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You just proved my point that wingers have salary envy. ~The result of shielding men from their follies is filling the world with fools.~. For a long time now just about every demo I see has tried to use some angle to gain the support of what ever they see as its currents bases wants and issues with so many of what's these are I can't even begin to list. I know wood work... and for that kind of money she had better be something special. In order to call someone a liar, you better have hard facts, and there are none. The woodworking school  project was profitable. Discussion Bernie Sanders Daughter Got Paid $500,000 To Teach WoodWorking Life, The Universe, and Politics She wasn't paid that money to teach a class. Completed degrees are completed degrees. There are no additional charges when there. She had an ambitious plan to grow the College to ensure its survival, yes. That also means the credit earned (agreement with the College) would be no good at a bankrupt College. Your opinion or gel’s is meaningless. She borrowed money to buy land. Bernie's wife was not a co-founder of VWS. It was about where the $500,000 came from and why that $500,000 didn't go toward saving the College. Please visit our Partner at Burlington College had an agreement to accept credits earned at VWS toward their College degrees at Burlington College. Bullshit. The whole idea of the loan was a long term expasion of the College. She got $500,000 out of money that was borrowed under a false premise. The point was whether she actually taught or not. Well I've been back seen what's here and...,, Return to Life, The Universe, and Politics, Bernie Sanders Buys $600,000 Summer House, Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders Campaign Chief Says Someone Must Be 'Accountable', Bernie Sanders Releases Tax Returns, Only Paid 13.5% in 2014, Reddit r/SandersForPresident/ Raises $1,000,000+ for Bernie, The following errors occurred with your submission. Bernie Sanders Daughter Got Paid $500,000 To Teach WoodWorking at Wife's Bankrupt College... 7/1/2017 Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, is facing criticism over a “sweetheart deal” granted to a school founded by her daughter while president of the now-defunct Burlington College. No offense, even my opinion is meaningless. It's clear that your original wording, Bernie Sanders Daughter Paid $500,000 To Teach A Woodworking Class is inaccurate. VTdigger has disproved Run's claim. You say she gave it to her daughter for her program. You just didn't understand the way I meant it. Sad. You have proved absolutely nothing. So why did she borrow the money in 2010 if she was going to stay at the College? Who gives the CEO / president & board the right to $ 700,000,000 per year in wages Some get 50 % wage increases. She was still was paid $500,000 to teach woodworking. She created a school to teach woodworking. I'm sure the Bern didnt have anything to do with hooking that cash cow up... Man can not be trusted with power even in a free country..Socialism is inviting in the worst among man. Jane Sanders borrowed money for the college and used it for other things and let the College go bankrupt. Breaking News Trending Viral News Exposed on Patreon: $5/mo:\u0026patAmt=5Give once:\u0026hosted_button_id=Z6DBPKBGUHEEG------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are seeking the best in Facial and clear skin regiments and products and so much more including an Opportunity to earn residual income. ... Bernie Sanders - … Prove it. Bernie Sanders Daughter Paid $500,000 To Teach A Woodworking Class, ... stigation/, ... ders-deal/,, Socialism working out for the privileged few. All the storys that are out there are about where the money came from. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, According to publicly available tax documents, the Vermont Woodworking School received more than $500,000 between 2009 and 2012. No. The point wasn't about whether she taught or not. "I have disproved Run's claim; Run has disproved Run's claim. So now the degrees earned and paid for at VWS are worthless unless some other College will accept them. I'm guessing that you've never owned a business. Bernie Sanders Daughter Got Paid $500,000 To Teach WoodWorking At His Wife’s Bankrupt College In Ve ... Woodworking for Mere Mortals Recommended for you. YouTube has Demonetized All of our videos, To help support World Source Media, Please visit and become a subscriber to our site.... Don't forget to subscribe and share . The salary envy of wingers doesn't surprise me in the least. So, since your claim- as it is currently worded- is a proven lie, I'll give you a chance to rewrite it so that it is true, and make an actual valid case against Ms. … VWS was started with three co-founders (none were Jane Sanders) and only two full time teachers (faculty) in the 5000 sq ft facility. Are you telling me that in 2010/2011 they didn't know the College was in trouble? I expect to she ornate carvings to say the least. The 500K over the years paid to fund the program. Gel has disproved Run's claim...". Bernie's wife was not a … You spun it to mean what you wanted it to. It expanded and moved to a 15,000 sq ft facility with six full time teachers and over 1600 students. The $500,000 came from the College funds over that same time period (when she borrowed the money and then quite). You think that Jane Sanders wasn't doing the same thing.