The 1980's "funny punk" band Adrenalin O.D. Allegedly, the hook line "another one bites the dust" sounded like "Start to smoke. The 10 Wildest Led Zeppelin Legends, Fact-Checked: The mud shark, the hermit and the stairway to hell – we fact-check the rumors,, Oddity Archive: Episode 18 – gniksaM sdrawkcaB (Backwards Masking) (2015 RE-EDIT), Firesign Theatre: How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All,, Allegedly contained long passages of Satanic stream of consciousness drivel if played backwards, along the lines of: "here's to my sweet Satan", "he will give you. [8] Although this latter example didn't include reversing lyrics, it's a good example of why running sounds backwards can produce interesting and unusual effects. [2] Their self-titled debut album Black Oak Arkansas was released in 1971. Drummer Wayne Evans left the band and was replaced by journeyman drummer Tommy Aldridge on BOA's next release If an Angel Came to See You, Would You Make Her Feel at Home?,[2] which featured another enduring BOA concert favorite, "Mutants of the Monster" and expanded on the group's eclectic musical style. The other members of the "Black Oak" lineup were Greg Reding (guitar and keyboards), Jack Holder (guitar), Andy Tanas (bass), and Joel Williams (drums). For this we can thank Janet Jackson and her "wardrobe malfunction" along with numerous other shock jocks who irked the FCC one too many times. [4] In short, it's an ordinary sentence structure that idiots mistook for brainwashing, leading to a perfect storm of paranoia and confirmation bias that sent their imaginations spiralling out of control. A decent AM modulator could cost several hundreds of dollars, which is not productive when you try to alarm the sheeple. in Frank Sinatra's song "Summer Wind", part of which he interpreted as "Hey, I'll sue Satan" during the experiment. On their album. The answer is as simple as it is stupid (cheap). "Somewhere I Belong", from Linkin Park's second album is based around an acoustic guitar part played backwards to give the sample its distinctive sound envelope. The court dismissed the lawsuit. [9] A specific instance in a more well-known song is the end of the song "Subliminal". Reproduction of the evil sound must be easy and cheap so that everyone can become scared. Fast forward to the middle of the song where the music stops, and talking begins. For the town, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message. The band toured extensively, gaining a reputation as a premier live act throughout the early 1970s all across America, and later even in Europe. The band was riding high on the concert trail as well by this time, headlining large venues like Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium and Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Minnotte featured 17 of the 36 songs he listened to during his experiment — 12 that vaguely resembled actual phrases, some of which were stretches and one of which was completely nonsensical, and 5 interesting failures — meaning that in most cases, he couldn't decipher anything even when listening carefully for vague word sounds. The Christian Rock band Petra even pulled a funny on their own evangelical audience with "What are you looking for the devil for when you oughta be looking for the Lord?