[6] His costume resembles an aviator's uniform. Fierce Wings Keigo holds the record for the youngest Pro Hero, as well as the fastest for a Pro Hero to become one of the top 10 Pro Heroes on the Hero Billboard Chart JP. It is proclaimed that he trained endlessly to maximize the techniques in which he uses his wings, refining his rescue, and support combat abilities. ),[2][3] also known as the Wing Hero: Hawks (ウィングヒーロー ホークス, Wingu Hīrō Hōkusu? Hair Color Keigo's gestures are lively, expressive, and highly personalized, as he always wants to get his voice across. 3 Pro Hero[4] and the current No. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The slides below contain a fraction of the reactions fans shared in light of Hawks' precarious fight. Keigo didn't attend a Heroics course in high school; instead, he was scouted for private Hero education when he was a child. [17], I am Hawks. HIM ROASTING HAWKS IS SO SEXY AHHH pic.twitter.com/gFifvjJ425. "I want to make a world where heroes have time to kill.". In exchange for receiving that money, Messi had to agree to live in Spain and only play soccer from a very young age. In My Hero Academia chapter 265, the assault on the base of the League of Villains / Meta Liberation Army alliance continues. Male Status Keigo Takami hawks debuting hawksin the anime in the manga https://t.co/huiefje8Qn, that’s manga readers enjoying hawks being announced in anime while manga stuff happening pic.twitter.com/Ws7eRUiO0m, bnha 265 -----------to think that as soon as hawks appears in the anime he might already be dead in the manga or heavily injured makes me- f u c k imagine all the new hawks fans being all and the manga reader being fucking DEAD INSIDE, *pray nothing happens to hawks but...im going to feel sad and happy this next week* , hawks finally making his grand entrance in the anime but is gon be taking his last breaths in the manga pic.twitter.com/CIDWKT0EkW, How the hell is hawks being introduced in the anime at a point where manga hawks is getting yeeted in several directions, can't believe in the same week we're getting hawks in the anime, we're losing his beautiful face in the manga. All rights reserved. In the Fifth Popularity Poll, he placed 11th. Community content is available under. During the World Cup I told that story to Mr. Horikoshi. Keigo demonstrating his Quirk proficiency. Knowing how sadistic and brutal Dabi is, things don't look good... Bnha spoilers:how did we go from dabi's arm around hawks shoulder to THIS pic.twitter.com/domUPPiG3K. Guess this is something they have to deal with now. Blood Type Keigo follows the orders of the HPSC without hesitation but with subliminal cynicism. My Hero Academia's latest manga arc has finally brought the conflict between the worlds of pro heroes and villains to its inevitable breaking point: an all-out war. These traits allowed him to easily work his way into the Liberation Army, and the slight change of motivation expertly conveyed to Endeavor the information about the Liberation Army's aims and change of leadership. Death Arms is a very tall, muscular man of a wide build with slightly-tanned skin. - March 23, 2020 05:42 pm EDT. Miruko wasn't taking it all that well either, the rabbit hero practically grew up with you and knowing that you could die left her heart broken. ): Keigo's Quirk grants him a pair of large, bright red, feathery wings on his back. Due to his Quirk, he has a set of large bright red wings with feathers that gradually lengthen the further down they go. He wears what looks to be a … Overall Abilities: Keigo was ranked 3rd of Japan's Pro Heroes, before taking the spot of No. A shaped, yellow-tinted visor protects his eyes (blue-tinted in the manga), presumably from UV radiation above the clouds and dirt particles at high speed. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Megan Peters Biographical Information Keigo is the first Pro Hero explicitly stated to have not attended, During an interview with Honyasan App, My Hero Academia's current editor, Yoritomi, confessed that Hawks' backstory is based off Lionel Messi's childhood. Alive Chapter 184 He acts nonchalant and jokingly submissive since he does not care about social status or recognition. How are you feeling about Hawks and his odds right about now? [15] When he lost all his feathers, it takes at least two days for them to grow halfway back, which can be a considerable weakness. First Appearance His feathers are not of infinite quantity and prove to be lacking in abundance during certain occasions. Eye Color However, Hawks has the tables turned on his ambush of Twice, and now fans are panicking! Episode 66 (Silhouette)Episode 87 (Full appearance) - March 24, 2020 02:01 pm EDT. Keigo uses his feather blades to swiftly defeat 2 low-level Nomus. Hawks was soon forced to sit out the rest of the duel, and said to himself that his calami aren't strong enough to defeat Hood, so Endeavor was the best choice to get the job done. When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans will do just about anything to take care of their favs. When Endeavor had Hawks use his remaining quills to impel him further into the sky, Hawks realized that it was part of Endeavor's plan to avoid collateral damage. Yuichi Nakamura For instance, Hawks is one of the top characters in the series nowadays, but his anime debut has been overshadowed by the prayer circle fans are holding for him thanks to the manga. Keigo's English voice actor, Zeno Robinson, also voiced. Not sure what kind of vibe you're on, bruh, but do you. So let’s look at Hawks’ life in the graph. The marks around his eyes are naturall… There's a good chance that My Hero Academia has already been dropping clues that Hawks could end up being blinded, but still be an effective hero. Other fans have done some careful re-reading and come up with the theory that Hawks may not die. Fast and cunning, Keigo possesses incredible skill and finesse over his Quirk, Fierce Wings, which he primarily uses for flight, high-speed combat, and supporting his allies' mobility using detached feathers.