TOP SPEED 185 mph (drag ltd, C/D est), Performance figures remain the same as the coupe, but the convertible weighs 60 lb (27 kg) more than its coupe counterpart due to structural reinforcing components. rear: 20-inch x 12-inch, Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flat (Z06) For the 2015 model year, a performance version of the Corvette called the Z06 was introduced at the North American International Auto Show. The hood and side vents and inlets assist in cooling and aerodynamic stability. The optional carbon-fiber aero package (in either black or a visible carbon-fiber finish) adds a carbon fiber front splitter with aviation-style winglets, carbon fiber rocker panels, and a larger rear spoiler with a fixed wickerbill – a small, vertical tab at the edge of the spoiler that significantly increases downforce. [61][62], Seventh generation of the Corvette sports car, This article is about the seventh generation of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car. The C7's suspension consists of independent unequal-length double wishbones with transverse fiberglass mono-leaf springs and optional magnetorheological dampers, similar to its predecessor. The C7 received criticism for some of the more styled elements of the car. Corvette assembly plant tours in Bowling Green, Kentucky began in October 2013. This edition features four paint schemes each selected by Corvette Racing team's drivers Tommy Milner, Oliver Gavin, Jan Magnussen, and Antonio Garcia. But with this car, The weight is very close to each other and is right on the mark with the manufaktur claim, Which is very rare these days, 3611lbs and 55 more than the standard coupe, implying that the coupe is 3566lbs, some 1620kg, 1.17 g, FOR A CONVERTIBLE! Haha CGT 11.0 and the slow ZR1 11.2 ... Hahaha even the Carrer 4S does the same time, 4.52 m (178 in) long, 1.97 m (77 in) wide, 1.24 m (49 in) high. Many German cars are added to the database as different variants; shouldn't this American beauty be? 0–60 MPH 3.3 sec Commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Corvette, Chevrolet offered the Carbon 65 Limited Edition for the 2018 model year. var FIX=FIX||{}; Chevrolet Corvette Z06 coupe and convertible, 2-door hatchback coupe with removable roof panel or 2-door convertible; rear-wheel drive, composite and carbon-fiber body panels, hydroformed aluminum frame with aluminum and magnesium structural and chassis components, Seven-speed manual with The ZR1 is heavily based on the Z06 platform with many noticeable changes, including the all-new 6.2 L; 376.0 cu in (6,162 cc) pushrod LT5 V8 engine equipped with a 2.6 L (0.6 imp gal; 0.7 US gal) Eaton supercharger that is 52% larger than that of the Z06 along with a new fuel injection system. A total of 95 2019 Corvettes were equipped with the Drivers Series Package. - Change consent - About - Privacy Policy - Contact US. The C7 reverses that minimalist styling language with intricately styled headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights (DRL). The Performance Data Recorder (PDR) is an optional system that allows Corvette drivers to record performance data while driving and review the results. [56] The ZR1 also includes an improved engine cooling system with large vents in the front bumpers and on the hood, a larger intercooler, and four more radiators, bringing the total count to thirteen. The design packages were offered with white, gray, and silver exterior colors, along with a color matching the package (Night Race Blue, Long Beach Red, and Black, respectively). It implements direct fuel injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), and continuously variable valve timing. ... Create new posts and participate in discussions. The Drivers Series Corvettes went on sale in Spring 2019.[53][54]. front – Z06 : 14.6 / 371 For general Corvette information, see, registry for the Grand Sport Collector Edition, 2014 North American International Auto Show, "The Last Chevrolet Corvette C7 Rolls off the Production Line in Bowling Green", "No Mid-Engine For Chevrolet Corvette C7", "The Guy In Charge Of The C7 Corvette's Design Made The Pontiac Aztek", "Corvette Designer Talks About Convertible and Z06 variants and those tail lights", "2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray and Z51 First Look on", "Chevy begins shipping C7 Corvette Stingray", "Touring Tonawanda, where GM builds the new Gen V small-block", "First production 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible auctioned for a cool million", "2014 CHEVROLET CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE - Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions", "Two out of five Corvette Stingray owners going manual", "What Does NASA Have To Do With The 2014 Corvette Stingray? Interior features include a Jet Black leather trimmed and suede wrapped interior, competition sport seats, suede wrapped steering wheel and shifter, yellow contrast stitching, carbon fiber interior package, C7.R Limited-Edition interior plaque (includes racing victories) and Corvette Racing sill plates. It adds a higher fixed rear wing which generates 60% more downforce than the Z06 with the Z07 package, but also reduces top speed due to aerodynamic drag. Despite the extensive use of carbon fiber, the ZR1 is heavier than the Z06 at 3,560 lb (1,614.8 kg) due to added fluids for the cooling system. The rear tail lights use indirect LED technology. The ZR1 went on sale in Q2 2018. The Z06 was measured as new with about 10 miles on the odometer, and then again at 300 miles. rear – Z06: 1 / 25 Edition Targa 355 ps, 1452 kg, 1992 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 304 ps, 1530 kg, 2004 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Convertible 404 ps, 1499 kg, 0-50 KPH = 0–30 MPH 1.6 sec It was unveiled at the 2014 New York International Auto Show, alongside the Corvette Z06 coupe.[39][40]. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - The Most Comprehensive Car Specifications Database. The livery selected by Oliver Gavin includes a Shadow Gray exterior with Torch Red center stripe and Torch Red hash marks, Carbon Flash mirrors, black wheels with red stripe, red brake calipers, and an Adrenaline Red interior with red seat belts. [58], A convertible version of the ZR1 was unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show. By logging into your account, you agree to our, In loving memory of lost CorvetteForum Brothers and Sisters, Friday Fun: Configure Your Dream Corvette Grand Sport. Its center of gravity height is 17½";[24] lower than the Lotus Elise. The first C7 Corvettes were delivered in the third quarter of 2013. The Italians simply lie about their weight, and then some more. The Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06 models continued into the 2018 model year. Over 37.000 technical specs!! Chevrolet Corvette Z06 features and specs at Car and Driver. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible (C7), Vuhl 05 vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible (C7), Nissan GT-R Nismo vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible (C7), Brabus 800 Roadster vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible (C7), 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 436 ps, 1542 kg, 2003 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Comm. On the exterior, changes include black Z06 Wheels with yellow stripe, yellow brake calipers, Corvette Racing wheel center caps, visible carbon fiber, Spectra Gray grille and vents, C7.R graphics, and the Z07 Performance Package with carbon ceramic brakes. The interior includes Nappa leather upholstery, heated seats, carbon fiber rimmed steering wheel and Bose sound system as standard with a variety of performance and comfort options available. The car was originally planned for the 2011 model year, but was delayed. front – Z06 w/Z07: 1.4 / 36 The chassis is made of hydro-formed aluminum. reference weights: base curb weight: 1598 kg / 3523 lbs ; how fast is this car ? The 8L90 is built at GM's Toledo, Ohio, transmission facility. 3582 / 1625 (convertible), Return to the home page from C7 Corvette Z06 Specs, Corvette Brainiacs With a Touch of Badassery. C7 Corvette Z06 Weight and Alignment Discoveries By Patrick Morgan - August 19, 2016 This type of stuff might make me look like a nerd, but I love weights and alignments on cars because I know just how much of a difference they make in the way a car handles. The fifth generation of the small block engine used in the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was built in GM's Tonawanda Engine Plant. [30] Both versions featured Brownstone suede interior, carbon-fiber interior and roof, Z51 Performance Package, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, a "stinger" hood stripe, custom luggage from Thule Thule, and an exclusive dash plaque. Z06 Auto Specs:Power 634 PS (625 hp); Petrol;Average consumption:- l/100km ( MPG);Dimensions: Length:449.2 cm (176.85 inches); Width:192.9 cm (75.94 inches);Height:123.5 cm (48.62 inches);Weight: kg (- lbs);Model Years 2014 0–130 MPH 12.0 sec The livery selected by Tommy Milner includes an Elkhart Lake Blue exterior with silver stripes and red hash marks, body-color mirrors, black wheels with red stripe and red brake calipers, and a Jet Black Suede interior with red seat belts. A 720p high-definition camera mounted within the windshield header trim records the driver's point-of-view through the windshield, with audio recorded via a dedicated microphone in the cabin. The livery selected by Antonio Garcia includes a Racing Yellow exterior with “Jake” stinger stripe, red hash marks, Carbon Flash mirrors, black wheels with red stripe and red brake calipers, and a Jet Black interior. controlled automatic overdrive with The redesigned mesh pattern on the front fascia allows for maximum airflow to the supercharger's intercooler heat exchanger, while dedicated brake-cooling intakes and wider grille outlets on the bottom serves as air diffusers. It features a custom blue paint scheme, yellow-tinted headlamps, carbon fiber rear spoiler, ground effects kit, and front splitter; and a custom front grille, front fender, and rear quarter vents.[28]. Not trying to be racist (I like German cars almost as much as I like American), but Germans don't "SAE-certify" cars unlike us Americans. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - The Most Comprehensive Car Specifications Database.