Michael Kennedy is an avid movie and TV fan that's been working for Screen Rant in various capacities since 2014. Roth has certainly had a varied directorial career, and whether one loves or hates his films, it's hard to deny that they're usually at least memorable. It's a term used when someone or a group of people become irritable, restless, or even claustrophobic after being in a confined space for long periods of time (such as in a cabin during the winter when going outside is difficult or impossible). Why Rae Sloane and other women of color deserve better from Star Wars, See you on the Otherside: Everything you didn't know about Silent Hill, Why Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is still the most influential comic, Catch up and rock out with our Back to the Future franchise rap-up, The Haunting of Bly Manor offers a subversive love story against the backdrop of a Gothic romance, Why Hulu's Ana Helstrom still matters in the Marvel Universe, Share Chosen One of the Day: Dennis, the 'Pancakes' kid from Cabin Fever on Facebook, Share Chosen One of the Day: Dennis, the 'Pancakes' kid from Cabin Fever on Twitter, Share Chosen One of the Day: Dennis, the 'Pancakes' kid from Cabin Fever on Reddit. Cabin Fever stars Rider Strong as the geeky Paul, who hopes to settle in around the campfire with his brash buds Jeff (Joey Kern) and Bert (James DeBello), and make the moves on the nubile-but-shy Karen (Jordan Ladd). Cabin Fever (7/11) Movie CLIP - Pancakes! Eli Roth's debut, Cabin Fever, contains lots of weird scenes, but the one where a kid yells "Pancakes!" Ugh, how very dare you, Eli? Like Comic-Con. By submitting your information, you agree to our, Chosen One of the Day: Dennis, the 'Pancakes' kid from Cabin Fever, Elsa Raven, Back to the Future's 'Save the Clock Tower' lady, dies at 91, Screenwriter Olivia Dufault reveals how The True Adventures of Wolfboy guided her journey of self-acceptance, AfterShock Comics unchains monstrous new fantasy horror series 'Kaiju Score', Study suggests Game of Thrones books are engaging because they mimic real life (well, minus the dragons), Honey, I'm home! Plus, Star Trek: Discovery begins Season 4 shoot. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Because there's nothing you can't achieve with some gusto and a love of breakfast foods. But mostly it's a commercial for pancakes. Why Pizza Hut Forced Poltergeist to Edit a Scene, Why Cabin Fever's Pancakes Scene Is So Weird, How The Meg Would Have Been Different With Eli Roth Directing, Eli Roth’s Dangerous Inspiration For Hostel Explained, Why Rob Zombie Horror Movies Often Kill Off The Final Girl, Lovecraft Country: Biggest Differences Between The Book & HBO Show, What Channel Zero Gets Right (& Wrong) About Creepypasta Stories, Halloween 2018: How Jamie Lee Curtis Was Convinced To Return As Laurie Strode, Red Dragon: What Anthony Hopkins Wanted to Fix About Hannibal, Every Mike Flanagan Movie & Show on Netflix, Henry's Childhood Friend In The Haunting Of Bly Manor Explained, Ratched: How The Netflix Show Changes The Character's Origins, Why The Girl Next Door's True Story Makes The Movie Harder To Watch, The Third Day: Why Florence + The Machine's Music Is So Important, What Happened To Dani's [SPOILER] In Haunting Of Bly Manor, The Best VOD Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween, Why The Evil Dead 2 Is A Better Movie Than The Original, Why Denzel Washington Turned Down a Role in Terminator 2, Why Only [SPOILER] Remember Everything About Bly Manor's Ghosts, Halloween 6: Why The Producer's Cut Is The Superior Version, Every Netflix Original Stephen King Adaptation, Stephen King's IT: Why Pennywise's History Would Be Better As A TV Show.