowulf who stood so tall above him. There were carven drinking-horns for the King of Geatsland and fleecy woolens for Hygd the queen, stout shields of hide, bound with precious metal, helmets of beautiful workmanship and plumed with great wings, belts studded with gems, and many other gifts of surpassing value. There will be feasting to-night in Heorot, and Wealhtheow, my queen, will pass the drinking-horn among you in token of our friendship for you and your brave companions.". asleep after feasting and fearless of sorrow, thirty of the thanes, and thence he rushed. And the king and queen entered Heorot speedily, and hastened to Beowulf. Hrothgar wishes Beowulf honor, and reminds him how Hrothgar had helped Ecgtheow, thus sealing the families in friendship. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. "And as for Breca," Beowulf went on, "that man and I swam a great race, and all know that during it I battled against vast odds, and came out victor. Up, up, up through the dark waters he floated, and all about him was a silence red from the blood of his victims.