Meantime, close your herp room to new arrivals or anything going out until you're sure everything is under control. You will be usually able to see worms in feces with parasitic infections. Don’t offer vitamin D2 – it is of plant origin and won’t be of any use to your gecko. If your male crested gecko is biting your fingers during the breeding season, it might be a mating dance and call. I found this produce at my local pet shop. It is often very hard to notice and understand intestinal impaction, and your gecko is very likely to miss regular pooping and refuse eating if impacted. To prevent your crested gecko from developing a floppy tail syndrome, make sure it is receiving a good diet. If you approach your crested gecko while it’s still new, it will be either running away from you or being aggressive and try to defend itself. How to Trim Blue Tongue Skink Nails Properly? Giant Day Gecko, 2 tarantulas. Cant help with the mites but i read that someone had put down insect paper ( i assume thats the pest strip you mean) in the reptile room and their Crestie escaped and got stuck on it! If possible, take your crested gecko to the vet and make sure it doesn’t have any injuries, fractures, impaction or other issues. Be careful not too get any oil in the geckos eyes or soak the gecko in oil, just use the Q-tip and oil to remove visible mites. You will need to clean the tank and disinfect all the accessories to prevent reinfection. In this post, we will have the full guide to crested gecko diseases and illnesses, as well as their symptoms, prevention and treatment. If your crested gecko enjoys ‘hunting’, catching and eating the bugs, it might get frustrated if you stop offering them. To help your crested gecko heal, provide it with a good diet and supplements. If the problem doesn’t pass within a week or so, take your crested gecko to the vet for a fecal examination as these might be parasites. Your crested gecko’s ability to climb the glass might be affected by multiple reasons. Bearded Dragon or Leopard Gecko As Pets - Full Comparison, Read our breeding guide to learn more breeding created geckos. They’re a very common parasite that is fatal in some Geckos but not a lot of them get them. Don’t transport your gecko unnecessarily. What can I do about it? But remember, this post is only a guide, and if you suspect a major problem, take your gecko to the vet. You need to weigh your crested gecko 1-2 times a month, using precise digital scales. Lower jaw is soft, rubbery, and is jutting out (this tends to remain after treatment), as well as an under bite. 1 or 2 times a week can greatly help improve the situation. I’m thinking predatory mites or ladybugs. It is common for crested geckos to shed big pieces easily, but then small pieces of skin get stuck between their toes, around the eyes, tail and on the head. You will need to supplement crested gecko’s diet (not meal replacement powder though, which already has all the supplements) with calcium, D3 and other supplements. Regular checks, optimal husbandry, weighing and monitoring can all help prevent your crested gecko from becoming sick. Don’t be afraid, as hunting instincts are normal in crested geckos.