Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I have a lovely home that I can’t afford to live in since I’ve been laid off. The BMW X4 Coupe is a luxury, high-end SUV with a twist! If you need repairs for either truck or camper, you can detach. Women have also increased their share of some of the hottest luxury cars on the market. I would be brand new doing this on my own, but before I see my Maker, I would love to see the country I live in. They’re small and manageable, sport a queen bed, and the only limit to their features is your imagination. • Travel Trailers boast all the conveniences of home, including kitchen, dining, bathroom, entertainment, and storage. I suppose there could be danger everywhere. Karen, I’m also curious about how to find friends with similar interests. As mentioned before, Mercedes represents class, charm, and elegance. I have always had the dream of traveling to see every state in our beautiful country. I feel almost like I am living an old people’s home, especially with this Chinese virus thing, and I have so much energy. Bed(s), toilet, small tub with shower, sink, fridge, microwave, stove, AC, heat, etc. I’m nearly finished purchasing a 2010 22ft Class C. I chose security and drive ability over amenities. I, too, have a constant doggy companion. I also live in Boulder and am looking for a group to camp with. I am having trouble finding one. This luxurious electric car is the perfect mix between brains and beauty. I take it to service centers and have traveled a few states solo. They aren’t good appliances. • Slide-outs in some models move the RV wall outward up to three feet at the touch of a button, to create larger living areas once the travel trailer is set up in a campsite. We live in Boulder if someone wants to check it out? The downside? Few cars deliver the Miata's combination of fun in the sun and raw driving thrills, and even fewer deliver such great fuel economy while doing it. As the nearing 60 single woman i’d like to figure out the easiest camper to remove when need be.. Here is a rundown of the best SUV to sleep in. I am reading what I would like to do, accompanied by a future dog and am fine with traveling alone at my tender age of 74. The Mercedes Benz E Class, though categorized as a luxury car, is relatively affordable, practical, and spacious. Thought it’s time to pursue my dream of traveling cross country. it’s never too late. Which vehicles on today's market have all that and more, but without falling into the SUV or minivan class? I agree with needing new colors beyond brown and tan. My concern is operation of hook up hoses and other gadgets, due to arthritis in my hands. I am doing a lot of research because it is prudent for me to be able to make the right decision / investment where this is concerned. Chris is a proficient reader and writer. According to the study, it is the most popular SUV for women in terms of percentage of ownership with nearly 57% of 2011 Rogue owners being women. Top name appliances and top of line toy hauler that will not fall apart. A favorite among young women, this luxury car combines an edgy, sporty style with upscale, modern, high-end interiors and excellent features. I will turn 70 next year, and have promised myself that I will finally fish or cut bait about my dream to solo rv in retirement. Most older shoppers aren’t going to be extremely concerned with going as fast as possible, so opting for a smaller engine that gets the job done makes sense. It is important to match the loaded weight of the RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. And I really dislike those plasticy interiors. The T@B teardrop has a lot of single women owners/travelers.