Unable to move, she grabbed his arms and was running away from the plane when the engine finally exploded. The KLM plane had reached the end of the runway, turned and was now ready for take off. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. “I have no idea to this day what it was like inside the plane, obviously the damage was so great that not everyone could get to that opening in the wing. She finally stepped back and allowed the medical team to treat her. Copyright 2017 Peter Engberg-Klarström. Please contact us with any biographical data, pictures or other information regarding the service and life of Victor Grubbs. As she raced round helping survivors, she noticed something white under the front of the plane. van Staveren-Maréchal, J.H.M. All of a sudden things were not right. As a ramp crew on the LAX crew we loaded the plane and were in the coffee shop in terminal Two where the passengers were waiting for a mechanical problem to be solved and we were assuring them that their flight was going to be to be leaving soon and that it would be Safe. As she initiated an evacuation, she noticed that blood was pouring from a wound on her head. The terrible things she saw on March 28, 1977 scarred Dorothy Kelly for life. ( Log Out /  “I’ve learned that our emergency training is very good and very necessary. KLM Flight Engineer Schreuder heard this statement and expressed his concern. He said the two planes collided after what ‘seemed like about a half a second’ from the time he spotted the approaching KLM airliner. Speaking after the accident, Dorothy Kelly said simply “I did what I could”. Wow. THE CRASH THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. The job carried on; it didn’t stop in the hospital, but it wasn’t something you thought about. “We were so busy during the whole time on the ground. Dorothy was taken off roster and sent to help the grieving relatives and other flight attendants. Their heroism can not go unnoticed. Many former employees were laid off, including Kelly. “It was really gruesome but the adrenaline was really going and I guess that’s how people get through war and similar things. One of those survivors was Purser Dorothy Kelly. Harrowingly she later learned from survivors that some inside the aircraft simply stayed in their seats, waiting to be told what to do. Most of the passengers on board the flight were senior citizens and many injured themselves as they jumped from an opening above the wing. But they soon realised that the 350 tonne aircraft was hurtling towards them. She returned to America in October 2006, continuing to fly for United out of Washington DC. The subsequent investigations by Spanish, Dutch and American teams, revealed that the primary cause of the accident was the KLM captain taking off without clearance from Air Traffic Control. Meanwhile in Amsterdam (AMS), KLM Boeing 747-206B (PH-BUF) ‘The Rhine’ was being readied to operate flight 4805, also to Gran Canaria. While survivors, many with life changing injuries, waited for rescue Kelly and first officer Bragg who had a broken ankle, continued to help in whatever way they could. One lady decided to stay as she lived in Tenerife, meaning 234 passengers would eventually re-board the aircraft. WE HAVE GOT TO GO”. “The KLM airplane had peeled off the top of the Pan Am plane, just like peeling off the top of a sardine can, the top had rolled right off. The KLM 747 went first, followed by the Pan Am. Victor Grubbs, was reported to have made after the KLM plane's takeoff announcement: “We are still on tike runway . Kelly declined as she wanted to spend time with her family in New York. He was subsequently 56 years of age at the time of the Tenerife jumbo jet collision at Los Rodeos Airport, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. “I knew what I had to do. Victor Grubbs, who came aboard when the plane made an intermediate stop in New York. [Many of the quotes for this article were taken from the incredible book ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts! But as warnings came through of a second bomb, all aircraft were diverted to Tenerife’s Los Rodeos Airport (TFN) and the Clipper jet was ordered to follow suit. . Change ). Assisting him in the flight-deck was First Officer Klass Meurs and Flight Engineer Willem Schreuder; while in the cabin 11 cabin crew were on hand for the 235 passengers. With limited help from ATC, dated airport diagrams, unmarked taxiways and visibility now less than 200 metres, finding the exit proved very difficult. The co-pilot is still living. We also remember the other crew members who perished in the performance of their duties on Pan Am 1736: Purser Francoise Colbert de Beaulieu and flight attendants Mari Asai, Christine Ekelund, Luisa Flood, Sachiko Hirano, Marilyn Luker, Aysel Sarp, Carol Thomas and Miguel Torrech. Get all your latest cabin crew news, stories, galley FM gossip and take a peek behind that curtain, as we reveal what life is really like as cabin crew. They continued their rescue efforts until it appeared that no one else was escaping. The KLM remained airborne briefly, before rolling sharply and impacting the ground approximately 150 metres past the point of collision, sliding down the runway for a further 300 metres. confessionsofatrolleydolly.com brought to you by International Gay Trolley Dolly, Dan Air ! Kelly yelled for them to move as far away as possible and those who couldn’t move she physically dragged out of harms way. We visited the passengers and talked to them. A few hours later Las Palmas re-opened and Captain Van Zanten and Captain Grubbs were keen to get their aircraft and passengers to the neighbouring island. While survivors, many with life changing injuries, waited for rescue Kelly and first officer Bragg who had a broken ankle, continued to help in whatever way they could. It turned out to be Captain Grubbs. We have many documents and copies of documents, including military award documents. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Pilot. After a while the passengers became restless and thirsty, most of these people had come all the way from California”. In the cabin, Purser Kelly was stood near an emergency exit at the front of the aircraft, “I was standing at 1R, the forward right door, drinking a coffee Miguel (Torrech) had given to me and Carla (Johnson) was standing a few feet away. What's he doing? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts! He had been born 18 May 1920 at Claxton, Georgia, the son of Arthur and Mrs. Grubbs. Keulen, J.M.L. He had been born 18 May 1920 at Claxton, Georgia, the son of Arthur and Mrs. Grubbs. Once they confirmed the wound was superficial, she continued with her rescue efforts. As carefully as possible, Kelly once again found the strength to drag her away. Kelly knew they needed to get out as quickly as possible and as the fire began to take hold and explosions went off around her, she encouraged passengers to jump. She desperately tried to look for an exit to begin an evacuation, but the exits that were still intact were jammed. 41 Years In The BA Cabin – Julie Reynolds Story. Dutch investigators placed much emphasis on this fact, but ultimately KLM admitted their crew was responsible and the airline financially compensated the victims relatives. Go ahead, ask” and pulled back the throttles. Learn how your comment data is processed. we’ve taken care of the captain. These serviceman's records are nowhere near complete and we are always looking for more material. A series of explosions were followed by ‘fires and black, black smoke everywhere,’ Grubbs said. © confessionsofatrolleydolly.com by Dan Air The chain of events leading up to … Aware of increasing explosions in the wreckage, Kelly continued to yell for survivors to jump, painfully aware there was little time before the remains of the jumbo jet exploded. Pan Am 1736 was piloted by Capt. Get off! I’m sure you’ll agree that this remarkable woman went way above and beyond her duties that fateful day and the days, weeks and months afterwards. However the KLM jet was blocking its exit by a mere 12 feet, meaning they would have to wait for the Dutch jumbo to complete refuelling and re-board its passengers. Meurs read the flight clearance back, ending with the statement “We are now at take off”. Fleur-Toby, A.C. Bouvy, B.M. ( Log Out /  It remains the worlds deadliest air disaster. Nothing was like it had been moments before. ( Log Out /  But it was too late. But her rescue efforts didn’t end there. She busied herself labelling survivors names, age, allergies etc and was then asked to help with the burns victims, removing burnt clothing and skin from the injured to prevent infection. I looked over; it was like looking out of a second floor window about 25 feet down, and I was really scared because my feet were bare and you saw nothing but jagged metal down there and I said to myself ‘Oh, my God, we’ve survived this and we are going to kill ourselves jumping down on that stuff”. May GOD bless them all. “Is he not clear, that Pan American?”, Captain Van Zanten simply replied “Oh, yes” and continued down the runway. In charge was Captain Jacob Veldhuyzen Van Zanten, KLM’s Chief Flying Instructor and the celebrity face of the Dutch carrier, appearing in promotional material and the in-flight magazine. The Pan Am jumbo was now crawling down the runway as the flight crew desperately tried to find their exit. Arriving at the hospital she refused treatment, instead volunteering to help the medical team. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. There were 61 survivors, all on Pan Am, including captain Victor Grubbs and Robert Bragg. She was badly injured and covered in blood. The Boeing 747-121 (N736PA) ‘Clipper Victor’ had stopped in Chicago (ORD) to collect more holidaymakers, before a final layover in New York (JFK) to collect the remaining passengers and change crew. She now relied solely on her instincts. Disoriented and in shock some of those who had jumped stood round chatting, indeed one survivor even sauntered about in high heels. Due to aircraft blocking the parallel taxiway, planes now had to back track down the single runway before turning round to take off. Time and time again we see first hand passengers who fail to remember the main reason why cabin crew are on board an aircraft. ( Log Out /  With passengers already on board and enough fuel for the short hop, the Pan Am Clipper was ready to leave. Dorothy has a message for those who so often forget this. Whatever life brings all you can do is take precautions”. Following the collision, Johnson bewildered, confused and aware of the increasing intensity of the fire in the wreckage, encouraged and commanded stunned passengers to get off the aircraft. 583 lives were lost when a KLM 747 collided with a Pan Am 747 at Tenerife’s Los Rodeos Airport (TFN). ‘At that point the survival instinct took over and it was a miracle that anybody got out alive,’ he said. His … You don’t stop to think about how this is affecting you, there’s a job there and you have to do it”.