We recently heard rumors that claimed that the next game would be titled The Legend of Zelda: Bond of the Triforce. The answer they proposed seems to be confirmed by Nintendo’s teaser trailer for Breath of the Wild 2. “Eventually it becomes apparent that there is still a source of energy contained deep below Hyrule Castle which Ganon had been using to draw power from,” writes u/flameylamey. They will supposedly achieve that by acquiring something unknown from Link. What's more, a reputable leaker recently said that the game’s development was “taking longer than anticipated,” so fans might need to keep digging for tidbits of information as they await Nintendo’s eventual update. That’s almost exactly what this theory predicted a year ago! The group can be classified as a cult and their purpose is to revive Ganondorf. Ever since the announcement of the game all we have been getting are rumors. The original post was actually focused on Nintendo’s possible plans for a second Breath of the Wild expansion, but it totally lines up with what we saw in that new trailer. It may also reveal how BotW 2 will end. It ends with the dead body somehow being revived before evil reclaims Hyrule Castle, suggesting the events we see are happening deep under the castle. The BotW 2 trailer showed Link and Zelda exploring some underground cavern where the found a corpse that might be Ganondorf. Now, a fan theory based on an overlooked details in the BotW 2 trailer suggested Link might not go about his next adventure alone. The tone of the game will supposedly be a bit more serious than The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. This Breath of the Wild 2 leak also suggests that Link’s story will be akin to a “Shakespearean tragedy”. According to the leak, the character called Hylian will be a mentor to Link. The hypothesis is that Nintendo shortened Zelda’s hair to make it easier for her to equip the same helmets and armor Link wears. Princess Zelda has been rumored to be a playable character in BotW 2 since the game’s announcement last summer. The scant information about the highly-anticipated sequel has led fans to look to Nintendo job listings and alleged leaks to dig up any semblance of new information. BotW 2 will introduce Ganondorf incarnate, instead of a more godly creature like Calamity Ganon. Now, let’s take a step back because this is a lot of information to digest. This Reddit user called BobisTheWise claims that his friend has tons of new info on the game. But when she finally looked beyond her regime during the final encounter of the game she manages to unleash her untapped potential. The ending of BotW dropped some big hints that Zelda’s character was on the brink of some big changes. From there, the Breath of the Wild 2 theory gets weird in the best way possible, arguing that when Zelda used her magic to contain Ganon, she actually cast him into another dimension where he’s been gathering power to prepare for an attack on Hyrule.