We can easily allow seeds of doubt to be planted in our hearts which leads to becoming unnerved in our minds. I could barely walk after shift. God bless! !…cont in part3, part3… Am asking because this is whats become of my life? Am I cursed? I left the best thing that happen to me for him. Curses are not light, either. Death has eaten them up. It’s Thankful Thursday and today we are thankful, When we look at experiences of those older than us, Next week’s podcast will be on mistranslations a, Click the link in our profile and listen now to he, We are all sinners, every single one of us, and ye, Click the link in our profile then listen live to, On Monday’s podcast we’ll talk about the upcom, It's Thankful Thursday and today we are thankful, One of the greatest gifts God has given us is each, Next week’s podcast will be on the upcoming elec, Sometimes we don’t understand why certain circum, It’s Scripture Sunday- what scriptures are you m, On Monday’s podcast we’ll finish our discussio, God does not plan haphazardly (though to us it mig, Next week’s podcast will be on ghosts and reinca, It is better to give than receive and to give with. You are not alone I PROMISE YOU. (Part I). He punished them, but there was no curse upon them. Many curses involve putting personal items (or hair, or bone) in a bag with other cursed items, then burying it in a yard. Just love some of the posts that were made, especially the one about Obama. “Are you tired and miserable most of the time even though you’ve done nothing to wear yourself out? I’m cursed. Right vs. Left Hand, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8b7lYRVTYY. First of all greetings from South Wales,UK..Wanna start off by saying that i never usually reply or sign up to any websites or even believe in curses,religion,deity's etc etc but after years of dismal and uncanny misfortune on my behalf (also affecting my immediate family) ive finally had enough and 20minutes ago decided to search anything involving Hex's,Curses etc. Now (and i still feel daft admitting it) i strongly believe that my family name is cursed, something we all joke about sometimes when some random event happens to one of us, as its SO common amongst us it goes beyond any form of coincidence! I may not be the best person but if I can be that friend I would be happy to talk. I suugest you search up "How to pass from curse to blessing by Derek Prince" at youtube. Cursed people tend to have the other. I was attending her funeral. I did my best to get a good career and the woman I love but always things get screwed up for me and now at the age of 31, it seems things are getting better like I also felt when I got a good position 6 years ago in real estate only to find out it was a bogus job and now I work in diplomacy and I am mistreated again this time mostly by work interfering in my private life. – Christian Questions. Click on any topic to learn more! If you life seems to be one tragedy after another, it could be because someone has put a curse on you from beyond the grave! A cursed individual may run away from loved ones, then head straight into the arms of terrible people. If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to a person who you usually would have no interest in seeing, it may be a love spell. If your bad luck literally defies most odds, chances are that you may have a curse. What a bunch of crap. best of luck to you's I am hoping . What have i dine wrong to deserve all this pain and suffering. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! but what I am getting at no matter what direction you go please do not take your own life. Once you ask him, then thank him for answering your prayer. An my baby's father always has such good luck a good job random money (checks in the mail) good health. If someone put a curse on your finances or career out of greed or jealousy, you will likely see serious, sudden misfortune with money that just doesn’t let up. 5 year old son given drugs by my ex husband, abusive relationship, divorce, son incarcerated, alcoholic father, long term verbal assaults by adult daughter, no longer see grandsons, accidentally burnt my home down, abuse from daughter, dad was slowly murdered for his money, 3 year lawsuit against abusers, no justice in court, abusers rewarded with money, diagnosed with cancer. I was already dealing with schizoaffective disorder. If your bad luck seems to be out of control, you might want to look into these classic curse signs. I am so very lonely why me i ask all the time. I promise you he will NEVER turn his back. I am now 37. P.S. (Part II), subscribe to our FREE Premium Content for the Full Edition version of CQ Rewind. The only curse recorded was again upon the ground and not upon Cain himself. All things considered, it’s not surprising that most people who are cursed tend to see a large amount of paranormal activity around them. But some of the stories I hear from some of you makes feel that I want too help as a friend. Anyone who are under satanic attack should do this. This is especially true when it comes to your logic and judgement. Thats all I did. I can't talk to long I cough a lot. The last two years have been disgusting. i never believed in curses, or the supernatural, but my looking back at my whole life, i wonder sometimes. That's how I exist.. That's why my life sucks… I grew up with so many problems. what if someone has sent you a spirit and you, in that case you would not know the name. Is your family sick? I'm weeks away from it. this was in the mid 90's he said something to me in creole and as an adult my life has been terrible. I use to be upset about it, but now I embrace the suffering because I feel HE is preparing us for something greater.