They weren't moving when we found them but we don't know how long the throw up was there for. This type of reaction occurs to some degree almost every time a cat gets vaccinated. While deworming and flea treatment is relatively very safe, you may wonder why your cat is acting weird after flea treatment. Cat acting very lethargic after deworming. She is not playful like usual and has slept an unusual amount since the visit to the vet. Close. We fell in love with her and she is now living in the house with us!! If he's not urinating, and is vomiting, this could be a urinary obstruction, which is an emergency and life threatening. Thanks for your help. Proper care and treatment are likely to bring a positive result in a few days even within 24 hours. This time, when we called up the vets for worming stuff, they wanted us to bring him in. Yesterday she had the RHINO/CAL/DIST/CHLAM VACCINE AND the ANNUAL FELINE LEUKEMIA VACCINE. It's also common to find worms in cats' stool. Your cat … I recommend you get your vet to fit you in, and get him seen today. Dewormers are toxic chemicals, so side effects to these treatments can occur. She has worked as a reporter in Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Georgia, covering various topics from crime to politics to health care. History: Indoor/outdoor cat that very rarely has anything wrong. When we got home, he was all pissed off, but this is typical of him and the vet. He peed this morning and hasn't vomited since. Do you mean he's not defecating, or has he not urinated either? Swelling of the face, difficulty breathing, repeated vomiting ... these are some of the rare reactions that should make a pet owner seek immediate veterinary help. I personally do not charge extra for having the 2 visits instead of one so that finances will not be a factor in this decision. What might be causing him to act in such an out of character way? We called the vet and he told us that one reason why he may be acting this bad is that he probably had quite a few worms and now they all gotta get out and so its probably rather inflamed. Regional lymphadenopathy in cats is part of the normal response by the immune system, after a cat has been vaccinated. Breed: cat equivalent of mutt. We assume this is from the fecal exam. While I was in the middle of typing this, he threw up, but it was just a small clear liquid puddle. Contact Us . History: Indoor/outdoor cat that very rarely has anything wrong. It usually goes away in 24 to 36 hours so by the time you're reading this, she should be fine. He might be over it in the morning, but I rather at least get some opinions asap. You should talk to your vet, of course, about their payment policy if there are two visits instead of one if finances are a concern. They often manifest within 24 hours. My cat has been sick after worming - what should I do? Your cat could have more serious condition, such as rabies. Is it possible that these vaccines could have caused her to be lifeless and sleepy? So this might be the case. This isn't the first time hes had them though. As we live closer to our pets, parasite control in cats is an important part of their preventative medicine and ours as well. Well he attempts to use the litter box and doesn't do much. Archived. A place where you can ask veterinary medicine related questions and get advice from veterinary professionals. Vomiting can cause dehydration, and your cat may need to be admitted to a veterinarian hospital for fluids and other treatments. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Have Cat Questions? If your cat vomits within an hour of taking the medication, you should seek veterinary care. Return to Do You Have A Question or Story About Cat Vaccines?. Sneezing can occur in the case of vaccines that are inoculated intranasally (vaccine against P.I.F) and usually last a few minutes or at most several hours. Juno--approximately 9 months old--appeared at our door step while we were away for the 4th of July. We let him jump out the car himself and he sat outside for a few mins before coming in. Body weight: ~14 lb. This side effect is usually temporary and typically lasts only a few days. Vet trips are stressful for him. Sneezing. However, if you notice your cat is foaming at the mouth rather than salivating, contact your veterinarian immediately. He has gone into his litter box and peed (thank god) but isn't eating or drinking. UPDATE: This morning, he is still acting the same way. You may notice bloody stool. (Not quite so unusual for him, because he has spent over a day inside without using his litter box due to his own stubbornness!) What are worm infestation symptoms in cats? Deworming is essential should your cat get harmful internal parasites. They gave him some liquid wormer (the bill said pyrantel) and we were off. Posted by 5 years ago. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. VERY unlike him (he's a pig!) I frequently do that with my feline patients. If the symptoms persist, your veterinarian may recommend other medications such as metronidazole or prednisone, which control inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease. The other day, my cat threw up and we found a couple of worms in it (about 2 inches, 99% sure they were round worms). So it's not surprising that your feline friend can lose its appetite until the medication is through its system. You say he's been going into the litter box and not doing anything. Medical FAQ: What Medicine Can I Give My Sick Cat. Vomiting was the only side effect of the wormer I could find, so I can understand this... but overall, hes acting horribly and I'm kinda worried. If you give it a few days, the lymph node should return to normal size. Though it’s not a reason to get anxious, we must not avoid it, because long term worm infestation can be serious. If you sit next to him, you hear his stomach grumbling rather loudly... the same kinda sound you hear when you have a bad stomach ache. Click here for guidance from our team of veterinary telehealth specialists on how the COVID-19 coronavirus can impact you and your pets. I have found that if only one vaccine is given at a time, there tends to be less of a reaction. Neither now nor then did he show signs that something was wrong because of the worms. They did a fecal exam which didn't show anything, but they said that could just be there wasn't any eggs at that moment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. While some may be of grave concern to their health, it is also important to remember poisoning isn't the only reason. These symptoms usually last for only two to three days. 2. Dewormer medications are strong. For medical advice about your personal pet, please see your veterinarian. If your kitty's reaction turns out to be longer or more severe than normal, you may want to talk to your veterinarian about separating the vaccines next time. Some pet parents are reluctant to do this due to the need for an additional trip back to the vet's office.