Kalupur, Ahmedabad - 380002 (Gujarat), India They are also used on airfields to prevent birds accumulating near runways and causing a potential hazard to aircraft. The time between shots can be adjusted and the rotary tripod is included with each LPG cannon. Bird scaring cartridges can produce noise levels of up to 160 dB at varying ranges but in some countries both the cartridges and the gun require a firearms certificate. It is a propane-powered gas gun which produces a periodic explosion. All rights reserved. Instead of using a visual method to distract pests, as the scarecrow does, it uses the sound of a heavy pipe repeatedly and rhythmically hitting a rock, using water as a timing device. Free Delivery of Bird Scare Cannon Gun all over India, The Bird Scare Cannon Gun has proved to be a highly efficient device to expel pest birds & animals, Note – LPG Cylinder not included, Tripod available separately. However, once birds realize these pose no real threats, they can easily become habituated to sounds that seemed initially frightening. Historically, humans have been employed to scare birds from crops, using a variety of deterrents including throwing stones, flashing with mirrors, or operating noise devices. Some scare guns rotate after firing so that the next blast is emitted in a different direction, which is intended to increase the surprise effect on birds. It deters pest and wildlife animals in an environmental friendly way. During low light conditions this technique is very selective and can be attuned to frequencies and wavelengths that individual bird species don't like, but at night the light beam is visible over a large distance and can cause widespread (non-species specific) disturbance. ZON BIRD SCARE GUNS. Effective area: 6,000 sq meters. © Copyright - Prompt Pest Control Equipments, Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 3D Stereo Wave, Please prove you are human by selecting the, Weather Resistant – Functions non-stop even in dire weather conditions, day & night, Extremely Cost Efficient – Emits upto 18000 blasts with 12 Kg LPG cylinder, Fully programmable – you control interval time between sonic blasts, Installs easily – the unit is portable and mountable on tripod, Powered by LPG, no external power source required – Automated operation, Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) programmes, Vineyards, Orchards, Factories and Depots, Farms, barns, stables, crops & agricultural fields, Sheds, storage buildings or any other large, open areas, Safety for your open areas from unwanted bird or animal invasion and crop destruction, Get protected from any health and liability hazards that comes along with pest bird infestation, Adhere to Government and Safety guidelines during inspection, Help your residents, workers or customers from any nuisance from pest birds, Blast Output: Approx. Bird Proofing & Bird Deterrents Specialists. With its portable design, the Bird Scare Cannon Gun can be mounted nearly anywhere and the weatherproof casing allows it to be used in almost any weather condition.   +91 79 22130010 It is a major breakthrough in bird control techniques with extensive coverage on a single sonic blast explosion to ward off birds like pigeons & parrots etc and wildlife animals like monkeys, deer, pigs, wild boar, wolf, and bear etc. Although they do not look like hawks, they fly and hover high in the sky behaving like birds of prey. [4], Propane scare cannons are very loud and can be disruptive to people living nearby. [3], Birds can become habituated to the sound of regular cannon detonations, especially if it does not vary in its magnitude, pitch, or time interval. Manually operated laser torches and automated laser bird deterrent robots that move the laser automatically towards the birds are available on the market. One of the oldest designs of bird scarer is the scarecrow which is in the shape of a human figure. One very old design is the Japanese sōzu, known metonymically as a shishi odoshi (although the term shishi odoshi properly refers to any method of scaring wild animals, including the Western scarecrow). The dogs represent an actual threat, and so elicit flight reactions. Bird Scare Cannon Gun is a powerful mechanical bird scarrer powered by readily available and economical LPG cylinder, propane or butane. Fully-automatic electronic LPG gas gun scares birds away with powerful controlled gas explosions. The impact on the birds is similar to talking in a crowded room, and since they cannot understand each other they go somewhere else. The Helikite bird scarer is a lighter-than-air combination of a helium balloon and a kite. The audible bang can reach very loud volumes, in excess of 150 decibels, causing a flight reaction in birds. The use of model or actual dead birds is used to signal danger to others. If just being placed in situ and left, audible bird scarers can easily become ineffective bird control solutions, however when managed on an ongoing basis or used as part of a greater bird deterrent system, sound methods can deliver quality results.[2].