Check the available kittens page first, if the kitten is marked as: Available: Kittens are ready to go in a week. We are two hobby breeders (dual members of ANCATS #14072) in Ryde (Emily) and hills area (Sophie) of Sydney. If you are interested in adopting one of Furrytail kittens, you can refer to the 'Kitten - buyer info" page for general information and it should answer most of your questions. Specialised in breeding british shorthair. Studs. Eye Colour: When they are young (<8 weeks) they have blue eyes. British Short Hair Kittens Avon Cattery is a small cattery. We are also running an ultrasound routine check to make sure HCM is screened out in our lines since 2020. Specialising in Solid Blue, Lilac, Occasionally Tortie & Cream If you are interested in purchasing one of my kittens and want ... read more. I am situated on the Central Coast at Kincumber NSW. Registration certificate is available on request. We always pursue a deeper eye colour. Kitten Info. Studs. Our kittens are raised in friendly and stress-free environment. We both have our own busy life - raising cats and kittens are our hobbies and we still wanted to retain some privacy. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email us. Sophie works full time and Emily is a first time mum. Kitten Info. Our cattery is PDK free and all kittens are sold vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. Contact. Situated on the Central Coast, 45 minutes north of Hornsby. We have been breeding cats for 40 ... My husband and I have a small home based Cattery concentrating on breeding quality British Shorthair kittens. This breed is energetic during kittenhood, but usually starts to settle down by the time around one year old especially after being desexed. We also have exotic shorthair, persian, scottish fold/straight from time to time. They are registered with the NSW Cat Fanciers Association. All my cats are FIV/FELV free, DNA PKD tested ... For a life less ordinary your peartreehill furbaby awaits - Kittens come de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed, house trained and well socialised in our family home. For owners that have chosen your kitten, we will update you with videos of your kitten weekly or fortnightly until they are ready to go home. They are friendly, affectionate, but not as needy as Scottish Folds. Our cats' health and happiness are our first priority and we will not expose them to any unknown risks. Our kittens have registered pedigree and meet all the standards of the British shorthair breed. Home. The colours we are specialised in are: -Blue Bicolour, Lilac Bicolour, Blue cream Bicolor: $3,000+, -Golden/Silver Tabby Bicolour: $4,000+ (from 2021), -Golden shaded incl Black/blue/possibly chocolate/lilac golden shaded, ticked, shell (chinchilla): $4,500+ (we do not have a fixed price for golden shaded but will suggest a budget of $6,000 so you will have more choices). About Us. Studs are seperated strictly to prevent any unwanted breeding and fighting. We require $500 non-refundable deposit to secure the kitten and pick up within a week. We specialise in Blue, Blue and Lilac Bi colours. *We have show quality kittens occasionally and price will be higher than pet quality, they will be on the upper bound of the price range - if the kitten has potential, we will check your budget again when it's your turn to choose your kitten.