Does your EULA define ownership of the intellectual property developed on your platform? Various improvements to the general Bink compressor. Use less aggressive frame skipping on both PC and Mac. Added a new BinkSetMixBins function to allow the management of Xbox Made the RAD Video Tools use registry for settings, so that the 64-bit player can see the 32-bit settings. This change allows you to now optionally use large IO buffers without having to worry causing occasional long delays to refill it. Fixed a bug where the wrong window style was used in the Bink player. appear. Added the BinkSetSoundOnOff command to the SDK. Change the minimum frame size calculations for Bink 2 - gives smaller output with videos that have little to no movement. device. On PS4, fix a bug where the IO and sound thread priorities were too low. (which has the odd effect of drawing every other frame). UE4 support for Vulkan on Linux and Stadia. Open the movie file you’d like to convert to bink format, and click the “Bink it!” button. DirectShow was trying to load JPEG files (presumably with the M-JPEG codec) - changed to use our internal JPEG decoder (which is way faster). Switched a bunch of temporary buffers to the stack with alloca on Windows, Xbox 360, PS3 and SPU. Bink comes with simple integrated tools for compressing and viewing your videos. Forced the first Bink frame to always be a key frame (avoids surprises if you use the compression hint window incorrectly). almost all alpha videos. Fixed a subtle bug on iOS where the background threads were sleeping too little - big performance increase on single core Apple devices. integrated. Switched to the upcoming Telemetry 3 lib. and Unity for many platforms. Added support for preloading Bink files into memory in the plugin shim (for Unity and UE4). So, a start frame of -1 means start on the very last frame. Made it safe to call Bink from multiple threads using different HBINK handles without using a mutex. Fixed a goofy bug in the 32-bit still image importer that would cause the right-most pixels to display garbage. games on 14 different platforms! when s_HasUnpackRowLength is not available. Added DIB Section support for non-DirectX blitting. Fixed a crash in the Mac and Linux Unity plugins when running under the editor. as a starting point. Updated the Bink Unity plugin to support Unity 5.2+ (the binary interface changed). Bink 2 is built for multi-core. Fixed a bug where the Bink player would wait the first frame's time files as input files. Another Broadway platform we didn't initally think could handle Bink 2 - great CPU core! The analyze window now tags key frames in Bink and Smacker 4 files. In the Unity and UE4 plugins, we don't clear the rendertarget first, if there is only Fixed a setting in the Bink SDK help where the navigation tab would disappear when Added a position scroll bar to the Bink Player. Fixed a crash in the Bink compressor on XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). Fixed a lock up on Windows when you started playing a movie with a USB headset, but then removed it during playback. Areas of the video that have areas of all alpha zero values are weighted to zero in the compressor - this gives huge improvements to Movie Material with Bink in 5 Steps (using RAD Video Tools). ignore the loop switch with `BinkPlay test /L /-L`. 1.5x to 2x faster playing the same 2.1 videos. uses the CPU to decode the bitstream, and compute shaders on the GPU for everything else! We have 16 Updated to later system SDK on a secret platform. Under NT, sped up mixing time dramatically by flushing the file the stack - saves 16K of global memory. Made the Windows 64-bit player use the 32-bit registry, so that it finds all the 32-bit settings. On Wii-U, precompiled shaders are now built for 2.03 and up (and moved to Wii-U 2.03 SDK). was used incorrectly. compiled code, but the debugger is frustrating). List files now store complete pathnames internally, so you can copy Made shutdown slightly faster if an IO was in progress. Added new Bink for Xbox support code that allows the use of hardware pixel shaders for the YcRcB color conversion. The fact that it ships in so many games makes it (like 44130 Hz). Added an option for pure mono out on the Wii. the final IO of the file was in still progress (thanks Mattias!). So, if you have a 15 fps animation and you adjust it Posts about bink written by Satheesh (ryanjon2040) First video shows Ammo count and maximum ammo amount showing on the weapon model (This can be used to create something similar to Doom 3 Weapon Ammo Display) using Scaleform.Second video is a very simple technique that shows In-Game video and External Video being played in weapon model (Using BINK). Fixed a bug where the Unity plugin failed to draw with D3D9. Fixed a crash on Android when a file doesn't exist in the asset manager. Updated the GL texture code for faster texture uploading (especially on Android). Your game is always in control - there are no callbacks or other difficult-to-debug constructs. file importer when outputting true-color files. Smaller libs on Xenon is due to not including D3D stuff from xtl.h - they will be the same size linked. Fixed a few subtle timing issues to allow seamless audio looping. This meant you couldn't and not the texture iterators as I previously suspected). Added all the changes for the new Nintendo DS version. Added the new online documentation system (with the system that Allow you to set the engine and mix objects for OpenSL on Android (for you could deadlock. Fixed a bug where the background I/O task would consume too much CPU crash in BinkOpen on beta 1 and 2 Xbox hardware. Fixed a bug in BinkWaitStopAsyncThread on the new platform. back buffer support. Added a warning when you ask to compress an alpha plane and the Fixed a audio problem on the Mac where audio playback was noisy. you don't have to lock a texture or DDraw surface just to find out you should have skipped anyway. Fixed two bugs in the Nintendo Wii GPU color conversion sample code. To change, remove BINKNOFRAMEBUFFERS from BinkOpen, pass in the width and This slight clock difference slowly leads to sync problems in longer movies. Added SPU decompression support on the PS3 - Bink now takes no PPU time at all! Fixed a crash with DirectShow files that had a time duration of zero (which makes no sense, but whatever). Video playback is now centered by default on the Mac. Fixed sync problems for all Windows sound providers (DirectSound, waveOut, and Miles) where newer sound chipsets (most sound, pass a zero for the track count in BinkSetSoundTrack. Fixed a bug that caused Bink's DirectSound code to take lock the Fixed a rare, nasty crash in several of the RAD Video Tools when memory returned from the system was oddly aligned. been licensed for over 15,000 Fixed a problem where decompression of a constant alpha plane with a height divisible by 16 (not 32) could crash. Fixed a bug in the Windows Miles integration code where stereo audio tracks might not play in the rear speakers correctly. Added waveOut support to Bink - it can now run completely without Play Bink movies in your NDS games as easily as any other Bink platform. decode or convert as much as possible of corrupted Bink files. alpha plane stores non-alpha data). you can use Bink and Smacker in the same project. going to skip the frame anyway. of the video. before you install this new version. Your answer . iOS users should update. making videos with lots of reddish hues compress better. This compression and that should be more widely compatible. On Xbox One, create the Xaudio object with XAUDIO2_DO_NOT_USE_SHAPE (takes less hardware resources). files. replaces the old mix bin functions. Fixed a very rare bug in the threaded IO provider that is used on Windows, Xbox 360, and PS3. Requires Neon - play beautiful 720p video at low, low data rates! same videos and API that you use on your other platforms! Added a new redistributable Bink player (with no RAD credits) for Updated the PS3 GCM example to included a simple manager for mapped memory. customers think, or you can read more about Bink on your game Fixed a bug when skipping into a Bink file inside a list file. Also worked around buggy SBLive drivers that would cause periodic 3DNow header file. best stuff. It looks like you're new here. ourselves in the codec (which is faster). up audio decompression, especially on slower platforms like NDS and Wii. Movie Material with Bink in 5 Steps (using RAD Video Tools). Fixed crashes in BinkGoto when using GPU decoding and cleaned up seeking in general. You can now use multiple BinkTexture platforms in one application (like D3D9 and GL, for example).