Laslo had become a cenobite, and a member of Pinhead's original gash. The original human name of the being who would become known as the Butterball Cenobite is unknown. After securing funding for a motion picture adaptation in early 1986, Barker and his producer Chris Figg assembled a team to design the cenobites. The Cenobites first appeared in Clive Barker's 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart. After opening the box, he was dragged into a realm of immeasurable suffering and transformed into a Cenobite. The Butterball was characterized by his corpulent size, his bald head, and eyes that were stitched shut, which he usually concealed with a pair of dark glasses. Headhunter's Horror House Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. He is encountered by The Hell Priest when he is killing off the members of the order. His teeth appear sharp, possibly filed, in Hellraiser 2: Hellbound. Studios began a new comic book series following the canon of the first few Hellraiser films. The initial premise is that Pinhead is now bored with his existence as a Cenobite and plots a way to return to mortality. "[1] Cenobites were once human, having transformed to their current state in their pursuit of gratification. The book tells the story of a hedonistic creep by the name of Frank Cotton, who is constantly looking for the next level of sensual exploration, no matter how depraved. The nickname "Butterball" is taken from the Butterball brand of turkeys. He wears the typical black leather garments that all Cenobites wear and also wears sunglasses that hide his eyes, which have been sewn shut. [1], Following the success of the movies Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Epic Comics published a Hellraiser spin-off comic series last twenty issues from 1989 to 1992. Pinhead's Gash had come for MAS, who started spewing forth poetry upon their arrival. Kirsty proved resourceful enough to use the box to send the Butterball Cenobite and the others back to Hell. They got what they wanted when the Doctor cenobite came and they felt that they needed to protect Kirsty and Tiffany from him. He originally appeared in The Hellbound Heart written by Hellraiser director Clive Barker. The Butterball cenobite was the second to be killed by the Doctor cenobite when he was shot with a spear to the chest. This spiritually weakens them and they are then seemingly destroyed. He ranks low within the group, but he is supposedly the most intelligent member, and in the novella The Hellbound Heart was the leader of the Cenobites. Butterball Cenobite at the Hellraiser Wiki,, The character of Butterball Cenobite was created by writer and director, The Butterball was one of three members of the Order of the Cash capable of speaking, though he rarely did so. He wears the typical black leather garments that all Cenobites wear and also wears sunglasses that hide his eyes, which have been sewn shut. Later on, Kirsty Cotton summoned him and the other cenobites. Janice then opens the Lament Configuration and travels into Hell for encouragement. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The aptly named "Butterball" was an obese Cenobite who appeared at Pinhead's side in the first two Hellraiser films, what fans consider to be the two best of the series. in which they appear. He first appeared when Frank Cotton solved the puzzle box and called Butterball and the others. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Butterball Cenobite was present when the Order of the Gash laid claim to the soul of a human named Frank Cotton. Butterball was killed by The Doctor Cenobite when Butterball and the rest of Pinhead's Gash acted against Hell. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The deal stated that the cenobites could influence the residents, allowing them to create masterpieces and become famous, but the most perverse works went to the cenobites and occasionally they would ask for sacrifices. He was played by actor Simon Bamford in the 1987 horror film Hellraiser. When Frank miraculously escaped from Hell, the Butterball Cenobite and his brethren were eager to reclaim him. The Hellbound Heart says the Cenobites are also known as "The Order of the Gash. He accomplished very little in life and was resigned to his failure when he discovered the Lament Configuration. From that moment onward, Butterball accompanied Pinhead and the rest of his gash as they sought out souls to bring to the Labyrinth. He did however once address. My notes say that he wanted "1. areas of revealed flesh where some kind of torture has, or is occurring. The character first appeared in the novella The Hellbound Heart by author Clive Barker. Laslo was a despicable character when he was human. The comics featured several short stories written by new writers and artists, with Clive Barker acting as a creative consultant.[1]. [2] Cenobites are so removed from their former humanity and so dedicated to exploring physical experience that they no longer distinguish between pleasurable sensations and pain. He was once an appalling pervert called Laslo who frequently overate, causing him to become obese. MAS managed to persuade the cenobites to take the Director, Barsac, instead. Headhunter's Holosuite Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, Higgins declined to return to the series and fans rallied around Pinhead, portrayed by Doug Bradley, as the breakout character and main villain/anti-hero of the series. Butterball was the second last of the Gash to be sent back to Hell, after the Chatterer and before the Engineer, he was approaching Steve from behind and was about to stab and kill him when he was buried by debris falling down from the ceiling. He also created and played the role of Ohnaka in Clive Barker's holocaust film Nightbreed. He also makes a cameo appearance in the sequel novel The Scarlet Gospels. The Butterball was characterized by his corpulent size, his bald head, and eyes that were stitched shut, which he usually concealed with a pair of dark glasses. In one dream, she alone met Butterball who was apparently a fan of Janice's work and asked for an autograh from her. When Pinhead, Female Cenobite, Butterball and Sloth all arrived for their latest sacrifice, MAS started to spew poetry and he successfully managed to convince Pinhead that an author and the director of the Pension Veneur named Barsac would be a much worthier sacrifice to Hell. The book describes a group of sadomasochistic entities who live in an extra-dimensional realm, where they perform "experiments" on humans in extreme sexual experiences. The film ends with the human Elliott Spencer merging with Pinhead once more in order to stop the chaos and reintroduce restraint and a respect for rules into the Cenobite. Butterball appeared next to Pinhead, Sloth and The Female Cenobite to reap a sacrifice from the small town of Pension Veneur, which was completely composed of artists and poets who made a deal with the cenobites. The film involves a puzzle-box which summons the "Cenobites", a murderous group from another dimension who cannot differentiate between pain and pleasure. Butterball is an obese cenobite and appears as a follower of Pinhead. The Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings who are mutilated and brainwashed into torturing humans for all eternity in the Labyrinth. The series also involves Kirsty Cotton and Barker's occult detective Harry D'Amour. Butterball could be seen in the Pillar Of Souls. The three greeted Cassidy before Butterball threw him in his Creation Chamber, which would later turn Cassidy into the Trainer cenobite. A new Cenobite, formerly a physician known as Philip Channard, turned against the others and imprisoned them inside the Pillar of Souls. [5] Each of the four primary Cenobites from The Hellbound Heart were featured in the film, with appearances based upon their descriptions in the book. He was also present when Frank's niece, Kirsty Cotton, solved the riddle of the Lemarchand puzzle box, which summoned the Cenobites. After being transmogrified into a Cenobite by the Engineer, he became a member of the Order of the Gash, which was led by a high priest that has colloquially become known as "Pinhead". Butterball is a fat Cenobite with distorted skin. in the original script but because of all the work done to the cenobites face he could not say anything so the line was given away. He continued to serve Hell for decades until Kirsty Cotton entered the Labyrinth in search of her father. Author David McWilliam notes that the Cenobites are described in more explicitly sexual terms in the book compared with their depictions in the film adaptations. In The Scarlet Gospels, he was given the official name of "The Hell Priest" by Barker. He was played by actor Simon Bamford in the 1987 horror film Hellraiser. [2]. Hellraiser Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 07:44. If so, his role will most likely be the same. Butterball was present when Doomsayer attempted to spread doubt of Leviathan to the cenobite populace regarding the disappearance of numerous cenobites, that is until Atkins shot off Doomsayers head, ending the assembly. Although antagonist Frank Cotton believes they will take the form of beautiful women, they appear instead as monsters: Why then was he so distressed to set eyes upon them? The Hellbound Heart (1986) – The original novella, introducing the Cenobites and the Lemarchand Configuration puzzle box. Butterball is the leader of the Cenobites in the novel, The Hellbound Heart, not Pinhead. Among the team was Bob Keen and Geoff Portass at Image Animation and Jane Wildgoose, a costume designer who was requested to make a series of costumes for 4-5 "super-butchers" while refining the scarification designs with Image Animation.[5]. The Cenobites appear in prose stories authorized but not written by Clive Barker, such as the anthology Hellbound Hearts edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan, the novella Hellraiser: The Toll (plotted by Barker plotted and written by Mark Alan Miller), and the novel Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell written by Paul Kane. He played the Butterball Cenobite in the first two Hellraiser films. Butterball was a classic cenobite appearing in the first two Hellraiser movies. He also has a very deep slice in his stomach that is held open by hooks wrapping around his sides. Baron Baron is a mysterious Cenobite who has been around at least since the fifteenth century, as he was first mentioned in the personal diary of the notorious child killer Gilles de Rais. "You shall let Leviathan's glory set your heart alight. When Barsac was taken to Hell, MAS was made the new director of the Pension Veneur by the cenobites. The nickname "Butterball" is taken from the Butterball brand of turkeys. He did however once address. Simon Bamford as Butterball Cenobite; Grace Kirby as Female Cenobite; Oliver Smith as "Skinless" Frank / Frank the Monster; Characters. He was dragged into hell when he found and solved the puzzle box. Hellraiser was filmed in late 1986. And the other notes that I made about what he wanted was that they should be "magnificent super-butchers".