Of course, it’s not so easy to get to the leader, so during the wanderings Gats is forced to confront his henchmen and risk his life more than once for the noble goals that the hero faces. Also, prepare to be flooded with "Read the manga" comments. Continuation of the Katsugeki Touken Ranbu series directed by Kishi Sei... Enmusubi no Youko-chan / Fox Spirit Matchmaker season 2, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Event season 3, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 2 (The Irregular at Magic High School). It was in 2016 when the Anime Televisions series started and now it has done with first 3 seasons successfully. Do me a favor OP, read the manga. I fucking hope not this atrocity of an anime needs to be put down. Otherwise I'd still be in the dark to the rest of the story. All who dared to oppose the tyranny of the villain, immediately sent to the next world. The story is so good that the poor animation isn't the end of the world and a lot of ppl I know just won't read the manga so this is the only way they'll get to see these incredible characters that Miura created. Thus, the release date is postponed indefinitely. Anime is one of the most entertainment channel this days and even it has grown widely in last decade. The story, told back in the distant 1989, still attracts new and keeps the old fans. The premiere of the anime series “Berserk season 4” was scheduled for the end of 2018. They escaped the Eclipse ritual which even had their mark on them to attract the evil. In the distant future, humanity suffered enormous losses. Berserk season 4 Fans of anime look forward to the continuation of the series, which for already three seasons amazes spectators with an exciting plot and produces the … Yes guys you heard me right the probability of Berserk Season 4 are more now as the official seems to respond to fans mails. This creator can also been seen in Golden Age Arc films called as Guts. Whole story line is about the Black Swordsman which is one the appeared taken form 1997 Television series. Watch Berserk episodes online and follow the Black Swordsman Guts on his seemingly endless quest for revenge facing outlaws and evil spirits along the way. There are rumors that this season 4 will be last season from Berserk As the story seemed to make an end. The new season will tell about the further adventures of Gats, who, having found her beloved, experiences righteous anger and decides to continue her difficult path until Griffith suffers a well-deserved punishment. Even tho it isn't great there are moments, the Zodd/Guts fight at the hill of swords gave me the biggest erection of my life, regardless of its flaws. I'd be surprised if someone could manage to read only read one a day once they start it up. there better not be a season 3. they better wait till the manga is finished and make a "berserk: brotherhood". This one will be 12 episodes.